A Game We Don’t Talk About

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As the weeks pass one by one, we can witness one game launch after another – huge franchises launch huge new titles with thousands, or even tens of thousands of units sold all over the world.

These games have tens of thousands of fans, keeping them entertained for hours, or even weeks (or years even, but for that the games must be really exceptional).

There is one category of games that we don’t talk about – a gaming industry that’s one of the most profitable ones in the world, with hundreds of titles and tens of thousands of users from all over the world: real money online gaming. In those countries where it’s not explicitly prohibited, real money online gaming is a very popular pastime – and source of profit for some.

The players are not how you might imagine them – most of them are lawyers, housewives, shop assistants or even school teachers, with one thing in common: their passion for gaming. Some prefer card games or dice, others find entertainment in playing with other games of chance, or even casual games or lotteries.

They choose their place of play based on various features – some choose them by the no deposit bonus offers they are rewarded with, others prefer to make their choice based on the games they can play. Now that I think of it, most people looking for profit choose by the no deposit bonus, while the others prefer to be excited and entertained by the games themselves… Read more

The Industrial Age Unfolds in Forge of Empires

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InnoGames launched the eighth era to be introduced to the popular online game, Forge of Empires. The Industrial Age takes players past the Colonial Age, and further into the future, bringing with it modern chemistry, hygiene and railways for fast transportation. Also joining the period is a continent map of The New World – complete with eight provinces waiting to be conquered.

Players will find the age’s modern ballistics and bullets to be useful on the battle fields of Forge of Empires, as well as its powerful Howitzers. Two Great Buildings are ready to be built in cities, representing important architecture from the time period: Royal Albert Hall and the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington. Like past Great Buildings, these can only be built in cooperation with other players, but offer valuable goods and production bonuses.

Forge of Empires is a browser-based strategy game, where players, tasked with leading their own city to prosperity can research new technologies, build impressive historical buildings and enlarge their sphere of influence through military campaigns and skillful dealing.

With about 100 million registered players, InnoGames is one of the world’s leading developers and providers of online games. The Hamburg-based company has scored major successes with games such as Tribal Wars, The West and Grepolis.

Life as a Pirate Detailed in Conquer Online’s Upcoming Expansion

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As one of the longest-running MMOs of eight years, Conquer Online continues to deliver new content to its players.

In the newest upcoming expansion, “Invasion of Pirates,” players will be able to fill the shoes of the new Pirate class, adventuring in what’s known as forbidden domain—the Flaming Sea.

But to walk and talk like a pirate, players must know the proper garb and weapons they can arm themselves with. NetDragon unveils the cannon bomb ability, pistols and more to players awaiting the new Invasion of Pirates storyline.

For the new class being introduced, like most historical pirates, pistols and rapiers are the tools of the treacherous trade. In Conquer Online, pirates will also have another powerful trick up their sleeve—the cannon bomb. Read more

Fortune Online announced for Europe

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ProSiebenSat.1 Digital is expanding its online portfolio with another high-quality title.

In the first quarter of 2012, European gamers will receive the new online action RPG (online action role-playing game) “Fortune Online.“

Developed by Gazillion Entertainment, “Fortune Online“ is playable directly online through the player’s internet browser, regardless of the available hardware.

ProSiebenSat.1 Digital continues to expand line-up
Thanks to the new license, European gamers will finally get to enjoy the epic fantasy extravaganza too. “We look forward to adding a new fantastic top title to our portfolio of free-to-play games with Fortune Online. Together with Gazillion Entertainment, we will be able to present the community with a first-class browser game rivaling the quality of the latest console games as early as spring 2012,“ says Markus Büchtmann, Managing Director of ProSiebenSat.1 Digital. David Brevik, President of Gazillion Entertainment and designer of the legendary Diablo, is equally confident: “Our new project combines the gameplay of a modern dungeon crawler with the best elements of an MMO. Fortune Online lets users experience a brilliantly realized adventure anywhere and at any time.“

Fortune Online” – the next generation of browser games
As an innovative Flash game, “Fortune Online“ raises the bar for the browser game segment. The online action RPG enables players to immerse themselves in an epic fantasy world with spectacular real-time battles and high-end graphics seen from an isometric perspective. “Fortune Online“ dishes out only the best gameplay ingredients, which make for a unique gaming experience. Users will discover a storyline full of self-irony where fiendish demons are in for some serious punishment. On their journey, they will complete countless quests and fight against hordes of enemies and huge bosses in dungeons. All the while, players will need to collect innumerable weapons, pieces of equipment, potions and mounds of gold, and gain experience points in a manner typical of the genre. By allowing free development of skills, the online action RPG also offers a multitude of customization options. Fans of multiplayer gaming get to go into battle against Evil with up to three friends.

Dynasty Warriors Online Set to Unleash Heavenly Strike Content Update

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Action-packed hack and slash ready for its first big update

Aeria Games will be releasing Heavenly Strike on Monday, March 14, the first content update for its action packed title Dynasty Warriors Online which includes over a dozen new features.

“The content is massive and we’re glad to give the players what they have been expecting,” said Brian DeSanti, associate producer of Aeria Games. “The players are expecting a lot from this content and I believe there is more than enough to satisfy them.”

Hack and slash your way through these new features:
·        Musou Tournament System: Allows players to form teams and participate in tournaments in game to prove who is the deadliest.
·        Diao Chan’s Plot Scenario: Players will now be able to choose from 5 factions, including the faction of the infamous LuBu
·        Beautician NPC: Beautician has been added along with a “Beauty Treatment” system that allows players to alter their face, facial features, hairstyle, complexion and eye color.
·        Peach Tree Garden: A neutral city for all factions to communicate and trade.
·        Kunlun Mountains Battleground: New Battleground for players that unites factions to fight through instanced battles
·        Lieutenant ElephantLieutenant: Players can utilize Lieutenant Elephant for battle or can be used to ride.

Rift: Planes of Telara Arriving Mar 1 in North America

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Trion Worlds announced that the upcoming MMORPG Rift is scheduled to launch in North America on March 1st and in Europe on March 4th. Today also marks the start of the game’s pre-order program through both digital and retail channels.

“The launch of Rift is the culmination of our tireless efforts over the past several years to bring players the most complete, full-featured, and dynamic online game they’ve ever experienced,” said Lars Buttler, CEO of Trion Worlds. “Through the dedication, creativity, and incredible track record of our veteran development team, we’ve been able to create an exceptionally polished and immersive online world filled with adventure, surprise, and beauty. We can’t wait to share Rift with players around the world.”

Beginning today, customers who pre-order Rift receive their choice of one-of-three exclusive in-game pets, and are eligible to participate in the head-start period anticipated to begin February 24th. Pre-order customers will also be granted access to play in all remaining closed-beta events. Beta details, including a regularly updated event schedule, are available at http://www.RIFTgame.com/beta.

Available for purchase online and at select retail outlets, the Standard, Digital Collector’s and Retail Collector’s Editions of the game will sell for $49.99, $59.99 and $79.99 USD, respectively. The standard monthly subscription rate for the game will be $14.99 USD.

Rift will also offer a limited-time “Founder’s Pricing” for players, featuring a $9.99 USD/month price for a multi-month subscription. For more information on Founder’s Pricing and subscription details, visit http://www.RIFTgame.com/subscriptions.

Land of Chaos Online: New mission boards to be added weekly

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burda:ic has announced that hero cards for LOCO – Land of Chaos Online’s new powerhouse character, AAKbah, are available to all players at no charge for the entirety of today, Monday Sept. 20! Anyone who would like to try out this structure-destroying hero can grab a card right now by logging into LOCO and heading to the AP Shop. Once activated, the hero card is good for 24 hours.

burda:ic has also revealed that new mission boards will be added to LOCO on a weekly basis. Mission boards are similar to a bingo card—when a row of quests on the mission board is completed, players are rewarded with a new item. If the entire mission board is completed, players receive a very rare and unique prize. All the new mission boards will be 7×7, giving players a total of 49 new quests to complete every week!

For more information about LOCO – Land of Chaos Online, head to the newly updated official site at http://loco.en.alaplaya.net/

Land of Chaos Online

Developed by Danal Entertainment, Land of Chaos Online is a truly next-gen multiplayer online game that features high-end graphics, a roster of 30 playable characters with unique skills and personalities, and hectic online combat. LOCO’s unique combination of RTS, Action, and RPG elements is guaranteed to give players around the world a gaming experience unlike anything they’ve ever seen.

Shaiya Spanish begins Open Beta

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First 100 Players to Reach Level 40 on Hard Mode Can Win 1,000 AP

Aeria Games, one of the fastest growing publishers of free-to-play online games in North America and Europe, officially announced that the highly anticipated Spanish-language version of Shaiya has entered Open Beta. The game is the publisher’s first title to reach this major milestone. To celebrate the event, Aeria Games plans to host a leveling contest, awarding 1,000 Aeria Points (AP) to the first 100 players to reach Level 40 on Hard Mode or above.

Shaiya is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that pits players against each other in epic realm vs. realm warfare. The game features thousands of quests, dungeons and raids, a player based economy, competitive player vs. player (PvP) combat, and daily events. The title enjoys immense popularity across the world, and has already established a large following in Spanish-language territories.

Players who participated in Closed Beta will be receiving a gift package of items, including a Beta Ring, Knockout Nostrum, and several XP stones and competences. The winners of the previous ranking contest will be announced on the official Shaiya Spanish site.

to participate in Open Beta, visit http://lat.shaiya.aeriagames.com.