MapleStory will be introducing the first hybrid-style character, Xenon!

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NEXON Europe announced that the all-time 2D-Sidescrolling MMORPG hit MapleStory will be introducing the first hybrid-style character, Xenon!

Unravel Xenon’s Past

Once a normal boy living in Edelstein, Xenon was captured by the genius scientist Gelimer of the Black Wings. Xenon’s memory was erased and the innocent boy was turned into a loyal member of the Black Wings. It wasn’t only his mind that was corrupted by Gelimer: his body redesigned for the Black Wings’ evil plans.

But Xenon has regained part of his past memories when the lab was attacked by Sigmund of the Resistance, who he now fights alongside.

Although the fight of the Resistance call’s Xenon, his true quest is to fully regain his memory and rediscover his past.

MapleStory players can take part in special stories that will help Xenon regain his memory. What mysterious will be unveiled in Xenon’s adventure? Read more

Enter a new dimension in MapleStory to face challenging new enemies!

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EXON Europe is proud to announce that the all-time 2D-Sidescrolling MMORPG hit MapleStory now has a brand new dimension full of hardcore challenges.

The Supreme World is a brand new stage available exclusively to players at Level 150 or above.

When players reach Level 150, two special quests with unlimited fun will be opened and completing them will be the key to enter the Supreme World. In Supreme World, players will face some of the fiercest monsters like Von Leon, Pianus, Horntail and Arkarium with the toughest challenges that they have ever experienced in the world of MapleStory. So what are you waiting for?

Supreme World Special Events!
To help introduce the new world, NEXON Europe is holding special New User and Returning User events that will run throughout February to March 13th 2013. Returning users will receive exclusive reward items like Super Miracle Cubes and new users will gain XP boosters to get them started at a much faster rate. Read more

MapleStory Europe Un-locks the first Chaos update

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Throwing the world of MapleStory into complete disarray, Nexon is bringing the most dramatic twist of the year to Europe with the release of Chaos, a combination of three super-powered updates, one of which sees Maplers taking on one another in combat for the very first time.

This is the biggest update since the Big Bang of the summer, and each of the three updates has something new to get excited about! New skills, systems, strengths, a crafting system and a host of features are all coming this winter, so with improved combat and everything to play for, there’s never been a better time to throw yourself into MapleStory’s chaotic reinvented world.

The first part of the update includes The Age of Artisans and The Age of Heroes. Artisans sees Maplers unleash their creative side for battle, crafting all-new weapons, potions, armor, accessories and more in an attempt to construct the ultimate battle arsenal. In addition, the opportunity arrives to truly define your character, with the chance to alter characteristics such as Willpower and Ambition, which can affect ability in your battles. Read more

NEXON Europe launched the Big Bang update for MapleStory

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The biggest update in MapleStory’s history delivers a whole new experience!

Nexon’s triple phased Big Bang update for MapleStory will thrill players with a whole new experience. With this first update, players will be able to step out into the Maple World as heroes who can level up much faster than ever before.  Skills and monsters have also been rebalanced, allowing players to rediscover the game with focused skills and familiar monsters. In addition, players will enjoy a higher graphical resolution, allowing them to experience a visually richer Maple World.  Other changes include a complete user interface revamp, making Maple World simpler, neater and easier to navigate –  a true overhaul to the entire game.

New events address every Mapler
The first installment of the Big Bang update is accompanied by many entertaining in-game events, inviting not only experienced players, but MapleStory newcomers as well. Between 21st July and 25th August, the “Welcome Back” event will reward new players with amazing items for their first and second job advancements. More experienced players can look forward to get a custom Evolving Ring, plus special items that will help with later adventures when the next update comes. Lastly, to celebrate the extensive update with everyone, all characters will be able to start fresh by resetting all the skill points for each of their characters for free, and tailor their gameplay to their newly discovered play style. Read more

NEXON Europe to launch the Big Bang update for MapleStory in July!

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The Big Bang update will give NEXONs Fantasy MMORPG a whole new twist!

The Big Bang is the largest single update to ever come to MapleStory and is more than just another content update. It is a great opportunity to revisit the basic underpinnings and reorganize the inner workings of the game to make it more flexible and modern. The Big Bang will take everything players know about MapleStory and rewrite it down to its most basic level.

Three steps to a whole new experience
The Big Bang update will launch in July and enhance the MapleStory experience players are currently enjoying. The update not only brings a number of changes and additions to the game but also comes in three stages. The first update is called Big Bang and will arrive on the 21st of July, the 2nd stage will be released two weeks later and the 3rd stage of the update will hit in another two weeks time. With all the new additions to the game, players of MapleStory won’t forget this eventful summer.

The new MapleStory
New maps, a completely redesigned interface and skill system, an updated combat formula and easier leveling are just a few of the big amount of changes, MapleStory players will face this summer. The focus was to help as many players as possible experience the varied content of MapleStory that Nexon developed the last 5 years.

Plenty of fun and joy
“We are very pleased to announce that Big Bang is coming in less than a month. With the Big Bang update, users will experience a whole new MapleStory with plenty of fun and joy and we hope our dear Maplers will indulge themselves to MapleStory during this summer season”, says Sungjin Kim, CEO of Nexon Europe.

MapleStory Europe says Cheers! to Oktoberfest

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Just in time for the world-famous German Oktoberfest, MapleStory Europe, the hugely successful, free to play MMORPG from NEXON Europe invites players to its annual virtual beer festival with (alcohol-free) beer-drinking monsters in tow.

From September 16th to October 7th, MapleStory Europe will be holding its own version of Germany’s famous Oktoberfest as part of its continuing series of fun and entertaining promotions based on popular European cultural events. Following a packed summer event and massive update schedule, MapleStory Europe players can now look forward to an Oktoberfest to remember, with a giant beer tent literally bursting with over-indulged monsters.

Further updates include the addition of a brand-new map, the “Ariant” which sets scene to a sandy desert area in the Orient and is host of the “Ariant Coliseum Quest” where players can challenge each other in player vs. player mode with the mission to capture monsters “alive” for luring rewards and fun.

“Monster Drop Box Event?encourages players to open the boxes dropped by monsters with a special key purchasable from the Cash Shop to obtain rare and powerful items, and new cool items and special promotions in the Cash shop are also part of today’s update.

“Our exclusive event quests based on major European cultural events have become popular tradition of MapleStory Europe, and we know from the past that the “German Festival” in particular is very well received by our players,”says Sung Jin Kim, Director at NEXON Europe. “The addition of a brand new map just one month after our recent major update, the Knights of Cygnus, is only a part of our packed release schedule. There are still many more great contents lined up for the coming months that our players have been waiting for and can look forward to.

MapleStory originally launched in South Korea in April 2003 and quickly went on to become one of the most successful online games of all time, with over 92 million registered accounts across the world. MapleStory Europe launched in May 2007 and counts more than 1.2 million registered players, offering gamers in Europe the chance to play MapleStory in four different languages – English, German, Spanish and Dutch.

For further information on MapleStory Europe and to sign-up for the game, please visit

Summer warm-up for MapleStory

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Numerous features are added to MapleStory, including its undefeated monster, Pink Bean

Summer is officially here and MapleStory rolled out its latest update with a sunny new set of features to provide its players more fun and adventures. The update offers an exciting new title system, time travel to battle the game’s biggest challenge, Pink Bean, work as a secret agent and the opportunity to be a hero as part of a party quest to save the polluted Ellin Forest.

Here are more details on these exciting updates:

Time Temple – Players travel through time via the ‘Time Temple,’ to stop Kirston from reviving the Black Wizard. There are numerous new monsters to battle, including the toughest boss ever, Pink Bean. This undefeated monster champ of the world might look cuddly but is so deadly, it has yet to experience defeat.

Title System – Players complete special challenge quests and earn medals that display below their characters names in game.

Title medals include:
• Diligent Explorer: Log in for three hours every day for a set number of days.
• Veteran Hunter: Kill 100,000 monsters your level or above.
• Party Quest Mania: Achieve the S rank on eight party quests.
• Quest Specialist: Complete 800 quests.
• Celebrity: Acquire 20,000 fame points.
• Ultimate Warrior, Magician, Thief, Bowman, or Pirate: Reach level 200

Some titles can only be held by one Mapler at a time and will be replaced if another player tops their record. These titles are:
• Donation King: Donate the most mesos to any one town.
• Maple Idol Star: Be the most famed person in MapleStory.
• Legendary Hunter: Kill the most monsters of any type your level or above

Finding Master M – Look out for secret agents, who have invaded the Maple World. Players can join them on exciting missions to uncover the true identity of Master M. Event quests give players the chance to gather clues which assist in unveiling Master M’s identity. Players who complete this mission will be rewarded with an Agent Equipment set. This event runs through August 25.

Agent Training Program – Players will test their combat skills in this new program, which pits an individual player or team of players against boss monsters for the ultimate monster battle. Players must defeat each monster to advance to the next stage and do not see their EXP suffer if defeated.

Ellin Forest Party Quest – Three to five players rally together in this party quest to save the polluted Ellin Forest. Players travel back in time and battle their way through the poisoned forest to uncover the cause of the pollution.

All these new features are now available for free in MapleStory. For more information about MapleStory’s “Summer Warm-Up,” please visit:

Nexon America Celebrates Fourth Anniversary of MapleStory

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MapleStory parties for its fourth anniversary with loads of special events, items, quests and rewards for players

Nexon America Inc. welcomes gamers to celebrate the fourth anniversary of its epic free-to-play game, MapleStory ( Launched on May 11, 2005, MapleStory became a legend in online games with its amazing social features, rich art style and open world opportunities. Players have flocked to MapleStory with over 92 million worldwide users and over six million users in North America.

Maplers have traveled through the many lands of the game’s vast world, as well as unleashed the game’s traits of individuality and freedom beyond its game borders. Players have turned MapleStory into an online video mainstay through blogs, community fan sites and fan videos. Over 200,000 videos are available by searching MapleStory at YouTube.

“After four years of service in North America, MapleStory continues to evolve and surprise us all. We are very grateful to our loyal fans and this celebration is for them,” said Min Kim, Nexon America’s Vice President of Marketing. “MapleStory fans have helped create something special and we’re going to reward them with new, exciting content to enjoy throughout the summer and beyond.”

The anniversary celebration will feature:
Fourth Anniversary Maple Weapons – Monsters will be dropping special anniversary weapons. Or the players can exchange previous anniversary weapons and Maple Leaves for new Fourth Anniversary Weapons, Maple Hats, Maple Shields, Maple Earrings, or Fourth Anniversary Scrolls.
Item Upgrades – Maple Hat and Maple Earrings obtained through monsters are upgradable using Maple Leaves. The earrings can be upgraded by completing additional quests.
Leveling Up Event – Each time players levels up, they will receive Maple Leaves. The number of Maple Leaves rewarded will vary depending on the level. Higher level players will receive more Maple Leaves.
GM Events – The GMs will run special events and summon last year’s anniversary boss, Big Puff Daddy, at random times.
Monster Transformations – Any player can transform into one of MapleStory’s monsters for a given period of time.
4 Candle Event – Nexon is giving away 1,200 prizes over 40 days, including in-game items, Nexon Game Cards, digital cameras, iPod Touch and a laptop computer. Players who play for 40 minutes will receive a candle. Once a player has a candle, they can receive up to four pieces of cake for each successive 40 minutes of game play. Players who get four pieces of the cake will have a chance to win.
Maple Quiz – Players can take the Maple Quiz. For every question a player gets right, five Maple Leaves and a special cake will be rewarded.

There will also be daily events to commemorate the anniversary. Go to for further details.

MapleStory is a 2D side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) launched in North America ( in May 2005 and now has over six million registered users in North America. With a warrior, magician, bowman or thief character, players can band together in guilds to fight monsters and explore dungeons, play mini-games, upgrade their characters in the Nexon cash shop or socialize online. MapleStory features cute and colorful 2D graphics and is played by more than 92 million players worldwide.

Wedding Bells, Windmills and Tulips at MapleStory Europe

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NEXON Europe, the European publishing arm of World’s leading online game company NEXON Group, announced the launch of the in-game wedding system and a special event to celebrate the Dutch Queen’s Day.

Couples who are ready to say “I do” can now visit the Wedding Town “Amoria” and celebrate a romantic wedding of their own, witnessed by fellow players who have received an invitation by the bride and groom. But before they can walk down the aisle, couples have to complete various quests and different types of wedding tickets can be purchased from the in-game Cash Shop to prepare a ceremony after their fancy and budget.

Now having placed as an anticipated tradition, MapleStory Europe continues this year with celebrating the Dutch Queen’s Day as part of its series of special events based on major European cultural festivals. During this 3-week event, all trading activities within the game will be free of charge and players will receive a special discount when creating a guild or changing the guild emblem to cherish the traditional “Free Market?being held all over the country on Queen’s Day.
Players can further participate at a special event quest to be picked up by the ever-present Event-NPC Charles, who will send players to a huge special Tulip Map to master a few tasks for him.

MapleStory originally launched in South Korea in April 2003 and quickly went on to become one of the most successful online games of all time, with over 92million registered accounts across the world. MapleStory Europe, which launched in May 2007, is the latest iteration of the completely free to play franchise, and offers gamers in Europe the chance to play MapleStory in five different languages – English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch.
For further information on MapleStory Europe and to sign-up for the game, please visit