Rift: Planes of Telara Arriving Mar 1 in North America

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Trion Worlds announced that the upcoming MMORPG Rift is scheduled to launch in North America on March 1st and in Europe on March 4th. Today also marks the start of the game’s pre-order program through both digital and retail channels.

“The launch of Rift is the culmination of our tireless efforts over the past several years to bring players the most complete, full-featured, and dynamic online game they’ve ever experienced,” said Lars Buttler, CEO of Trion Worlds. “Through the dedication, creativity, and incredible track record of our veteran development team, we’ve been able to create an exceptionally polished and immersive online world filled with adventure, surprise, and beauty. We can’t wait to share Rift with players around the world.”

Beginning today, customers who pre-order Rift receive their choice of one-of-three exclusive in-game pets, and are eligible to participate in the head-start period anticipated to begin February 24th. Pre-order customers will also be granted access to play in all remaining closed-beta events. Beta details, including a regularly updated event schedule, are available at http://www.RIFTgame.com/beta.

Available for purchase online and at select retail outlets, the Standard, Digital Collector’s and Retail Collector’s Editions of the game will sell for $49.99, $59.99 and $79.99 USD, respectively. The standard monthly subscription rate for the game will be $14.99 USD.

Rift will also offer a limited-time “Founder’s Pricing” for players, featuring a $9.99 USD/month price for a multi-month subscription. For more information on Founder’s Pricing and subscription details, visit http://www.RIFTgame.com/subscriptions.

Two Out Rally, Baseball MMORPG, enters Season 3

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Two Out Rally, Baseball MMORPG announced that Season 3 will begin with new features, including team ownership options and a referral rewards system. Combine that with a user base growing at a surging 40% clip, and users have a lot to look forward to this season.

As the only free and no-download role playing baseball simulation, Two Out Rally sees its tremendous growth among three key communities: gamers, fantasy baseball fans, and forum dwellers.

“While those are often the same person,” Walter Fulbright, President of Game Logic & Design said, “we really have something to offer for everyone, whether you like baseball, closely-knit communities, or you just seek out addictive games. It’s a neat opportunity to provide all three in a way that’s never been done before.” Read more

2029 Online: Beware the Humanoid BOSSes

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Some say humans are superior to lesser animals because we use tools.

While that may be true, in 2029 Online, humanoid BOSSes are among the most dangerous in the game thanks to their most potent weapon: the mind. Unlike more brutish adversaries, humans don’t have thick hides or sharp claws, but one look at the following BOSSes will tell you they are more frightening than a simple beast.

The Brutal Fallen Lunatic
Lunatic leads the troublemakers at Sunset Beach. He is infamous for his brutal personality and sheer strength. Never one for idle chit-chat, his restless and cynical heart forces him to make as much trouble as possible. This level 12 BOSS is the last obstacle on the way to Bright City.

The Foxy Police Captain
It is difficult to see past this foxy, insidious Police Captain’s disguise as a law enforcer. From the very beginning, he has pushed to resolve troubles within the alliance through violence. Nobody knows that he is perhaps the alliance’s biggest problem. He constantly tries to cheat those who place their trust in the police, looking for illicit profit from innocents who pass by Center Station.

The Wily Evil Eye Sammy
As the rebel leader in Cloud Woods, this venomous BOSS covets all the territory she lays eyes upon. Don’t be fooled by her appearance, or this level 84 BOSS will take what she wants without a second thought. If you dare stand up to her, make sure you are well prepared for a fight!

As if these three weren’t tough enough, they also have legions of followers to help make life miserable for any adventurer who opposes them. The alliance can’t stop them from destroying peace at every turn. Will you be one of the heroes who steps up to take them on?

Gods War Online: Bay under Attack instance launched

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The folks at IGG are ready to roll out another delightfully difficult instance for GodsWar Online. “Bay under Attack” pits Level 50+ players against an army looking to damage the Greek economy by attacking a key port. To thwart this attack, you must gather a team of brave defenders and defend the docks.

Christina’s Plan
The deadly Christina plotted a clandestine attack on ports key to Ancient Greece’s economic might. After elaborate and dangerous meetings with groups of bandits, mercenaries and Persian cutthroats, she soon had a small army. To bolster their strength, she secured the talents of the Skeleton Lord, a menace that has been plaguing the suburbs of Sparta. With this truly fearful force she set off to seize strategic ports along the Greek coast in an attempt to disrupt control of the shipping lanes. In response to this threat, leaders of the Greek city-states have come together to enlist their most promising warriors to turn back the tide of evil. With so much at stake, they have promised valuable rewards for those defenders who prove instrumental in the defeat of the bandit army. Read more

EVE Online: Incursion

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14th free expansion for sci-fi MMO to launch in November

CCP has announced a new expansion for all subscribers and trial users of EVE Online that will be released in November, 2010.

EVE Online: Incursion will feature the escalating attacks of the deadly Sansha’s Nation which is bent on instituting itsown utopia and exacting vengeance against the pilots who stand in its way. Pilots can join public fleets and co-operate to destroy the Sansha incursions and return the universe to normal, receiving wealthy bounties, earning loyalty rewards and high commendation.

EVE Online: Incursion will also include many improvements as suggested by the Council of Stellar Management, as well as hardware upgrades, software improvements and new cluster components aimed at increasing game and fleet battle performance to even higher levels.

Further improvements include updating the character creator with CCP’s Carbon character technology for fresh pilot portraits, a Sansha Mothership and fighterbomber, the Noctis salvaging vessel, improvements to NPCs and their AI, new coveted loot and rewards, storyline events, amazing new visuals and a more dynamic and simplified system for Planetary Interaction.

EVEGate, the web-based social networking platform for pilots, sees improvements and additions such as new forums which underline the importance of organizational and communication tools in the virtual world. The expansion enhances the power of individual choice in the context of meaningful relationships with other players—EVE’s true strength—as highlighted in the “Causality” trailer and the classic “Butterfly Effect” trailer. Read more

King of Kings 3 conquers North America

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Epic battles, sprawling cities, and warring kingdoms locked in a never-ending struggle for power. King of Kings 3, the newest instalment of the popular Taiwanese MMORPG series, is considered one of the best releases of 2009 and captivates millions of players in Asia. In addition to holding the European publishing rights, gamigo is proud to announce that it now holds the North American license for the game.

“As a globally-focused publisher, our aim is to be able to offer our games in all key markets,” says Patrick Streppel, member of gamigo’s executive board. “King of Kings 3 is one of the highlights of our portfolio. The emphasis of the game is on PvP battle and the extensive guild features, such as the building of guild towns and guild warfare, are unparalleled in the realm of free-to-play gaming.”

The game’s developing studio, Lager, and gamigo have been working hard the past year to localise the game for Western markets. The plot of the game has been completely rewritten and the seven fantasy realms are based on medieval powers, giving players from Europe and North America the opportunity to go into battle for their nation. A complete re-balancing reduces grinding and now allows players to reach the highlights of the game, PvP and guild gameplay, more quickly.

Thanks to the game’s complex and multilayered guild system, guilds band together first to form legions, next kingdoms, and finally alliances to wage war against enemy kingdoms and territories. Up to 10,000 players compete simultaneously in truly epic RvR battles to determine the fate of the guild towns and realms. Only the bravest warrior will come out on top and become the ruler of the entire realm, the fabled King of Kings.

King of Kings 3 is expected to go into Closed Beta testing in the second quarter of 2010. To participate in Closed Beta testing, visit the game’s official website: http://kok3.gamigo.com

gPotato Europe is celebrating: Street Gears is one year old

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Enjoy the party in Park Town and join our anniversary events, starting today

gPotato Europe is delighted to announce the first anniversary of the free cel-shaded inline skating MMO Street Gears tomorrow, March 5th. To celebrate this date, the Street Gears team has prepared many different events for all players from March 4th-17th, 2010.

Everyone who logs into the the game will automatically receive a unique anniversary item for 14 days. But you will also have the opportunity to keep it as a permanent fashion item. All you have to do is to share your experience and impressions about Street Gears in our social media event, and the anniversary helmet will be yours forever.

Are you in a racing mood? Compete with your friends or other riders to take part in a number of races together with the entire community, with new races announced every day. If you can complete the number of races we will unlock 50% or 100% EXP for the whole server for seven days, starting immediately after the event on the March 18th.

Prepare for the St. Patrick’s tournament from March 11th-17th! Register your pre-set team by March 10th in order to participate in the Team Time Attack Beta. Run as many races as you want and your average time will be added to the team result. In the Time Attack Beta tournament you can further reduce your team’s time by doing more races. Start to train your racing skills today, as the best teams will be rewarded generously.

For more information on Street Gears, and to download the free game in French or German, check out the official Street Gears website at http://sg.gpotato.eu.

Changchun 2

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WeMade unveiled three new Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) at Gstar 2009: NED, Changchun, Zwei Online. Amongst three highly-anticipated games, Changchun kicks off a Closed Beta test (CBT) first.

Changchun2 is a hybrid between targeting and non-targeting system and maximized game control in MMORPG. Using non-targeting system, a player can attack multiple enemies at the same time if they are within attackable area. A majority of monsters move together in the game to make one vs. many combat possible.

Changchun 2 demands a high level of game control from users because a user can attack others yet effectively defend at the same time if s/he controls a character in a right way. This will satisfy high level users in the targeting system. Because of that, fighting multiple monsters in Changchun 2 provides the best of entertainment and thrill in a unique way.

In Changchun 2, character classes including Magician, Swordman, Blademan all have unique powers. PvP contents and Hero Spawn will be added to the game later on.

For more information, visit http://changchun2.wemade.com

Legend V: Heroes of Alexandria for fantasy MMORPG Silkroad Online

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Exciting Update Includes an Increased Level Cap, Dangerous Dungeons, and Plenty of New Adventures for Players of Silkroad Online

Joymax announced Legend V: Heroes of Alexandria, an update for historical fantasy MMORPG Silkroad Online. The Legend V expansion includes a new level cap of 110, never-before-seen weapons and armor, a sinister tomb, and a dangerous temple, providing plenty of exciting new gameplay for players hoping to be the next hero in Silkroad Online.

The land of Egypt in Legend V: Heroes of Alexandria is a land of golden cities, dangerous foes, and rich treasures. Characters must be at least level 100 to visit the new region, which includes the imposing city of Alexandria, the Desert of Storms and Cloud, the Valley of Kings, and two massive dungeons known as the Tomb of the Pharaoh and the Temple.

Players can choose from three difficulty levels before entering the Tomb of the Pharaoh with their party, and may visit up to twice a day to hunt for the powerful eleventh-grade weapons and armor that reside within its walls. The Temple, meanwhile, is an instanced dungeon for characters level 105 and up where PvP combat is always permitted. Be prepared to fight off both vicious monsters and competing players if you decide to venture into its depths.

Legend V also offers players a brand-new game system, Set Items. Gold and Silver Coins earned in Alexandria’s dungeons can be traded to merchants for unique Set Items that share a seal and provide big bonuses when worn together as a full outfit. Between these and new eleventh-grade weapons like the Reaper Ghost Sword and the Angel Breaker, every would-be hero should be well prepared for the trials and adventures that await them in Legend V: Heroes of Alexandria!

To find out more about Silkroad Online and the Legend V: Heroes of Alexandria update, visit the official website at http://www.joymax.com/silkroad/

To see the new Legend V trailer, head to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTTW42vEEUI

Silkroad Online
Silkroad Online is a massively multiplayer online RPG that puts the player deep into historical fantasy, joining the Chinese and European civilizations along the Silk Road trade route. Traveling from Jangan, China to Constantinople, Europe, players can make their fortunes as merchants, prey on the rich as thieves, or be protection-for-hire as hunters. The most recent expansion, Legend IV Plus: Hotan Fortress, provides players with a revamped Fortress War System and adds an imposing Hotan Fortress to the game. This grand structure at the heart of the Oasis Kingdom has been captured, and only the furious warriors will be able to free the current inhabitants!

Shaiya Spanish begins Open Beta

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First 100 Players to Reach Level 40 on Hard Mode Can Win 1,000 AP

Aeria Games, one of the fastest growing publishers of free-to-play online games in North America and Europe, officially announced that the highly anticipated Spanish-language version of Shaiya has entered Open Beta. The game is the publisher’s first title to reach this major milestone. To celebrate the event, Aeria Games plans to host a leveling contest, awarding 1,000 Aeria Points (AP) to the first 100 players to reach Level 40 on Hard Mode or above.

Shaiya is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that pits players against each other in epic realm vs. realm warfare. The game features thousands of quests, dungeons and raids, a player based economy, competitive player vs. player (PvP) combat, and daily events. The title enjoys immense popularity across the world, and has already established a large following in Spanish-language territories.

Players who participated in Closed Beta will be receiving a gift package of items, including a Beta Ring, Knockout Nostrum, and several XP stones and competences. The winners of the previous ranking contest will be announced on the official Shaiya Spanish site.

to participate in Open Beta, visit http://lat.shaiya.aeriagames.com.

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