GodsWar Online: Need to Level Up? Try PvP

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Leveling up requires experience, and what better way to earn experience in combat than by going up against your fellow players? In GodsWar Online, there will soon be a new PvP battlefield that will serve up experience in large, juicy chunks, provided you can hold your own against your peers. Get ready to sink your teeth into Parnassus!

Parnassus will be open between 7:00 PM and 8:30 PM EDT (GMT-4) every day for players in the Level 70 to Level 89 range. To enter the battlefield, players must speak with the Battlefield Transporter NPC in their faction’s main city.

When combat begins, each side will have 3 unit flags and 1 primary flag to protect. The flags are guarded by some elite NPCs. Your task will be to protect your flags while attempting to cut down the enemy’s flags. After all, there is no love lost between Sparta and Athens. As long as the flags stand, they are a slap in the face to the opposing faction. A full-frontal assault on the primary flag is not enough, though. Before it can be cut down, all 3 of the unit flags must fall. Read more

GodsWar Online: New Way to Upgrade Holy Stones

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One of the best ways to improve equipment in GodsWar Online (http://gw.igg.com) is inserting Holy Stones. Until now, players have had a hard time finding high-level Holy Stones to keep their gear up to snuff. Using a new feature allowing players to trade a few Holy Stones for the next level Holy Stone now makes it much easier to keep up as you advance.

Holy Stones can be inserted into equipment using available sockets. Once the process is complete, the item ends up with the Holy Stone’s attribute. Since this attribute is mainly determined by the Holy Stone’s level, it’s important to have the best Holy Stones available. Before players would have to ask an NPC to upgrade their Holy Stones, and there were many pitfalls involved, such as lower chances of success for higher levels of Stones or greater chances of the Stone being downgraded.

The upcoming patch will allow players to take 4 Level 5-9 Holy Stones of the same level and type and turn them into a single Holy Stone at the next level. For example, 4x [Heated Holy Stone 5] upgrade to 1x [Heated Holy Stone 6].

Not all Holy Stones can be inserted into items; only Stones that have been filled with Holy Spirit can be inserted. There are two types of Holy Spirit. One improves attack and the other improves defense. Remember, equipment items can only take on certain attributes, so make sure you know which Holy Spirit you need before you add it to a Holy Stone.

GodsWar Online: Pet Development Journal (1)

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Since we introduced pets to GodsWar Online (http://gw.igg.com), players have become increasingly passionate about what makes a perfect pet, how to get them, and even bragging about their own. As pets have quickly grown so important to the players and the game alike, we’ve been working hard on improving the pets released so far and introducing new pets that give players even more choices when it comes to finding that perfectly loyal companion. Since so many players have been wondering what’s next, we figured it was only fair to throw you all a few bones about what we’re working on.

Sometimes badder is definitely better, so we’re planning to make all creatures in the game tamable, even gigantic bosses like Medusa and Hydra. As cool as it will be to tame one of these tough bosses and bend them to your will, just imagine what it will be like when this new pet fights for you using a powerful spell that has tortured you in the past. Naturally these pets won’t be physically as big as the creatures they started out as. After all, if everyone’s pets were that large, they’d blot out the sun in any high-population area. Still, we think you’ll have a blast finding and taming just the right creature for your needs.

Besides existing creatures, we will also be introducing some new pets. In fact, there will be many more strange faces than old familiar ones among the pets you’ll be seeing. Wait until you get a look at the Cerberus, griffin, tyrannosaurus and more. Like the bosses, even the most ferocious beasts will end up being rather cute and mild, because you’ll want them to be docile enough to take orders and become a steadfast companion rather than mindlessly destroying everything they pass. If you prefer the more delicate-looking creatures, don’t worry; they’ll be just as cuddly as ever.

We’re not just expanding the number of available pets. We’re also adding new pet talents and pet skills. Pets will play an even greater role in the game as the system evolves, which means we must be careful to consider a number of issues as we design pet talents and skills, particularly when it comes to balance. This won’t happen overnight, but stay tuned for more exciting news as we start revealing more details. In the meantime, we want your suggestions and opinions about pets and the pet system. We need your help to keep improving GodsWar Online, so don’t forget to log in and take your pet out to play. After all, we can only make it fun for you if you tell us what works. Enjoy!

Visit http://gw.igg.com for the latest on the pet system and other GodsWar features.

Gods War Online: Facebook’s first fully-connected 3D MMO

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If you’re tired of games on Facebook with little content and mind-numbing gameplay, it’s time to try something different.

It’s time to try Gods War Online (http://apps.facebook.com/godswar_online), the first 3D MMORPG fully connected to Facebook.

Compared to games that don’t pay much attention to storyline, GodsWar Online has intricately developed quests, helping to explain and drive important parts of the game. From stories about why a dangerous adversary must be killed or why a zone is occupied by one of the two playable factions to where and how an important item was invented, the storyline guides you and offers more details as you level up and achieve greatness. Whether you side with Athens or Sparta, there’s plenty happening in ancient Greece.

Even though it features fantastic graphics and a rich variety of content, GodsWar Online is easy to play. All you need to interact with the game world is a mouse.

Other games may give you too little or too much to do, but in GodsWar Online players decide how to make the best use of their time online. If you want to spend a lot of time in-game, there’s plenty of content for you. If you don’t have much time or can’t sit in front of the screen constantly, you can use the F12 auto-fight feature to engage in battle automatically.

GodsWar Online also offers players social tools to help you stay in touch with friends, and lets you team up and conquer your opponents together. Whether you’re doing quests, fighting side-by-side, exploring instanced zones, talking about how to improve your gear, or just hanging out, friendships are easy to build and enjoy as you meet new people along the way.

If you’re looking for a change of pace, there are always good times around the bend as the GWO team stages frequent special events. To learn more about all the game has to offer, visit the GodsWar Online Wall on Facebook.

GodsWar Online: New Trojan Arena PvP Blurs Faction Lines

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In Greek mythology MMORPG GodsWar Online, players can choose between two playable factions. Sparta and Athens are hostile toward each other, giving those on both sides plenty of opportunities to face each other in combat. If they want to engage in PvP against players from the same faction, however, combatants may have been feeling like they were being given the cold shoulder. That will soon change soon with the upcoming introduction of a new arena that promises to turn up the heat. For those who can never get enough PvP action, here’s a preview of the new Trojan Arena.

The Trojan Arena
The Trojan Arena is specially designed for PvP. There are no computer-controlled enemies in the arena. As a result, players can focus on PvP combat without worrying about being attacked by NPCs. To enter the Trojan Arena, players will need to speak with a special NPC. Once inside, they will find a heart-shaped, closed area in the middle part of the arena where players can fight against each other. NPC physicians and vendors offer their services to either fully restore dead player characters after resurrection or sell a variety of potions for combatants to use.

Free PvP Style Gives Players More Choices
There are no rigid limitations on combat in the Trojan Arena. When players are ready, they simply enter the arena and challenge anyone except their teammates to a duel. The choice is up to the players whether they want to fight one-on-one, solo against multiple opponents, join a group scuffle.

More Features Planned
At first, the Trojan Arena will focus on offering players fun, competitive combat against players from the same faction, but the GodsWar Online team expects to add more features in the future. For example, they may give players more areas to choose from, exclusive rewards, or other entertaining options.

GodsWar Online: Mastering the Medusa’s Island Instance

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Medusa’s Island was one of the earliest instanced zones in GodsWar Online. Since then it has become a classic, and while it’s not too difficult to make it all the way through, the GodsWar team would like introduce you some tips that can help you complete the entire instance within 10 minutes. As with any challenge, teamwork will play a vital role, making this instance ideal for honing your ability to work well in a team.

The Challenge of Medusa’s Island
Medusa’s Island is actually made up of 3 isles, each of which has 2 BOSSes. The final BOSSes, Medusa and Stheno, are located on the third isle. To get credit for fully exploring the instance, the group must defeat all of the BOSSes and earn 3,000+ points.

Recommended Party Composition
Each Medusa’s Island party can include a maximum of 5 players, and must have at least 1 Mage, 1 Priest and 1 Champion. These requirements give you a solid foundation when assembling your team, because Mages are good at both dealing damage and protecting themselves, Priests excel at healing allies, and Champions specialize in dealing physical damage. Since Stheno is immune to physical attacks and Medusa is immune to magic attacks, Mages are good at battling Stheno and Champions are good at battling Medusa. When filling out the remaining 2 slots, good damage dealers are recommended. Read more

GodsWar Online marriage system debut

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To celebrate the coming of 2010 new year, GodsWar Online has brought online the long-awaiting Marriage System! The brand-new system has been opened on December 30th .

How to Get Married- Exploration of Pan’s Labyrinth
After applying with Cupid, the loving couple needs to travel through Pan’s Labyrinth hand-in-hand for the love testament- Trumpet Shell Necklace. This will then be seen as the qualification to a grand wedding. When the romantic music drifts gently through the air and the toasts commence, Cupid will set off loads of fancy fireworks for the newly-weds.

At the wedding venue, the betrothed couple have the chance to give their guests a red envelope, which can be gained by talking to Wedding Priest.

How to Divorce: Shadow of Cupid
However, not all marriages end well. That’s when we need Shadow of Cupid, the divorce NPC who can help you get out of a broken relationship. For more about Marriage System please visit the below link:

IGG takes first steps into European market with double G’s

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IGG.com, home to some of the world’s most popular Free2Play MMORPGs, announces plans to break into the European market with two of its newly released, large scale MMORPGs: GodsWar Online and Galaxy Online.

Both productions are presented at the Game Developers Conference® Europe (GDC), which take place in Cologne, Germany. For three days, thousands of professionals in the international gaming industry will have the opportunity to test play both titles; as well as to meet the big players behind IGG’s success, Co-founder and COO, Kevin Xu. Beyond these two productions, IGG has released 9 other MMOs in the U.S. They are actively seeking new partnerships in Europe to expand their footing in the western market.

GodsWar Online

GodsWar Online is the first 3D MMORPG fully designed and developed by IGG. Inspired by the blockbuster movie ‘300’, GodsWar combines history, fantasy and romance to generate a spellbinding experience for players of all genders and ages. With its distinct game-play systems and activities, GodsWar offers players enchanting quests, charming game scenery, free character growth, amazing PvP opportunities and a wonderful gaming community. Visit http://gw.igg.com for more information.

Galaxy Online

Galaxy Online is a MMO strategy game created by IGG that challenges players to battle for the supremacy of the universe. As the human needs finally came to exceed Earth’s carrying capacity, it became increasingly necessary to reach out to the final available region for resource exploitation: Space, a majestic expanse containing a wealth of natural resources, some easily attainable and some that requires effort and strategy to obtain.

As players progress through the game, they must challenge each other – and themselves – to survive the dangers of space and overcome the dark corners of human nature. Visit http://go.igg.com for more information.