2012 Game Industry Predictions

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Closing out a year of significant growth and numerous company milestones, Exent, the world’s largest Games on Demand provider, has released its 2012 Game Industry Predictions.

Below are five industry developments that Exent’s Head of Content Programming, Rick Marazzani, says are coming in 2012:

Android tablets go mass market and gaming along with it!
“Led by the Barnes & Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle Fire, Android tablets will be on more night stands and in more purses and school knapsacks than ever before.  As powerful and easy to use as most portable gaming consoles, these tablets offer affordable, massively appealing games like Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds, plus they can be used for web surfing, reading, and playing music and movies. With the extensive functionality and low price points of these tablets, look for them to take a much bigger slice out of the iPad’s market share in 2011.”

Location-aware mobile gaming will break out
“Your smartphone is always online and GPS location-aware.  Game developers will harness this fact to deliver gameplay that will change and offer challenges based on where you are.  Social game makers like Zynga, Mocospace and Booyah will make their games more social by tapping users’ social graphs in locations to enhance the mobile versions of their games.” Read more

Five for Five Offers More Fun-per-Dollar than Anything Else You May Have Been Considering

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Indie Developers Offer Bargain Bundle of Downloadable Games at Less-than-New- Socks Cost

Independent developer Lunar Workshop, in conjunction with indie teams around the globe, announced the Five for Five bundle, a collection of five independent games offered for five US dollars. Beginning today, players can download five engaging and unique titles for less than it would cost to watch some jerk fly around with a magic green ring for two hours.

“I’m always looking for new ways to please our fans, so I wanted to bring these fun indie games to a broader audience,” said Jorge Rodriguez, Lunar Workshop CEO and organizer of the sale, “For the cost of a quick lunch or a movie rental, you’re getting countless hours of entertainment. I challenge you to find a more fun way to spend your next five dollars.”

With games that range from casual to hardcore, Five for Five offers something for everyone while showcasing the talents of the global independent developer community. The Five for Five bundle includes: Read more

GodsWar Online: New Way to Upgrade Holy Stones

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One of the best ways to improve equipment in GodsWar Online (http://gw.igg.com) is inserting Holy Stones. Until now, players have had a hard time finding high-level Holy Stones to keep their gear up to snuff. Using a new feature allowing players to trade a few Holy Stones for the next level Holy Stone now makes it much easier to keep up as you advance.

Holy Stones can be inserted into equipment using available sockets. Once the process is complete, the item ends up with the Holy Stone’s attribute. Since this attribute is mainly determined by the Holy Stone’s level, it’s important to have the best Holy Stones available. Before players would have to ask an NPC to upgrade their Holy Stones, and there were many pitfalls involved, such as lower chances of success for higher levels of Stones or greater chances of the Stone being downgraded.

The upcoming patch will allow players to take 4 Level 5-9 Holy Stones of the same level and type and turn them into a single Holy Stone at the next level. For example, 4x [Heated Holy Stone 5] upgrade to 1x [Heated Holy Stone 6].

Not all Holy Stones can be inserted into items; only Stones that have been filled with Holy Spirit can be inserted. There are two types of Holy Spirit. One improves attack and the other improves defense. Remember, equipment items can only take on certain attributes, so make sure you know which Holy Spirit you need before you add it to a Holy Stone.

New Social Game, Jamia Online Launches Globally

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India-based game publishing company, Gamiana Digital Entertainment has announced the global launch of their flagship online social world, Jamia Online. Jamia is a free-to-play browser-based game and social space where players can connect and interact with thousands of other people from all over the world in a fun, safe environment.

The heart of the game is in its community-centric features and player driven content. Players begin by creating an avatar which can be fully customized in terms of clothing and appearance. Through this avatar, they can meet and chat in beautifully designed maps, play multiplayer games together, engage in quests for gold or throw parties in their apartments. In addition, players can create a personal profile, publish a blog, join fan clubs, showcase their self-made artwork and more. There is also a unique instant messenger system for friends which can be accessed throughout the site.

Jamia is safe and accessible to all age-groups, and with a plethora of available features to explore and more on the way, it has something to appeal to everyone.

To sign up for Jamia Online, visit http://www.jamiaonline.com/

UK videogamers come joint second in World Cyber Games

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Best ever result achieved this weekend in Los Angeles

Representatives from the UK’s videogaming scene have achieved their best-ever result during the World Cyber Games this weekend.

Held in Los Angeles for four days through until Sunday 3rd October 2010, the 10th World Cyber Games saw more than 450 players from 58 countries compete in 13 games for a share of a $250,000 prize pot.

Players from the UK triumphed in the Guitar Hero and Forza Motorsport competitions, which helped propel the team to second in the medal charts – behind South Korea and tied with Germany and Brazil.

“We’re enormously proud of our UK players,” says Craig Fletcher, MD of Multiplay.co.uk, which runs the UK arm of the World Cyber Games. “In a thrilling weekend of videogaming competitions we proved we’re close to the best in the world – and we hope the achievement this weekend will propel our players to go one better next time. We’d also like to express our thanks to the support we received from Samsung, without which the UK participation would not be possible.”

The World Cyber Games (WCG) is an international e-sports event backed by Samsung. The festival is influenced by the Olympic Games with an athletes village for competitors and since 2004 a different host city every year. The UK teams are managed by Multiplay.co.uk, the country’s leading gaming community.

Microsoft Flight Now Featured on Fly Away Simulation

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Microsoft’s next flight simulator release, Microsoft Flight, is now being featured on the Fly Away Simulation flight simulation website.

The team at Fly Away Simulation has added a whole new dimension to its flight simulator portal following an exciting announcement by Microsoft. Microsoft has announced that they will be releasing the next in its series of flight simulator packages for PC users, with the next release being called Microsoft Flight.

Microsoft Flight is set to become the biggest complete flight simulator package available to PC users. With drastic enhancements in technology, and more powerful machines for the software to run on, the graphics will be like nothing yet seen in a simulation package.

Fly Away Simulation have already begun opening up sections of their website to cover this release. While actual news and information on the product is somewhat speculation at the moment, they have covered all angles on their website.

Fly Away Simulation have already featured Microsoft Flight preview videos, a screenshots gallery, discussion forums and news articles. The main attraction at Fly Away Simulation’s website is their flight simulator downloads section. The download section already boasts over 3,000 add-ons and enhancements for flight simulator packages and with a user base of over 125,000. With the release of Microsoft Flight round the corner, users can expect hundreds of downloads such as aircraft, scenery, tools and utilities to be made available following its release.

While there is no official release date for Microsoft Flight, users should expect the release to be before Christmas 2010. All aspects of the release will be covered on the Fly Away Simulation website (http://flyawaysimulation.com/) in real time.

Users should expect many new features in the next version of the Microsoft Flight Simulator package. New features will include many new aircraft, better scenery and graphics, more realistic flight environment and integration with the Windows Live system.

Patrician IV: Conquest by Trade

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Patrician IV: Conquest by Trade, has gone gold and will ship to North American retail outlets on September 14 for Windows PC.

In Patrician IV, players are challenged to use their wits, guile and a keen sense of arbitrage to rise to the status of a powerful and beloved figure in the eyes of the citizenry and the Hanseatic trading league.

Originally released in 1992 for the Amiga and Atari ST, the Patrician brand has sold over 2 million units worldwide, and has earned the respect of strategy gamers the world over. Patrician IV builds upon the already solid reputation of its predecessors with a whole new art style combined with a redesigned and newcomer-friendly trading simulation engine.

In Patrician IV, the player takes on the role of a young merchant in the area of the Baltic and North Sea during the late Middle Ages, the zenith of the Hanseatic League and its naval trading empire. Starting from meager beginnings as a small stall trader, players must use every skill at their disposal to rise through the merchant ranks and become the most powerful merchant in Europe. The authentic supply and demand-based trading system allows players to grow their business and head out to the high seas to form trading routes with other Hanseatic cities negotiating better prices for the buying and selling of goods.

Patrician IV was developed by Gaming Minds Studios GmbH, a studio created with members of the original Patrician development team, and will ship to North American retailers on September 14.

Legendary Champions Now Doing Battle in Closed Beta Test

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Aeria Games, a leading publisher of interactive entertainment, has initiated the Closed Beta Test (CBT) for Legendary Champions, the latest title to join its free-to-play catalogue. Players will be able to take an early look at Aeria’s new MMORPG, and get hands-on experience with some of history’s greatest heroes and villains, from King Arthur to Dracula.

Legendary Champions is a fantasy MMORPG which draws from many sources of culture to create a vast world filled with epic characters. Players will ally themselves with one of two factions and collect an army of heroes to aid them in solo quests and PvP battlefields, including DotA-style challenges with the game’s larger-than-life heroes. With over 60 iconic champions to choose, Legendary Champions allows players to decide, once and for all, who would win in a fight – Beowulf, Mulan, Alexander the Great, or Sinbad?

For more information about the game, and to get involved in the CBT, visit http://legendarychampions.aeriagames.com.

King of Kings 3 conquers North America

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Epic battles, sprawling cities, and warring kingdoms locked in a never-ending struggle for power. King of Kings 3, the newest instalment of the popular Taiwanese MMORPG series, is considered one of the best releases of 2009 and captivates millions of players in Asia. In addition to holding the European publishing rights, gamigo is proud to announce that it now holds the North American license for the game.

“As a globally-focused publisher, our aim is to be able to offer our games in all key markets,” says Patrick Streppel, member of gamigo’s executive board. “King of Kings 3 is one of the highlights of our portfolio. The emphasis of the game is on PvP battle and the extensive guild features, such as the building of guild towns and guild warfare, are unparalleled in the realm of free-to-play gaming.”

The game’s developing studio, Lager, and gamigo have been working hard the past year to localise the game for Western markets. The plot of the game has been completely rewritten and the seven fantasy realms are based on medieval powers, giving players from Europe and North America the opportunity to go into battle for their nation. A complete re-balancing reduces grinding and now allows players to reach the highlights of the game, PvP and guild gameplay, more quickly.

Thanks to the game’s complex and multilayered guild system, guilds band together first to form legions, next kingdoms, and finally alliances to wage war against enemy kingdoms and territories. Up to 10,000 players compete simultaneously in truly epic RvR battles to determine the fate of the guild towns and realms. Only the bravest warrior will come out on top and become the ruler of the entire realm, the fabled King of Kings.

King of Kings 3 is expected to go into Closed Beta testing in the second quarter of 2010. To participate in Closed Beta testing, visit the game’s official website: http://kok3.gamigo.com

gPotato Europe is celebrating: Street Gears is one year old

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Enjoy the party in Park Town and join our anniversary events, starting today

gPotato Europe is delighted to announce the first anniversary of the free cel-shaded inline skating MMO Street Gears tomorrow, March 5th. To celebrate this date, the Street Gears team has prepared many different events for all players from March 4th-17th, 2010.

Everyone who logs into the the game will automatically receive a unique anniversary item for 14 days. But you will also have the opportunity to keep it as a permanent fashion item. All you have to do is to share your experience and impressions about Street Gears in our social media event, and the anniversary helmet will be yours forever.

Are you in a racing mood? Compete with your friends or other riders to take part in a number of races together with the entire community, with new races announced every day. If you can complete the number of races we will unlock 50% or 100% EXP for the whole server for seven days, starting immediately after the event on the March 18th.

Prepare for the St. Patrick’s tournament from March 11th-17th! Register your pre-set team by March 10th in order to participate in the Team Time Attack Beta. Run as many races as you want and your average time will be added to the team result. In the Time Attack Beta tournament you can further reduce your team’s time by doing more races. Start to train your racing skills today, as the best teams will be rewarded generously.

For more information on Street Gears, and to download the free game in French or German, check out the official Street Gears website at http://sg.gpotato.eu.

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