Angry Birds Star Wars now on Facebook!

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Rovio Entertainment released the bestselling and critically acclaimed Angry Birds Star Wars game on Facebook, featuring new power-ups, tournaments, and full social integration.

“It’s all the fun of Angry Birds Star Wars taken to the next level,” said Petri Järvilehto, EVP of Games at Rovio. “You get the great Angry Birds Star Wars gameplay for free, plus you can compete against your friends to see who is the ultimate bird-flinger and Jedi Master.”

Drawing from the bestselling mobile game of the same name, Angry Birds Star Wars on Facebook features the same imaginative characters and richly drawn universe with all new social features.

“Angry Birds Star Wars on Facebook is another great example of a top mobile developer building social games for,” said Julien Codorniou, head of EMEA Game Partnerships, Facebook. “Rovio’s games connect people with their friends around the world through high quality gameplay, immersive graphics and engaging social elements, and we’re excited to see them bring their latest game to Facebook.” Read more

Gods War Online: Facebook’s first fully-connected 3D MMO

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If you’re tired of games on Facebook with little content and mind-numbing gameplay, it’s time to try something different.

It’s time to try Gods War Online (, the first 3D MMORPG fully connected to Facebook.

Compared to games that don’t pay much attention to storyline, GodsWar Online has intricately developed quests, helping to explain and drive important parts of the game. From stories about why a dangerous adversary must be killed or why a zone is occupied by one of the two playable factions to where and how an important item was invented, the storyline guides you and offers more details as you level up and achieve greatness. Whether you side with Athens or Sparta, there’s plenty happening in ancient Greece.

Even though it features fantastic graphics and a rich variety of content, GodsWar Online is easy to play. All you need to interact with the game world is a mouse.

Other games may give you too little or too much to do, but in GodsWar Online players decide how to make the best use of their time online. If you want to spend a lot of time in-game, there’s plenty of content for you. If you don’t have much time or can’t sit in front of the screen constantly, you can use the F12 auto-fight feature to engage in battle automatically.

GodsWar Online also offers players social tools to help you stay in touch with friends, and lets you team up and conquer your opponents together. Whether you’re doing quests, fighting side-by-side, exploring instanced zones, talking about how to improve your gear, or just hanging out, friendships are easy to build and enjoy as you meet new people along the way.

If you’re looking for a change of pace, there are always good times around the bend as the GWO team stages frequent special events. To learn more about all the game has to offer, visit the GodsWar Online Wall on Facebook.

SEGA PLAY! Baseball Launches On Facebook

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SEGA of America announced that SEGA PLAY! Baseball has officially released on Facebook. The game will enable players to create, customize and manage a baseball team made up of their own players—as well as players created by Facebook friends—for fun and exciting competition in a real, global league.

SEGA PLAY! Baseball is free-to-play and provides fans with an opportunity to show off their skills at team creation and management and experience the thrill of victory in league play, regardless of season. Users create their team name and uniform, customize avatars, level up their players’ skills and recruit friends’ players to create an even stronger baseball team. Players can also build up their own ballpark with a great selection of items from the serious to the seriously fun.

Users can pit their dream team against other Facebook users around the world to challenge their friends in one-on-one matches or “go pro” in global league play. Casual sports gamers will enjoy real competition against real players as they play in a full season of games against other teams for the league championship. In SEGA PLAY! Baseball, everyone can be a sports star!

For more information about SEGA PLAY! Baseball, please visit

Dungeon Overlord: Become the most evil Overlord on Facebook

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Build and Expand an Evil Empire in Dungeon Overlord, Playable Now on Facebook

Sony Online Entertainment and Night Owl Games invite Facebook users to explore their inner thirst for world domination with the new game, Dungeon Overlord. Playable now on Facebook, Dungeon Overlord is a quirky, massively multiplayer online strategy game encouraging players to take on the role of a villainous dungeon overlord to build an evil lair and create an empire bent on conquering everything in its path.

The Evil Lair: Beginning in an underground pit of lava, players must craft a dungeon to begin their quest for world domination. To help players gain power, the dungeon can be mined for valuable minerals.
Attract an army of minions and put them to work building, customizing and defending the lair. Established domains will need to be defended against looting overlords and conniving heroes who can hinder even the best laid plans for accumulating power.

The Expanding Empire: Every evil overlord grows tired of their current possessions and thirsts to expand their reign. When players have built up enough power, they can venture out of their underground domain to raid neighboring villages for resources and treasure. With sufficient resources, players can establish additional dungeons in their expanding empire.

Play with Friends: Even the strongest villains need help sometimes! Team up with allies by assisting with their dungeon maintenance and defending them against attacks. Work with friends to conquer new dungeons and take control of valuable resources, or battle against them in player versus player combat to establish who reigns as the most powerful overlord.

Dungeon Overlord is available now on Facebook at

EverQuest II: Alpha launch of Fortune League now on Facebook

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Players Earn EQII in-game rewards while playing Facebook’s newest competitive strategy game

Sony Online Entertainment and Fastpoint Games, a developer of live, data-driven games, announced the alpha launch of Fortune League, a fully integrated Facebook game.

Fortune League allows EverQuest II (EQII) fans and players to play a casual game through Facebook that players can enjoy and earn rewards for use inside of EQII. The introduction of Fortune League continues SOE’s tradition as an industry leader in online social gaming, bringing a new type of fully integrated MMO title to Facebook; this also marks its fifth release on the platform.

Fortune League invites players to experience a casual strategy game on Facebook based on the world of EverQuest II while offering the opportunity to reap in-game rewards,” said Dave Georgeson, producer of EverQuest II. “It’s a great way for Facebook users to play a casual game with exciting quests, and even provides the ability to share achievements with their Facebook friends.” Read more

Free to Play MMO 4Story community site at Facebook

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Zemi Interactive Inc., a developer and service provider of famous free to play MMO “4Story” has announced its opening of 4Story community site at Facebook.

4Story Online

Facebook is one of the biggest community website in the world and almost 100 million users have joined this massive virtual world. This will be a great opportunity for worldwide 4story fans to meet and share useful information and interesting stories of one another.

“We will use this community site to release new trailers, screenshots and other interesting news from the development team. If you are lucky, you will even have chance to chat with 4Story GMs. We hope this community site will bond and strengthen the global community of 4Story.” said the Chief Marketing manager of Zemi Interactive, Daniel Choi.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Collector’s Edition Details and Official Facebook and MySpace Pages

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When Batman: Arkham Asylum reaches stores this summer, the DARK KNIGHT will be taking a fully loaded arsenal along with him for the ride. At his disposal is a complete suite of gadgets and accessories that includes everything from a sonar resonator and a Batclaw to an explosive gel aerosol. Batman will make use need it all to take down the insane criminals that prowl Arkham Island.

The North American collector’s edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum, co-published by Eidos, Inc. and Warner Bros. features a full array of iconic collector’s items, including:

• 14″ Batarang with stand

o Matches the Batarang’s in-game design

• Arkham Doctor’s Journal

o 48 pages of notes on Arkham’s inmates

o Embossed leather dust jacket

• 2 Sleeve Digi-pack, including:

o Game disc

o Behind-the-scenes DVD

• Code for downloadable Challenge Map

o Exclusive “Crime Alley” map, available immediately

• Full-color Manual

For Batman fans who want to keep up with all the latest news and development on the game, the official and pages are now live – offering fans a central hub to network and learn about one of the hottest upcoming games of Summer 2009. True Batman fans can now keep up with all the latest developments, and preapare to get their hands on the Bat’s famous gadgets this summer.

The downloadable image shows off the stunningly packaged North American collector’s edition, including all items listed above. Please feel free to post news of the upcoming collector’s edition as well as the new Facebook and MySpace pages. You can download the image of the North American collector’s edition at the following link:

Based on the core Batman license, in Batman: Arkham Asylum, the Dark Knight takes on his greatest challenge yet when he becomes trapped with all of his most dangerous villains inside the insane asylum of GOTHAM CITY -ARKHAM ASYLUM! Batman: Arkham Asylum exposes players to a unique, dark and atmospheric adventure that takes them to the depths of Arkham Asylum – Gotham City’s psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane. Gamers will move in the shadows, instigate fear amongst their enemies and confront The Joker and Gotham City’s most notorious villains who have taken over the asylum.

Project Aftermath’s Colonel Jack Morgan, Facebooks and Tweets

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Games Faction has an out-of-town guest, Colonel Jack Morgan. As a high-ranking member of the Morphid Army, Colonel Jack has a pretty strange view of life on Earth, and has been documenting his stay since his ship crash landed. Fascinated by our basic yet powerful communication media, Jack has set up a Blog plus Facebook and Twitter profiles. Whilst here he hopes to communicate with earthlings and enlist new recruits into the ‘Glorious Morphid Army’.

Colonel Jack Morgan

To celebrate Jack’s stay, Games Faction are running a competition to win free copies of Project Aftermath. Those who become a friend of Jack on Facebook will automatically be entered into a draw on Tuesday 14th April 2009.
Creative Director, Malcolm Reed says “This is a little different for us, we hope people will converse with Jack and ask his opinion on pressing matters. It’ll be a lot of fun and we’re looking forward to entertaining the community with Jack’s ramblings!”


Facebook page
Twitter profile
Jack’s Blog
Jack’s Videos
Jack’s Photo Album

For those who haven’t played Project Aftermath, a free demo is available at or via Steam or Stardock.