Strategic Command WWI The Great War v1.04 patch

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Furysoftware’s long awaited 1.04 patch to Strategic Command WW1: 1914-1918 The Great War is released.

This patch contains numerous improvements to all the campaigns, largely based on the extensive and useful feedback received from the players’ community.

The improvements include:

  • Reworking of the Zimmerman Telegram so that the timing of the decision to send it is dependent on the US mobilization level, thus making sending it far more useful for Germany.
  • Increasing the functionality of the swap move to enable more flexibility when moving units around a crowded battlefield.
  • Fixing various bugs, including one that slowed map scrolling. Read more

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy patch v1.01 out now!

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As Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy continues to reap awards and very high review scores across national and international gaming mags, work on the first patch has been going on without delay.

The first v1.01 patch for CM: Battle for Normandy is now available as a free download, for both the PC and the Mac OS X versions of the game. The v1.01 patch for CM:BN contains not just bug fixes but – as is tradition at – also a number of enhancements, adjustments and improvements to the game, most based on player feedback!

Here is just a quick glimpse (!) on the long list of the improvements that the v1.01 patch is offering. Combat Mission Battle for Normandy v1.01 Features Vehicles Read more

Patch for Europa Universalis III: Heir to the Throne released

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Paradox Interactive have released a brand new patch for Europa Universalis III: Heir To The Throne, the third expansion to the pre-eminent historical strategy game Europa Universalis III,  which bring multiple improvements to significantly enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Major features of patch v4.1b include:
– Dynamic names of countries will now be seen on the map when zoomed out, adapting to borders as they change.
– Large overhaul of the Holy Roman Empire, with benefits to those that stay members and penalties for those attempting to destroy it.
– Dozens of major gameplay enhancements including reinforcing mercenaries, possibility for local naval supremacy, and the ability to annex countries with more than one province.
– Lots of improvements to the AI providing a more challenging experience for veteran users.
– Several Interface improvements, including more detailed information for military units and details on Imperial elections.

Download the patch and get the full patch note here:

The patch is now available for all Europa Universalis III: Heir to the Throne owners though the game launcher and on all  leading digital distribution platforms. To avoid compatability issues, please download the patch from the same digital retailer where you purchased the expansion.

Patch your game and prepare for the coming for Europa Universalis III Divine Wind!

ARMA II Operation Arrowhead Patch 1.54 released

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Bohemia Interactive, the award winning independent developer, is pleased to announce the release of a patch for Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead, which updates the game to version 1.54.

Among the variety of tweaks and fixes detailed in the attached readme file, this patch brings a number of specific new features, such as a taste of British Armed Forces units, vehicles and weapons, compatibility with the forthcoming add-on Arma 2: British Armed Forces, various improvements and fixes alongside engine upgrades – including an extension of the Engineer’s role – and the ability for players to effectively operate and command artillery and mortar units.

Patch 1.54 highlights:

  • Arma 2: British Armed Forces Lite – all units, vehicles and weapons from Arma 2: British Armed Forces are included in this patch with lower quality textures and audio files. The full version of Arma 2: British Armed Forces with high resolution textures and packed with a new campaign and large selection of new single player missions is available for purchase, see for more information about the content of Arma 2: British Armed Forces.
  • Numerous stability and functionality fixes and improvements. Read more

For the Glory: A Europa Universalis game patch 1.1 now available

December 21, 2009 · Filed Under News, Patch · Comment 

Crystal Empire Games has today released the 1.1 patch for the acclaimed grand-scale historic strategy game, For the Glory: A Europa Universalis Game.

Some of the fixes and improvements in the 1.1 patch include:
• Code optimized for increased performance
• Fixed several bugs including colonization for Spain and Portugal and multiplayer annexation bug
• Enhanced AI decisions for investments, trade and warfare
• Reworked some game features, including transport capacities, colonists value, growth rate during war and constructions in progress for annexed countries
• Extended settings for interface and color-scale options
• Added information for badboy and estimated yearly income
• Added eight sprite sets for naval and land
Game Vortex hails, “For the Glory gives you everything you could ever want in a history-based strategy game,” while GameSpot urged that, “fans of Europa Universalis 3 should pick [For the Glory] up immediately.” With the 1.1 patch, it’s a great time to see what all the fuss is about.
The patch is available at all major digital retailers. In order to avoid compatability issues please download the patch from the same place the game was purchased.

For the Glory is available at all digital major retailers. For more info please visit:

Combat Mission: Shock Force – v1.20 patches available now

September 15, 2009 · Filed Under News, Online, Patch · Comment 

The v1.20 patches for COMBAT MISSION SHOCK FORCE retail versions (Paradox) as well as Gamersgate are finally out now!

The list of changes, additions, new features and bux fixes is impressively long as usual, below just a few snapshots of what’s awaiting you in the latest free upgrade to the series:

  • “Pop Smoke” can now be aimed using the Face Command or current unit facing.
  • Floating icons for friendly units now briefly blink after sustaining a casualty.
  • Spotters for indirect support weapons are now able to target areas slightly outside of direct LOS under certain circumstances, such as when firing indirectly over a tall wall or just behind the crest of a hill.
  • Muzzle flame, smoke, dust, and other effects directly attached to enemy unit behavior are no longer shown unless the unit is already spotted by at least one friendly soldier.
  • Campaign players now have an option to switch between RealTime and WeGo Modes in between battles.
  • Scenario game time limit has been increased to 4 hours

The v1.20 incremental patches are about 100+ MB each in size and require v1.10 or v1.11 to be installed already.

These patches are for owners of the base game ONLY and are NOT needed if you own at least one CMSF Module (Marines or British Forces). Click here to jump directly to the Patches page=

v1.03 Patch for Strategic Command 2 – Patton Drives East

August 13, 2009 · Filed Under News, Patch · Comment 

This is the third patch for the Strategic Command 2 expansion, Patton Drives East. This exciting new expansion explores the various what-if’s of an alternate outcome to the events of World War 2 including how a war between Stalin’s armies and the Allies would play out.

This patch is packed full of new improvements to the main game and editor. It also includes a new Video Acceleration setting to help those with slow map scroll speeds. The patch is 172 Megabytes in size and is all-inclusive.

Please note, this is a PATCH for the expansion pack and will only work for the English language version of Strategic Command 2 Patton Drives East Expansion. This patch will not work with any non-English version of Strategic Command WWII 2 Patton Drives East Expansion at this time.

Here is the full Patch v1.03 ReadMe:

Strategic Command 2 Patton Drives East Expansion Patch (v1.03)

Save games created with earlier versions of the game are NOT compatible with v1.03. Please finish your in-progress games before applying this patch.

If you play the game and notice unplayably slow map scroll speeds and unit selection time, then please activate the “Video Acceleration” option from inside the Settings panel. That option will use a different method to handle graphics and should put your game performance back to regular levels. If you have never noticed any extreme game slowness, you can leave this option set to OFF.

This new game patch includes the optional install of a new, and we think, exciting tool. This tool seamlessly attaches to your internet browser (currently Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox supported) and gives you instant access to game news, patches, demos, chat channel as well as other popular browser toolbar *gadgets* such as realtime weather reports (unique to your hometown!), a spell checker and pop-up blocker. Fully user configurable and expandable, your new Community toolbar unlocks the full potential of your internet browser to keep you connected with the ever-growing world of games and resources! You can find more details on this new free utility here:

The Chronicles of Spellborn – Scroll of Keys and Courage

April 25, 2009 · Filed Under News, Patch · Comment 

Patch 1.0.4 — Scroll of Keys and Courage

Greetings, citizens of the Enclave, welcome to the Scroll of Keys and Courage.

It’s time to start putting your abilities to the test, whether you prefer hunting Menaces, dueling other players or ‘resolving issues’ with members of another High House!

House Maul has opened the Arena for organized matches. Players will be able to sign up in Hawksmouth or the Quarterstone Arena District. Skirmish matches are open to anyone at any time; House Maul will make sure the fairest setup of gladiators will be placed opposite of each other*.

For the gladiators seeking to prove themselves, they’ll be able to register a team. The team can enter the 2v2-League, 4v4-League or both! Points will be awarded on a weekly basis, based on the teams’ position, which can be used to purchase unique Arena rewards.

The Arena statistics and team window can be invoked via a new button in the Menu bar.

Also, unusual activity has been uncovered in the basement of the Palace in the Quarterstone Palace District. Scouting adventurers have reported sightings of a Treasure Chest, but a rather unusual one. Due to its surroundings it’s been dubbed the Demon Chest, but why it’s there and what it contains is still a mystery. It is yet to be opened as it requires three unique keys nobody in the Enclave has yet found. The locks indicate relationships with aspects of the world, but adventurers will have to be sent out to retrieve the keys.

Be sure you know who your friends and who your enemies are. PvP lootable player items enter The Chronicles of Spellborn. Currently this is only used for the keys of Treasure Chests! All keys in a player inventory will be looted by the player who is responsible for the killing blow! Be careful where you bring your keys and try not to attract too much attention when you carry them around.

Accompanying these great big features is a slew of Skill fixes, Quest fixes, Quest additions and feature additions. The Tales From The Vale carry on while /me and /roll have been added to improve interaction and well-balanced decision making.

To close this news, we also gladly present you the new exclusive wallpaper to illustrate the patch 1.0.4 Scroll of Keys and Courage!


Enjoy and be prepared for the fights, the new patch will be released really soon! It is a matter of time, now!

*House Maul Administration does not guarantee placement of equal skilled gladiators in the Arena.

Spellborn N.V. Website
Spellborn N.V. Player Site
Spellborn N.V. Forums

HanbitSoft Releases New Maps Details of Hellgate: London

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HanbitSoft Inc. announced that HELLGATE: LONDON, an online action RPG developed by Redbana US Studio, will present new maps in its up-coming 1.5Patch, and released screenshots of them.

The revealed maps are Training Grounds and Maritime Museum. Training Ground will become the new starting area of Hellgate, which gives bright, outdoor spirit to the game. There, players will see many NPCs holding weapons and training the players. After players accomplished the training part, they will be able to go on to the next new map called Maritime Museum.

Maritime Museum is a huge building with two stories. Maritime Museum is expected to become the new center base of the game with various quests and convenience systems. First of all, Marketplace will be placed in Maritime Museum, so players will constantly come in and go out for items exchange and communication with other players. Also, there will be new quests, and Arena Terminal to activated PvP mode that will give both entertainment and convenience to the gamers.

HanbitSoft also revealed screenshots of new maps, items and a boss monster which include Guardian’s Two-handed sword and axe and Arachtonas, one of new boss monsters. Revealed images are just part of many that will be updated through 1.5Patch, and details of the rest will also be revealed very soon.

This is the sixth announcement of Hellgates 1.5Patch details, and Korean gamers’ anticipation is reaching to its climax as outline of the Patch becomes clearer each week.

Sacred 2 Patch 2.40 Released

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nVidia PhysX and other new features added to enhance the gameplay experience

cdv Software Entertainment USA and Ascaron Entertainment announced a new patch for the retail version of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel for PC. The new patch updates the retail version of Sacred 2 to version 2.40 and adds a slew of new features, including nVidia® PhysXTM support, new mini-bosses and a new achievement system.

The patch, along with a detailed “readme” file, is available at, and includes the following content updates and fixes –

• nVidia PhysX technology implemented for two combat arts of each respective hero

  • Direct impact on immediate environment
  • Updated particle effects
  • Variable wind speeds

• Pause functionality for single player mode
• Direct control of minions
• New achievement system (available in logbook)
• Inventory screen changes:

  • Equipped items now have a new layout which is individual for each character

• Three new mini bosses

  • All mini bosses now have their own quests.

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is a hack-and-slash action-RPG with a rich story that takes place in a gigantic seamless world. This world contains massive dungeons, treacherous opponents and hundreds of challenging quests. Intelligent enemies, which adapt in number and difficulty based on player progress, challenge gamers in heroic single- and multiplayer battles.

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