KONAMI details ambitious plans for 2015-2016 global PES League

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Konami Digital Entertainment has outlined its exciting plans for the 2015/16 PES League, with new countries added to the nationalities currently participating. The PES 2016 publisher has also confirmed that the 2016 World Finals of the UEFA Champions League eSports event will take place on May 28th, alongside the UEFA Champions League Final. The San Siro stadium will also give the PES League finalists a once in a lifetime experience. KONAMI have also developed a new PES League logo which now aligns with the new overall brand identity of the highly acclaimed Pro Evolution Soccer series.

Following huge growth during the 2014/15 season, with the PES League launching a global tournament for the first time, KONAMI has now opened the competition to players from Peru, India, Saudi Arabia and more that are soon to be announced. Each new territory will have their own regional leagues competing for a place in the highly esteemed PES League World Finals. Hundreds of thousands of players competed last year, with France’s Rachid Tabane emerging victorious in Berlin. The winner of the 2016 finals will receive two tickets for the UEFA Champions League Final and a money-can’t-buy pitch side experience, with more prizes still to be confirmed. Read more

EverQuest’s 20th Expansion Marks a Historic Milestone for the MMORPG Genre

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Sony Online Entertainment launched  EverQuest: Call of the Forsaken, the unprecedented 20th expansion for the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), including an all-new featured storyline, new zones to explore, significant enhancements to the game’s mercenary system, and special in-game items and rewards.

“The launch of  EverQuest‘s 20th expansion is a testament to the dedication of all of the talented people, developers and members of our awesome community, who have contributed to the game over the years,” said Thom Terrazas, senior producer,  EverQuest. “As we approach the 15thanniversary of  EverQuest in 2014, the influence of the franchise is unparalleled in the MMO genre. This latest expansion demonstrates our continued commitment to bring the highest quality content to one of the most dedicated player communities in the industry.”

EverQuest: Call of the Forsaken takes players across the once peaceful plains of West Karana where they must encounter the powerful dragon, Lady Lendiniara. With the region rent asunder and the Ethernere exposed, countless realities collide and instability runs rampant, transforming the local wildlife and drawing mysterious new creatures to the land. Familiar faces, including iconic characters thought to be lost in time, will reemerge and fight alongside Qeynos military allies to restore peace to the region and send Lady Lendiniara back to her own dimension. Read more

MechWarrior Online Officially Launches

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MechWarrior Online developer and publisher Piranha Games and Infinite Game Publishing announced the official launch of MechWarrior Online. Sporting a base of more than 1.3 million registered pilots, the free-to-play MechWarrior Online allows pilots to take control of the most powerful mechanical battle units the universe has ever seen.

“This is an extremely exciting day for everyone at Piranha,” said Russ Bullock, president of MechWarrior Online developer Piranha Games. “Our official launch comes on the heels of a successful Open Beta development period. Our passionate fans were with us every step of the way helping us create the most ambitious MechWarrior game yet!”

Set in the year 3050 during the early stages of a massive interstellar war, MechWarrior Online puts you in command of the most powerful war machine to ever walk the field of battle, the mighty BattleMech. Pilot your ‘Mech and customize it to suit your preferred battlefield role; upgrade systems, weapons, and armor with endless options giving you creative control over your battle strategy as you face your next opponent.  MechWarrior Online delivers a rich online experience, rewarding everything a player does with experience points, C-Bills, unlocks, and recognition.

Bullock continued, “Our official launch is a jumping off point for a continuous stream of meaningful content updates to the game. We are looking forward to implementing the next round of major features for our pilots, including an entire new interface, new pilot tutorials, new Mechs and Maps and the long-awaited Community Warfare pillar. This is only the beginning. There is no final product.” Read more

World of Tanks Rolls Out Update 8.8

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Wargaming, the leading free-to-play MMO developer and publisher, announced the release of Update 8.8 for its MMO action game World of Tanks. European players will be able try the new version on September 11, with North American gamers getting their hands-on with 8.8 starting from September 12. In Korea and APAC, the Update will go live on September 16 and 18, respectively.

Along with a brand new battle arena, Tundra, the latest update enriches the game with a long-awaited branch of Soviet medium tanks ranging from Tier 6 to Tier 8, as well as Object 140 that will join the rankings as the nation’s other top medium tier choice.

Other significant changes include new updates to the German tech tree with the debut of the Tier 4 DW heavy chariot and Tier 6 VK3002 (M) medium tank, the transformation of VK3001H and VK3601H into heavy tanks, and addition of two new Chinese premiums-the Tier 8 T-34-3 medium tank and the 112 Tier 8 heavy tank.

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is the first and only team-based, massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warfare. Throw yourself into the epic tank battles of World War II with other steel cowboys all over the world. Your arsenal includes close to 300 armored vehicles from United States, Germany, the Soviet Union, France, Great Britain and China, carefully detailed with historical accuracy. Read more

Fiesta Online Announces Thrilling New Crusader Class

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gamigo delighted millions of Fiesta fans with the announcement that Crusader, a brand new class of elves, will be arriving this week in the wildly popular free-to-play anime fantasy MMORPG. Not since early 2011, when Trickster was introduced, has so much excitement been seen in the Fiesta community.

Unlocked at Level 60, Crusader provides experienced players an opportunity to master the powers of light with dozens of new weapons, armor and skills. These masters of swordsmanship are swift, agile, and possess stunning abilities that include slicing and dicing enemies with glowing blades and balls of light.

Legendary fighters who mysteriously disappeared from Isya long ago, Crusader now makes a triumphant return on floating ships with their fearless leader, Tiros, at the helm.

Watch Crusader in action in the launch trailer here: http://youtu.be/bIHhY2kZ6Nk

To celebrate Crusader’s arrival, Fiesta Game Masters will be hosting a vast array of fun-filled, action-packed in-game events, including: Read more

DC Universe Online come to eight major Asian countries

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Sony Online Entertainment announced a new partnership with AsiaSoft Corporation Public Company Limited, a leading online games operator in southeast Asia, to bring the award-winning massively multiplayer game DC Universe Online to major Asian countries: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, and the Phillipines.

The international partnership grants AsiaSoft exclusive PC publishing rights for DC Universe Online in multiple Asian territories and ensures dedicated servers, local customer support and payment gateways will be provided for the game. Utilizing a free-to-play model,  DC Universe Online players are granted basic access to the game free of charge so they can choose to play in a way that suits them best.  DC Universe Online  will be available on the PC in Asia later this year.

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the entire roster of DC Entertainment heroes and villains are among the most recognizable icons in the world. By bringing DC Universe Online to southeast Asia, more people than ever will be able to gear-up and fight alongside their favorite characters,” said Louis Figueroa, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Sony Online Entertainment. “AsiaSoft will provide high quality player support ensuring the DCUO community continues to thrive throughout Asia and beyond.”

DCUO is licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on behalf of DC Entertainment. For more information about DCUO, visit  www.DCUniverseOnline.com.

Arrival of the Noel Race in Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second

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Asiasoft today announces the official launch of the new NOEL race in the first English service of Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second. Along with the launch of this new race, the game also introduces a new map where the Noels originated from – Yggdrasil Garden.

The History of Noels
Noels came about during the time of the Midgard battles. They were once Elves who battled alongside the Human Race against the Goddess Freyja, in which they emerged victorious. However, after that, the Elves began to disappear after they absorbed the demon spells that were casted during the battle.

The Elves could only survive by absorbing spells and thus they started to grow black wings and tails on their backs, and the symbol of the demon, horns, also appeared from their heads. Due to the transformation, the Human Race started calling them Noels.

The Noel race was saved from extinction by a piece of Ymir, which contain pure and infinite spells, preventing the Noels from transforming into demons when they absorbed demon spells. Even though they would grow into adulthood, they spent their lives as children to reduce the need to consume more spells.

New Map: Yggdrasil Garden
The Yggdrasil Garden, located on the top of the world tree Yggdrasil, is the home of the Noels. The Noels started building the small town Elenas, and lived there happily and peacefully until one day, the peace was shattered by the Freyjas. Read more

MapleStory will be introducing the first hybrid-style character, Xenon!

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NEXON Europe announced that the all-time 2D-Sidescrolling MMORPG hit MapleStory will be introducing the first hybrid-style character, Xenon!

Unravel Xenon’s Past

Once a normal boy living in Edelstein, Xenon was captured by the genius scientist Gelimer of the Black Wings. Xenon’s memory was erased and the innocent boy was turned into a loyal member of the Black Wings. It wasn’t only his mind that was corrupted by Gelimer: his body redesigned for the Black Wings’ evil plans.

But Xenon has regained part of his past memories when the lab was attacked by Sigmund of the Resistance, who he now fights alongside.

Although the fight of the Resistance call’s Xenon, his true quest is to fully regain his memory and rediscover his past.

MapleStory players can take part in special stories that will help Xenon regain his memory. What mysterious will be unveiled in Xenon’s adventure? Read more

Netmarble Introduces Online Board Game Sensation, Dice Venture

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Netmarble.com, a leading worldwide game portal, expands its portfolio with Dice Venture, an online casual board game known internationally as Modoo Marble. The global casual game sensation with more than 5 million players worldwide will kick off a beta test on Wednesday, May 29 in North America. Interested dice rollers can visit www.DiceVenture.com for more information and sign up for the upcoming beta test.

Dice Venture is an online casual board game where players can join friends and family in a classic game with new twists. Players take turns buying and selling properties while traveling around the world for a chance to become billionaire tycoons. Games can be played in either four-player head-to-head mode or in two-on-two team matches, and take about 25 minutes to finish

“The introduction of Dice Venture to North America marks a significant step toward reaching gamers of all types for Netmarble,” said Jun Park, producer, Netmarble. “Our primary goal is to provide top-quality online games for everybody, and we’re happy to take strides to satisfy the growing casual games market.”

Scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2013 on PC and for iOS/Android following shortly thereafter, Dice Venture will continue its global sensation in the U.S market. Netmarble is now taking applications for the May 29 beta test.

Ragnarok 2 to join WarpPortal game collective

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WarpPortal is announcing an exciting line-up of events to celebrate the Beta testing period for upcoming sequel to their world-renown Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second, starting Thursday, April 18th– April 22nd.  More Details: www.playragnarok2.com

Event Line Up

1.      Double your Fun with Ragnarok and Ragnarok 2!
Players with a Ragnarok  1 account and register for a Ragnarok 2 account on the same WarpPortal account will receive a bonus to both accounts come launch!
2.      Save your name!
Reach level 10 with your character during the beta period to have your name saved for commercial service.
3.      Registration Raffle!
Register for Ragnarok 2 and be entered to win ingame items as well as WarpPortal energy!
4.      Facebook Go and Grow
Visit and like the official Facebook and for every Like Milestone reached EVERYONE on the server will win a prize! Read more

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