Second closed beta for Might & Magic Heroes VII

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Ubisoft announced that the Might and Magic Heroes VII second closed beta will start on August 26th at 12pm CET and last until September 2nd at 12pm CET. Players that have pre-ordered the game will still have guaranteed access to the beta but players should look out for beta key giveaways online for a second chance to try it out. Might & Magic Heroes VII will be available exclusively on Windows ® PC on September 29th, 2015.

This second closed beta will give players the opportunity to dive deeper into the gameplay of the Haven and Academy factions, and will give access to two extra factions voted for by the community itself for the first time: Sylvan and Dungeon. In addition to the two Skirmish maps (Dried Lands and Bad Neighbours) playable during the first closed beta, beta testers will also be able to explore two new Skirmish maps: Fire & Blood and Irresponsible War. Read more

Bot Colony, The First Game to Understand and Respond Intelligently in English, available in Open Beta

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Bot Colony, the first game to use conversational English as the primary way to interact with characters, entered public Beta Test on November 1, 2013.  Kickstarter ( ) donors will get the first shot at playing the game.

Bot Colony is an episodic sci-fi adventure game in which one plays as a robot cognition specialist investigating the disappearance of prototype robot sensors, and tracking down a spy across an exotic South Pacific island.

While currently video games rely on dialog trees – players clicks canned dialog lines written by someone else – in Bot Colony players use their own words to control the outcome.  Language understanding is not limited to commands: players can ask characters questions, state facts or opinions, and clarify what a character said – and the characters will respond intelligently in most cases. Players can also ask robots to carry out commands and robots will comply, or learn new commands that are not yet part of their repertory.  The ability to speak freely with the characters increases the player’s immersion into the game and truly makes the player part of the story.

North Side intends Bot Colony to offer a first-hand experience of realistic verbal communication with intelligent machines,  much like the interactions depicted in sci-fi movies like The Space Odyssey,   I, Robot or Blade Runner.  This interaction is designed to be both challenging and entertaining.  The ultra-literal way in which robots understand language is sure to drive home the realization of how much we take for granted in our day to day communication with other people.  Read more

Navy Field 2 Open Beta Launched

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NEXON Europe is announcing the launch of the Navy Field 2 Open Beta. To celebrate the launch, there will be three exciting events for players to participate in.

Players can enlist in Navy Field 2 to enjoy the exciting RTS set on the seas of World War I and World War II, in which up to 64 players can battle for domination of the seas with over 170 ships. From submarines to aircraft carriers, each ship is customizable right down to the crew, and are fully realized through the impressive 3D graphics of the Gamebryo engine.

Players can battle it out with fleets from a host of nations, including the Imperial Japanese Navy, Royal Navy, US Navy, and the Kriegsmarine. Players are able to compete in a variety of epic missions such as Dover, Midway and the Solomon Isles with historically accurate fleets, or earn points in the ‘Total War’ Deathmatch mode.

NEXON Europe is calling all captains to the seas in three events full of battles, rewards and sea salt. The oceans are dangerous, and enemies cunning, so NEXON Europe will help new recruits into battle -as long as players prove their worth – and reward great leaders for customizing their fleets. Read more

Legend Of Edda: Vengeance Launches Second Closed Beta Test

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GamesCampus launches the next closed beta test for their colorful fantasy MMORPG, Legend of Edda: Vengeance.  The game hosted a popular closed beta test at the end of 2012 and is now unleashing an additional closed beta test, bristling with all-new content.  Players can check out the updated website, with plenty of information about the beta at

“We’ve fine tuned every aspect of gameplay, from questing to class skills,” said Hubert Yee, Head of Marketing at GamesCampus. “We’ve also added three new gameplay elements which will move into the open beta test later this month.”

Legend of Edda: Vengeance’s second closed beta test will run from today until February 25th, and players will be pleased with several changes and improvements requested during the initial closed beta test.  With a level cap of 30, players will be able to experience the core features of the game in the short 11 days.  Sacred Wars will be running around the clock, allowing players many chances to enjoy what Legend of Edda is all about.  Players can enter either level tier (3 to 19 and 20 to 30) in three different battle zones. Skyway, the most popular map thus far, will also be open twice daily for an all-out battle for all players above level 3!  A new God Skill is now available to players, which can be unlocked with God Points and used in Sacred Wars, providing a temporary attack increase. Read more

Legend Of Edda: Vengeance Prepares Second Closed Beta Test

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Leading online game publisher GamesCampus announces the next round of closed beta testing for their colorful fantasy MMORPG, Legend of Edda: Vengeance. 

The game hosted a popular closed beta test at the end of 2012 and has now announced a second closed beta test, complete with all-new content.

Players can check out the new website, with plenty of information about the beta at

“We’ve used the last two months to polish Legend of Edda: Vengeance and maximize the feedback we received during the first closed beta,” said Hubert Yee, Head of Marketing at GamesCampus. “There is plenty of new content for players to look forward to when they jump into the second closed beta, including a complete game rebalancing.”

GamesCampus, alongside EYASoft, has overhauled the original Legend of Edda, and players will be amazed by the number of changes that have happened over the last year as well as the last two months.  Changes between the first and second beta include a revision of all class stats and skills, quest and monster killing rewards, and more to provide better game balance and progression. Read more

Absolute Force Online Upcoming Update Brings New Events, Maps, and More

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NetDragon has just announced several elaborate elements to be included in its newest FPS, Absolute Force Online. At the end of 2012, AFO successfully finished its closed beta testing phase, and officially began to allow open registration in open beta, demonstrating the company’s great new addition to its gaming lineup.

In the near future, there will be new holiday and special event weapons added, as well as a Spring Festival themed map, and new ‘Heroes’ will all be there for players to choose from. What’s more, a stronger and deeper customization function will also become available for players to make their in-game characters unique and exciting.

Players will have the ability to change their faces, hair style, skin, and tattoos from among the numerous styles available. As for weapons, players can enhance the looks of weapons, and paint them with special patterns that can be unlocked. A character development system will also be available in the future, bringing players the ability to gain special titles, fulfill in-game achievements, and strengthen the various weapons and equipment. Read more

2nd Closed-beta test registration for ARCHEBLADE is now available

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Codebrush Games, Korean independent game studio, announced today their second closed-beta test (CBT) of its multiplayer fighting game ArcheBlade.

ArcheBlade is a third person point of view fighting game that allows users to fight alongside multiple other players in real time. Users control one of several unique personalities based on the Korean fantasy novel ‘ArcheBlade’.

The CBT runs between 24 and 30 January of 2013. The game servers will open from (PST) 10:00 to 01:00 next day (15 hours a day).
To join the test, go visit, and sign up for a simple registration form.

“In the 2nd CBT, we added new features such as a new character, a rage skill, a free-for-all map, and etc”, said Jin, CEO of CodeBrush Games. “And we tried to manage the issues from the 1st CBT like some technical problems and character balancing. Hopefully everyone who participates in the test will enjoy playing ArcheBlade.” Read more

Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second Open Beta Test Rescheduled

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Initially slated for commencement on 27th December 2012, the OBT was met with overwhelming response from players across the globe, resulting in severe congestion of the game servers and websites. After careful and deliberate consideration, Asiasoft has decided to reschedule OBT to 3rd January 2013 to ensure that all issues are resolved before the game proceeds any further and to prevent any further disappointment.

The regretful decision to reset all character data with wipe just before the servers reopen official on 3rd January 2013 was also made in order for the publisher and game developers to be fair to the majority of players who were unable to access the game servers last night.

Mr Sherman Tan, Chairman of Asiasoft Online, has expressed his apologies on this issue with a personal message to the players on the official Ragnarok Online 2 Facebook fan page at

From now till OBT, Asiasoft and Gravity Co., Ltd will be working hard to resolve all game server issues and will be performing occasional stress tests on the game. Players are welcome to participate in the testing and the stress test schedule will be released shortly. For the latest updates, please visit the Ragnarok Online 2 the Facebook fan page at .

Miner Wars 2081 Beta Now Available on Steam!

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Miner Wars 2081 Beta is now available on Steam! If you own copy of Miner Wars 2081 (purchased at, Desura, Gamestop, Gamersgate, or almost any other place):

1) Get your Steam key:
2) Open your Steam client; go to menu; click ‘Games’; then ‘Activate a product on Steam’
3) Type the key and wait until the game installs
4) Enjoy Miner Wars 2081

If you don’t own Miner Wars 2081 – you still can purchase the Beta from our site:

Official launch date is November 28th, only one week from now. On launch day, the game will update itself from beta to full game.

Absolute Force Online Successfully Launches Closed Beta

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The closed beta test for Absolute Force Online was released on November 14th (17:00, PST). Netdragon Inc, the world leading MMO operator yet again produced another outstanding online game. Absolute Force Online built on the Unreal 3 Engine, providing player with the most realistic experience, Period!

With a high level of participation rate, the game literally turned in to a war zone. Needless to say the game was a little more than one can bargain for. The talents in the game are astonishing, cold blooded murders piling up the number of deaths on both teams. With bullets flying, people dying, every second became a moment of life or death.

As the number of players increases, the number of positive feedback also increases, many users have pointed out the amazing visual effects (thanks to the Unreal Engine 3), character customization, the interesting game modes and the intense game play, with a bonus of being able to switch between 1st and 3rd person perspectives. Believe it or not this has been said to be a game worth playing!! Having doubts?? Then take the challenge and experience Absolute Force Online today!

Players that think they have what it takes and want to be challenged in a realistic, action packed game can apply for closed beta at, and then activate it at As for the client, you can find it at

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