A Game We Don’t Talk About

October 19, 2014 · Filed Under Business 

As the weeks pass one by one, we can witness one game launch after another – huge franchises launch huge new titles with thousands, or even tens of thousands of units sold all over the world.

These games have tens of thousands of fans, keeping them entertained for hours, or even weeks (or years even, but for that the games must be really exceptional).

There is one category of games that we don’t talk about – a gaming industry that’s one of the most profitable ones in the world, with hundreds of titles and tens of thousands of users from all over the world: real money online gaming. In those countries where it’s not explicitly prohibited, real money online gaming is a very popular pastime – and source of profit for some.

The players are not how you might imagine them – most of them are lawyers, housewives, shop assistants or even school teachers, with one thing in common: their passion for gaming. Some prefer card games or dice, others find entertainment in playing with other games of chance, or even casual games or lotteries.

They choose their place of play based on various features – some choose them by the no deposit bonus offers they are rewarded with, others prefer to make their choice based on the games they can play. Now that I think of it, most people looking for profit choose by the no deposit bonus, while the others prefer to be excited and entertained by the games themselves…

Real money gaming over the internet is a very popular form of entertainment in many countries of the world.In Europe it’s most popular in the United Kingdom, and is also chosen by many in the Northern part of the continent, where the nights are long and cold. It would also be popular in the US – where not all people have the means or the time to travel to Nevada or a native territory for the “real thing”, and it’s also popular in South America, Asia and Australia. Except for some countries, where it is prohibited both by civil and religious laws… but that’s a different matter altogether.

Despite their nature, real money online games are not considered proper games at all – although they have so many forms with no real money involved. Still, people from all over the world – normal people like you and me – play the games offered by this type of operators, and gladly accept the occasional big wins offered to them by Lady Luck – or any other form of chance itself.


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