Conquer the New World in Expeditions: Conquistador

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The tactical role-playing game Expeditions: Conquistador is out now on Steam for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux.

Copenhagen, Denmark / Eschborn, Germany – May 30, 2013: B eginning today, Expeditions: Conquistador will lead hardy adventurers off to explore and conquer the New World in the name of the Spanish crown. Playing as a Spanish Conquistador, the player must lead their party through the untamed wilderness, making hefty decisions along the way.

Regardless of diplomatic finesse or cunning on the battlefield, fame and riches await only those who choose their next move wisely. The tactical role-playing game with a turn-based battle system is now available on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux for just $19.99 / €19.99 / £17.99. To celebrate the successful release, you will get a 10% discount on Steam until June 5th, 2013. Expeditions: Conquistador will likewise be available on, Gamersgate, Greenman Gaming and Desura. The game project was financed through Kickstarter, and developed by Danish development studio Logic Artists ApS. bitComposer Games will distribute Expeditions: Conquistador worldwide.

About Expeditions: Conquistador
It is the 16th century – an era of intrepid explorers and adventurers. In Expeditions: Conquistador, the player takes on the role of a famous—or infamous—conquistador, landing on the shores of the New World. On the search for gold, fame, and adventure, the player and a few companions venture into regions never before explored by Europeans. Read more

Assetto Corsa official Ferrari 458 GT2 license

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Assetto Corsa introduces the Ferrari 458 GT2. This car follows the 458 Italia and the F40, and is the third of the first five Ferraris announced for Assetto Corsa. Based on technical data provided by the technical department of Maranello, this awesome racing car has also been a subject of study and analysis on many occasions during tests held at Vallelunga Race circuit, where the Kunos Simulazioni’s HQ is located. Feedback from the drivers and data analysis have been very important in order to reproduce this car with the maximum fidelity.


The Ferrari 458 GT2 will be included in the definitive release of Assetto Corsa: the devteam is working both on the technical development and also on the delicate side of commercialization and distribution of the game: these aspects require a lot of attention and the team is making every possible effort to guarantee the best outcome and support to their potential customers. Thank you for your patience.”

Ferrari 458 GT2 technical data

The Ferrari 458 GT2 is the most extreme racing version of the 458 Italia and follows the regulations of both ACO and FIA. As such, the engine horsepower is heavily limited, the gearbox is replaced with a Hewland six-speed sequential, ABS and Traction Control is not permitted in most of the leagues and the car must comply with the minimum weight specified by the rules plus eventual ballast can be added if needed. Read more

Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge gets a Massive Update!

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Matrix Games ( and Panther Games ( are proud to announce the release of a major new free update for the critically-acclaimed World War 2 operational wargames Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge and Command Ops: Highway to the Reich.

The v4.4.263 update represents over a year of additional development and improvements on the Command Ops engine, largely based on community feedback.  This is provided as a free update to Command Ops customers, representing incredible value in terms of post-release support and improvements.
This update fixes bugs and greatly improves gameplay and modding.  This includes improvements to the LOS tool, handles stalled moves and scheduled attacks better, improvements to supply, enables units that are retreating and retreat recovering to surrender, and a veritable host of dozens of other improvements.
For a full list of changes, check out the Forum page.

To download the update, players can run “Check for Update” via the game menu or download it directly from the games’ download pages.

Get more information on Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge  and Command Ops: Highway to the Reich from their official product pages. Read more

Netmarble Introduces Online Board Game Sensation, Dice Venture

May 13, 2013 · Filed Under News, Online · Comment, a leading worldwide game portal, expands its portfolio with Dice Venture, an online casual board game known internationally as Modoo Marble. The global casual game sensation with more than 5 million players worldwide will kick off a beta test on Wednesday, May 29 in North America. Interested dice rollers can visit for more information and sign up for the upcoming beta test.

Dice Venture is an online casual board game where players can join friends and family in a classic game with new twists. Players take turns buying and selling properties while traveling around the world for a chance to become billionaire tycoons. Games can be played in either four-player head-to-head mode or in two-on-two team matches, and take about 25 minutes to finish

“The introduction of Dice Venture to North America marks a significant step toward reaching gamers of all types for Netmarble,” said Jun Park, producer, Netmarble. “Our primary goal is to provide top-quality online games for everybody, and we’re happy to take strides to satisfy the growing casual games market.”

Scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2013 on PC and for iOS/Android following shortly thereafter, Dice Venture will continue its global sensation in the U.S market. Netmarble is now taking applications for the May 29 beta test.