Flight1 releases Ideal Flight for Flight Simulator X: Where will you fly to next?

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Now you have somewhere to fly – based on your own preferences – airliners to major hubs or a bimble around the local area?  Ideal Flight means never a dull flight again in Flight Simulator X!

Flight1 is pleased to announce the release of an innovative utility that makes deciding where to fly next easy and fun!  You can generate random flights or continue from where you left any aircraft parked at the click of a button.

Ideal Flight has been developed by British developer, Code Legend and is now
available by download via Flight1.

Ideal Flight is an automated flight planner and global weather generation utility like no other, which creates a flight based on your selected filters such as flight duration, favourite routes, aircraft and airports, weather conditions and failures. It then provides a comprehensive pre-flight briefing and post-flight assessment including a Pilot Career log with awards.

Ideal Flight automatically prepares a ‘logical’ next flight for your aircraft, either carrying on from where it was last parked, or generating a random flight to match your pre-set criteria. Read more

Strategic War in Europe map and scenario editor released

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Wastelands Interactive has released the official map and scenario editor for their grand strategy title Strategic War in Europe.

The editor allows players to easily modify existing scenarios and maps to change core values such as terrain, modifiers, and unit attributes.  It also allows
you to create entirely new maps and scenarios from scratch.

To download the Strategic War in Europe map and scenario editor please visit this link.

Strategic War in Europe is available on GameStop,  GamersGate and Desura for $14.99.

Media outlets have already praised Strategic War in Europe for its fun gameplay and historically accurate event system.

“The gameplay was fun and the history really kept me interested. I would love the opportunity to take control of Allied forces and kick the crap out of the Axis years before history’s true course. Would I buy this game? Yes, after playing it.”

“Given the obvious talent and intelligence of the staff, this and future titles from this developer should be very much worth looking forward to.”

Mercenaries, Smuggling and Allod Creation Coming To Allods Online

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Gala Networks Europe and Gala-Net one of the leading free-to-play games publishers and operators of the gPotato portals, have announced details of the next expansion of their AAA MMORPG, Allods Online.

Titled New Horizons, the new update introduces a set of mercenaries for players to hire as AI assistants for their parties, alongside two additional huge new features to Astral Space. These come in the form of a resource-based mode called Smugglers’ War, where players privateer for their faction, and a major new step in the on-going Path of Greatness quest chainwhich, for the first time in Allods Online history, allows players to actually build and customise their very own allod in Astral Space.

The mercenaries in New Horizons for Allods Online allow characters over level 8 to hire mercenaries for their party using in-game gold. The mercenaries come in six different classes, each with unique and highly useful special abilities and buffs. Hired mercenaries are set to the same character level as the player and will take up a party slot while obeying the player’s orders for a single instance or allod. Read more

Major League Gaming Announces Fall Season Events

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Major League Gaming released the 2012 Fall Season competition schedule which will include three arena events and conclude with the Fall Championship from November 2-4 at the Dallas Convention Center.

The MLG Fall Season will run as follows:

September 15:                  Fall Fighting Game Arena – New York City, MLG Studio

September 28-30:            Fall League of Legends Arena – New York City, MLG Studio

October 5-7:                       Fall StarCraft II Arena – New York City, MLG Studio

November 2-4:                 Fall Championship – Dallas, TX, Dallas Convention Center

Additional details and a complete list of Fall Championship titles will be released in the coming months.