Strategic Command WWI The Great War v1.04 patch

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Furysoftware’s long awaited 1.04 patch to Strategic Command WW1: 1914-1918 The Great War is released.

This patch contains numerous improvements to all the campaigns, largely based on the extensive and useful feedback received from the players’ community.

The improvements include:

  • Reworking of the Zimmerman Telegram so that the timing of the decision to send it is dependent on the US mobilization level, thus making sending it far more useful for Germany.
  • Increasing the functionality of the swap move to enable more flexibility when moving units around a crowded battlefield.
  • Fixing various bugs, including one that slowed map scrolling. Read more

Airport Firefighter Simulator: Are you up to taking the heat?

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Fire can be a friend but it can also be a ferocious foe!

Nowhere are the dangers more apparent than in a modern airport where thousands of travellers are in close proximity to highly flammable aviation fuel and hazardous materials. The risks are great and so are the demands on the elite squad of airport firefighters!

Even the most routine duties of aircraft refuelling and cargo management carry the chance of conflagration so you must always be on your guard to prevent a minor incident becoming a major inferno.

Your duties as a fireman require you to maintain vigilance on both day and night shifts, never quite knowing when you will be summoned into action with scores of dramatic missions. Drive ultra realistic renditions of specialist fire fighting vehicles, across 20 km2 of airport, including the famed PANTHER, each vehicle complete with unique equipment ready to be pressed into service for any eventuality. Read more

Angels Online: Creativity, PD and The Joy of Spring

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Angels Online is an anime-style, 2D MMORPG packed with loads of fun and adventure. With the launch of the latest expansion last year, Angels online has once again proven itself as a gamers’ choice by smashing the previous record for having the highest number of gamers online at a given instance with its creative gaming platform.

Besides loads of special effects and wide-range character customization, the game boasts many options and other stunning features that keep players locked to their seats. One of these features in-game that keeps players coming back is the Paper Doll costume system or PD for short.

Angels Online PDs defy convention and eschew traditional forms of attire, giving the player a choice to customize, look good and feel great at any occasion. As the larger number of the game’s players riding on the concept of being young and trendy, the game developers set no restrictions on how their characters should look; classic, artistic, daring, gallant, imaginative, wacky or just plain-dead serious; there’s just about any style to suit every player’s mood in Angels Online.

Creativity walks down the runway hand-in-hand with style, continuing the proud Angels Online tradition of cooperation and teamwork, a crucial element of success in the game when the fighting gets tough. To the Asians living in many parts of the world today, the New Year is more than just a new beginning. Every year is a constant reminder of one’s heritage and to overcome newer challenges with renewed vigor. With that in mind, Angels Online releases its latest PD series, the Spring PD, a vibrant-colored, cultural outfit with rich, oriental fashion. Stylish, elegant and comfortable, the long flowing robes of the Spring PD comes in bright, lively spring colors, emerald green and rose pink.

When action gives way to more peaceful pursuits, fashion is the driving force behind the economy of Eden. Whether you’re getting ready for a party or just strolling through town, The Spring PD just about makes the most heads turn and get the attention.

In light of the New Year, the Angels Online team renews its promise to roll out the best in online and offline services. The Spring Paper Doll is just one of the many elements in Angels Online that help define its strong sense of community. Visit the official site at to stay up-to-date with the latest features and events.

Tropico 4: Modern Times Expansion

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El Presidente in space? New expansion will force El Presidente to modernise Tropico!

It’s a new year, and with that, come new challenges – especially to the beloved El Presidente and his regime! The new expansion for Tropico 4 for the Xbox 360 and Windows PC, dubbed “Tropico 4: Modern Times,” will offer players a huge variety of new challenges as El Presidente must modernise his island nation while battling sinister underground forces that threaten the future of Tropico itself in an extensive new single-player campaign.  New buildings, fresh challenges, additional presidential edicts and more will all be part of Tropico 4: Modern Times when it is released in March 2012 priced at £19.99/€29.99 for Windows PC and 1200MSP on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

El Presidente himself is also pleased to release a teaser trailer to go along with this exciting announcement. Head to the link below to take a quick peek at Tropico 4: Modern Times!

The times are changing and the island nation of Tropico is evolving. The Internet, a New World Order, terrorists, global financial markets and space exploration are on the rise and pose new challenges to El Presidente and his regime in Tropico 4: Modern Times. Read more

Turtle Beach at CES 2012

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Turtle Beach announced their line of new products being unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show this year.

Cutting-edge technologies being introduced in these products range from new interference-reducing dual-band 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi RF wireless tech, customizable Dolby Surround Sound speaker angles and a new line of mobile lifestyle headsets designed for gamers on the go. All newly announced Turtle Beach products will be available for demonstration along with the full product assortment, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 1 – Booth #21327, during the International Consumer Electronics Show from January 10 to 13, 2012.

2012’s product lineup follows another banner year in 2011 for the company; based on NPD data Turtle Beach is the number one gaming headsets/headphones company and the number one overall for third party console video gaming accessories based on dollar volume.  Numerous awards and accolades were collected for its many new products in 2011 and the company is poised to deliver more “firsts” in 2012. Read more

Mass Effect 3 In-Game Pre-Order Gear

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Gear up and take Earth back in the Action RPG, Mass Effect 3!

On March 6, Earth is ground zero in a battle to save the galaxy, and EA and BioWare are giving gamers an opportunity to arm themselves with cutting edge weapons and armor to prepare for the upcoming war.

Starting today, with each pre-order purchase of Mass Effect 3 at participating retailers, fans will receive the M55 Argus Assault Rifle. Deadly at any range, the Argus boasts quick burst-fire to ensure ammo conservation and maximum accuracy on the battlefield.

Additionally, fans who pre-order at select retailers in U.S. and Canada will receive the following items:

  • N7 Warfare Gear, exclusive to fans who pre-order at GameStop and EB Games*, which includes: Read more

Project Blackout Celebrates its First Anniversary

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Project Blackout, an online first person shooter (FPS) published by SG Interactive, celebrates its first anniversary with a line-up of exciting and lucrative events for old and new players alike.

The first anniversary events will run for two weeks, starting on Wednesday, Jan. 11. Online gamers can choose to side with either Aegis Inc. or The Corps, and join the gunfight by signing up and downloading the free-to-play game at its official site.

Events include:

  • Everyone is Invited to the Party – Between Jan. 11 and 25, every player that steps into the battleground will receive 50 percent more experience points and credits, as well as Gift Boxes containing random items such as the M4 SR-16 Lv1 3D, M4 SPR Lv2, Deluxe Shadow 3D or Type II Vest 3D. Read more

Become the star of the show in The Sims 3 Showtime

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The Sims 3 Showtime

Amaze the Audience with Your Talents as a Magician or Singer in The Sims 3 Showtime

Perform tricks and sing your way to fame in Starlight Shores, an all-new world that showcases your Sims’ hidden talents as they go from small town heroes to larger than life performers.   Read more

Preview of All-new Version in Tales of Pirates II – The Grand Line

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The development team of Tales of Pirates II ( has embarked on the creation of a new version, “The Grand Line”, for the MMORPG. Players can look forward to a sensational gaming experience that will provide immense thrills and excitement. More than simply adding a mere instance, there will be a series of riveting quests that will allow players to hunt and explore for treasures galore, just the way a pirate should!

It All Began When…
In 1694 of the pirate world, the treasure-laden H.M.S set sail from Thundoria for Poseidon Temple Castle for its ritual worship. Alas, when the ship was navigating around Sorceress Coast, a storm came and sank her to the bottom of the sea, bringing down the trove of treasures along as well. For centuries, nobody had been able to find the H.M.S booty. Read more