Disciples III: Resurrection back from the turn-based grave

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New campaign to add more than 70 hours of gameplay as players lead the undead armies through Nevendaar

The Kalypso Media Group and Akella announced a new chapter in the much-loved Disciples series of turn-based tactical RPGs – Disciples III: Resurrection.  In Disciples III: Resurrection, players will be returned to the mythical land of Nevendaar, where they must lead the Undead Horde, a menagerie of fallen beasts and heroes who are now walking dead and are exacting their revenge in the name of their dark Goddess of death, Mortis. The game will feature the trademark art style that makes Disciples III: Renaissance a hit with fans, and introduce dozens of new units, multiple heroes and a massive campaign.  Kalypso will release Disciples III: Resurrection for Windows PC in October 2011.

Disciples III: Resurrection, the sequel to fantasy turn-based tactical RPG, Disciples III: Renaissance, returns players to the magical land of Nevendaar where the player is now challenged to lead an army of the walking dead. Fallen heroes and monsters will be under your control, as they exact revenge in the name of their dark Goddess – Mortis. Players will be challenged to defeat their enemies via dark magic, brute force and courage.  Disciples III: Resurrection will offer players more than 70 hours of tactical gameplay, new heroes, new units and new challenges in the form of a massive undead horde. Read more

Tales of Pirates II: Take a Sneak Peek at the New Card Activator Skills

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Tales of Pirates II (http://top2.igg.com) will soon release Astral Isle, but there’s more for players to look forward to in the new map than your run-of-the-mill final-stage bosses.

Some of the most talked about additions are the all-new Card Activator skills adventurous pirates can’t wait to get their hands on. This new skill system lets players unleash incredible forces locked within various Skill Cards by using Energy Cards and Card Activators. Here’s a preview of the powerful skills accessible with these cards.

Skill Effect Requires

Vibe Slash Deals 3,000 damage 2 Level-F Energy Cards
Covert Fog Disappear for 30 seconds 2 Level-F Energy Cards
Energy Bulwark Every SP absorbs 0.75 damage 3 Level-F Energy Cards
Energy Web Seals your opponent 5 Level-F Energy Cards
Halo Salvation Restores 10,000 HP 10 Level-F Energy Cards Read more

Men of War: Assault Squad Second DLC and official Patch available

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1C Company, announced the release of the Men of War: Assault Squad skirmish DLC and official patch.

Skirmish Pack is the second official DLC for Men of War: Assault Squad and features a full set of 5 new skirmish missions, 1 for each faction, USA, Germany, Soviet Union, Commonwealth, Japan.

Completely new mission objectives challenge players to defend four strategic positions against waves of enemy troops to hold out long enough to launch a counter attack and finally defeat the enemy.

The missions can be played up to 8 players cooperatively online or in single play.
Men of War’s newest DLC can be purchased immediately from Steam. Read more

NEXON Europe launched the Big Bang update for MapleStory

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The biggest update in MapleStory’s history delivers a whole new experience!

Nexon’s triple phased Big Bang update for MapleStory will thrill players with a whole new experience. With this first update, players will be able to step out into the Maple World as heroes who can level up much faster than ever before.  Skills and monsters have also been rebalanced, allowing players to rediscover the game with focused skills and familiar monsters. In addition, players will enjoy a higher graphical resolution, allowing them to experience a visually richer Maple World.  Other changes include a complete user interface revamp, making Maple World simpler, neater and easier to navigate –  a true overhaul to the entire game.

New events address every Mapler
The first installment of the Big Bang update is accompanied by many entertaining in-game events, inviting not only experienced players, but MapleStory newcomers as well. Between 21st July and 25th August, the “Welcome Back” event will reward new players with amazing items for their first and second job advancements. More experienced players can look forward to get a custom Evolving Ring, plus special items that will help with later adventures when the next update comes. Lastly, to celebrate the extensive update with everyone, all characters will be able to start fresh by resetting all the skill points for each of their characters for free, and tailor their gameplay to their newly discovered play style. Read more

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy patch v1.01 out now!

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As Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy continues to reap awards and very high review scores across national and international gaming mags, work on the first patch has been going on without delay.

The first v1.01 patch for CM: Battle for Normandy is now available as a free download, for both the PC and the Mac OS X versions of the game. The v1.01 patch for CM:BN contains not just bug fixes but – as is tradition at Battlefront.com – also a number of enhancements, adjustments and improvements to the game, most based on player feedback!

Here is just a quick glimpse (!) on the long list of the improvements that the v1.01 patch is offering. Combat Mission Battle for Normandy v1.01 Features Vehicles Read more

Mini Robot Wars: A Fresh New Tower Defense Released for PC

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Picsoft Studio announced the launch of Mini Robot Wars, a fresh new side-view tower defense game with cartoon graphics and fast paced action.

In Mini Robot Wars, the aim is to help the cute little alien robots defend their planet against an invading horde of evil machines, seeking to turn it into a space resort. The player must gather resources and build robots to act as defensive units and fight their enemies. The game features simple gameplay while retaining plenty of depth, with a large number of units, upgrades and unlockables and a variety of mini-games.

Mini Robot Wars has a unique gameplay mechanic; instead of the typical ‘path system’ adopted by most tower defense games, it uses a platform-like approach common in side-scrolling shooter games. The enemy’s movement is thus not defined by a path but rather by its type.

“Our initial ideas came from the old school side-scrolling shooters like Gradius and Contra,” said Soun Hanwong, producer and designer of Mini Robot Wars. “In those games there are enemies in the air and on the ground that can move in different ways, while the player has many weapons, such as a laser and spread gun, to even the odds. How much fun would this be as a tower defense game?” Read more

PlanetSide 2 Fact Sheet

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PlanetSide 2 takes all the groundbreaking features from the original game – massive multiplayer battles, distinct empires to rally around, and enormous continents where intense ground and air combat unfolds – and adds features that modern gamers have come to expect out of the FPS and MMO genres.

With advanced technology, years of gamer feedback, and a new SOE proprietary MMO game engine called Forgelight, PlanetSide 2 offers a truly competitive and visceral FPS experience with massive warfare, massive customization and massive community.

 Across the continents of Auraxis, thousands of players will come together in enormous battles to win control of critical territories and key resources for their empire. With a an extensive skill tree and free-form class-based system, players will be able to customize their soldier, weapons and vehicles to match their play-style, as well as the needs of their squad, outfit or empire. Battles can last for days or weeks, so players will need to build alliances and specialized combat outfits to take on long-term strategic and tactical initiatives. With air, ground and seaborne combat, the battles will be larger and more intense than ever.  Read more

Men of War: Condemned Heroes announced

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1C Company announced the development of Men of War: Condemned Heroes.

Condemned Heroes is the newest installment in the best-selling Men of War series which fuses tactical thinking with the action-packed direct control mode.

Men of War: Condemned Heroes tells the story of one of the infamous Soviet penal battalions during the WWII. These battalions are famous for being formed under Stalin’s “No step back!” order #227.  They consisted of court-martialed officers that were given a chance to redeem their crimes, or incompetence, in blood by serving as the lowest enlisted rank in a battalion that was assigned the most dangerous tasks. These battalions’ images are surrounded by many myths, and this game tells the truth about these regiments based on real evidence from their former members. Read more

War Rock: Clan Warfare gets an olympic makeover

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GamersFirst’s Longest Running FPSMMO Gets Modern Visual Overhaul and Celebrates the Summer Season with Player-Driven Events, Water Balloons and Bikinis

GamersFirst announced that War Rock has engaged in a major in-game visual reconstruction just in time for summer.  Mass annihilation never looked better as the fan-favored first-person shooter ignites with new high resolution texturing to landscapes, vehicles and weapons.

In conjunction with the reconstructive makeover, GamersFirst embraces summer by challenging players in a true test of skill in the game’s biggest player versus player (PvP) event of the year, the 7th Annual War Rock Olympics, kicking off July 5. War Rock enlistees will face each other on the battlefield in a week-long competition testing skill, cunning and tactical planning, concluding in the traditional bikini and water balloon event and War Rock marketplace sale of epic proportions.

“The update adds an incredible dimension of intensity to the game’s environments,” said Chuck ‘Nemico’ Leonard, producer for War Rock. “War Rock fans will be visually submersed into combat deeper than ever before, battling with newly primed and polished weaponry in War Rock’s revamped, lush, war-ridden landscapes.” Read more

UFO Online – Fight for Earth wants to hear the best anti-alien slogans!

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Anyone who has ever wanted to see their words immortalized in a game’s loading screen should jump on this opportunity. The developers behind UFO Online – Fight for Earth, gamigo’s turn-based online strategy game, are looking for the best anti-alien slogans to entertain players during short loading periods.

The rules are simple:

  • Anyone who wants to participate can send their sayings to ufo@gamigo-gm.de
  • A week later, the best sayings will be posted on the UFO Online Facebook page to be voted on.
  • Only sayings that make sense will be considered.

As a special thank you to those who submit the winning phrases, not only will their sayings be used for the loading screens, their names will also be added to the game’s credits.

More information about UFO Online – Fight for Earth can be found on the official website and on Facebook.

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