GodsWar Online: Pet Development Journal (1)

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Since we introduced pets to GodsWar Online (http://gw.igg.com), players have become increasingly passionate about what makes a perfect pet, how to get them, and even bragging about their own. As pets have quickly grown so important to the players and the game alike, we’ve been working hard on improving the pets released so far and introducing new pets that give players even more choices when it comes to finding that perfectly loyal companion. Since so many players have been wondering what’s next, we figured it was only fair to throw you all a few bones about what we’re working on.

Sometimes badder is definitely better, so we’re planning to make all creatures in the game tamable, even gigantic bosses like Medusa and Hydra. As cool as it will be to tame one of these tough bosses and bend them to your will, just imagine what it will be like when this new pet fights for you using a powerful spell that has tortured you in the past. Naturally these pets won’t be physically as big as the creatures they started out as. After all, if everyone’s pets were that large, they’d blot out the sun in any high-population area. Still, we think you’ll have a blast finding and taming just the right creature for your needs.

Besides existing creatures, we will also be introducing some new pets. In fact, there will be many more strange faces than old familiar ones among the pets you’ll be seeing. Wait until you get a look at the Cerberus, griffin, tyrannosaurus and more. Like the bosses, even the most ferocious beasts will end up being rather cute and mild, because you’ll want them to be docile enough to take orders and become a steadfast companion rather than mindlessly destroying everything they pass. If you prefer the more delicate-looking creatures, don’t worry; they’ll be just as cuddly as ever.

We’re not just expanding the number of available pets. We’re also adding new pet talents and pet skills. Pets will play an even greater role in the game as the system evolves, which means we must be careful to consider a number of issues as we design pet talents and skills, particularly when it comes to balance. This won’t happen overnight, but stay tuned for more exciting news as we start revealing more details. In the meantime, we want your suggestions and opinions about pets and the pet system. We need your help to keep improving GodsWar Online, so don’t forget to log in and take your pet out to play. After all, we can only make it fun for you if you tell us what works. Enjoy!

Visit http://gw.igg.com for the latest on the pet system and other GodsWar features.

Stronghold 3 will be released on PC later this summer

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Leading videogame publisher, SouthPeak Interactive Corporation and Firefly Studios have today announced that upcoming castle building strategy game Stronghold 3 will be released on PC later this summer. The release window has been pushed back to include a host of great new features that will ensure Stronghold 3 truly is the king of the castle.

“We want to make sure fans get the game they want and deserve,” said Stronghold 3’s designer Simon Bradbury. “Although some may be disappointed the game isn’t coming out as soon as they expected, we’re sure they won’t be disappointed with the new elements we’re adding to the franchise, to make this the best Stronghold yet.”

Since first launching in 2001, the Stronghold series has become one of the most respected in its genre thanks to its mix of precision village building, fast-paced real-time gameplay and dramatic sieges with hundreds of enemies swarming over castles. Stronghold 3 has a keep full of fantastic features – including night time battles, an improved multiplayer, cutting edge physics and a stunning graphics engine – which ensure old and new fans alike experience a gritty slice of medieval life.

To keep up to date with the latest Stronghold 3 news, join the Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/stronghold3 and for details on SouthPeak’s other products, head to www.southpeakgames.com

Gods War Online: Facebook’s first fully-connected 3D MMO

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If you’re tired of games on Facebook with little content and mind-numbing gameplay, it’s time to try something different.

It’s time to try Gods War Online (http://apps.facebook.com/godswar_online), the first 3D MMORPG fully connected to Facebook.

Compared to games that don’t pay much attention to storyline, GodsWar Online has intricately developed quests, helping to explain and drive important parts of the game. From stories about why a dangerous adversary must be killed or why a zone is occupied by one of the two playable factions to where and how an important item was invented, the storyline guides you and offers more details as you level up and achieve greatness. Whether you side with Athens or Sparta, there’s plenty happening in ancient Greece.

Even though it features fantastic graphics and a rich variety of content, GodsWar Online is easy to play. All you need to interact with the game world is a mouse.

Other games may give you too little or too much to do, but in GodsWar Online players decide how to make the best use of their time online. If you want to spend a lot of time in-game, there’s plenty of content for you. If you don’t have much time or can’t sit in front of the screen constantly, you can use the F12 auto-fight feature to engage in battle automatically.

GodsWar Online also offers players social tools to help you stay in touch with friends, and lets you team up and conquer your opponents together. Whether you’re doing quests, fighting side-by-side, exploring instanced zones, talking about how to improve your gear, or just hanging out, friendships are easy to build and enjoy as you meet new people along the way.

If you’re looking for a change of pace, there are always good times around the bend as the GWO team stages frequent special events. To learn more about all the game has to offer, visit the GodsWar Online Wall on Facebook.

Dynasty Warriors Online Set to Unleash Heavenly Strike Content Update

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Action-packed hack and slash ready for its first big update

Aeria Games will be releasing Heavenly Strike on Monday, March 14, the first content update for its action packed title Dynasty Warriors Online which includes over a dozen new features.

“The content is massive and we’re glad to give the players what they have been expecting,” said Brian DeSanti, associate producer of Aeria Games. “The players are expecting a lot from this content and I believe there is more than enough to satisfy them.”

Hack and slash your way through these new features:
·        Musou Tournament System: Allows players to form teams and participate in tournaments in game to prove who is the deadliest.
·        Diao Chan’s Plot Scenario: Players will now be able to choose from 5 factions, including the faction of the infamous LuBu
·        Beautician NPC: Beautician has been added along with a “Beauty Treatment” system that allows players to alter their face, facial features, hairstyle, complexion and eye color.
·        Peach Tree Garden: A neutral city for all factions to communicate and trade.
·        Kunlun Mountains Battleground: New Battleground for players that unites factions to fight through instanced battles
·        Lieutenant ElephantLieutenant: Players can utilize Lieutenant Elephant for battle or can be used to ride.

SEGA PLAY! Baseball Launches On Facebook

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SEGA of America announced that SEGA PLAY! Baseball has officially released on Facebook. The game will enable players to create, customize and manage a baseball team made up of their own players—as well as players created by Facebook friends—for fun and exciting competition in a real, global league.

SEGA PLAY! Baseball is free-to-play and provides fans with an opportunity to show off their skills at team creation and management and experience the thrill of victory in league play, regardless of season. Users create their team name and uniform, customize avatars, level up their players’ skills and recruit friends’ players to create an even stronger baseball team. Players can also build up their own ballpark with a great selection of items from the serious to the seriously fun.

Users can pit their dream team against other Facebook users around the world to challenge their friends in one-on-one matches or “go pro” in global league play. Casual sports gamers will enjoy real competition against real players as they play in a full season of games against other teams for the league championship. In SEGA PLAY! Baseball, everyone can be a sports star!

For more information about SEGA PLAY! Baseball, please visit http://apps.facebook.com/segaplaybaseball/

FreeStyle Unveils Customized Contents for Global Game Users

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In commemoration of the second anniversary of its launch, MMO basketball game FreeStyle, a popular game provided by a global game portal, GameKiss, added a new special character to its team members. The update is an outcome of full accommodation of opinions suggested through forums in the Website of FreeStyle.

Unlike existing special characters, the new special character ‘Garcia’ allows users to decide its position and height as they wish. And exclusive items for ‘Garcia’ will also be updated, satisfying thirst of users of GameKiss who have been demanding to have customized special characters.

As a Latin American with a concept of tough wrestler, ‘Garcia’ is a member of Rio Hot Carnival Team. Since most characters in FreeStyle are confined to Asian and North American athletes, game users around the world have been craving for characters from wider regions.

FreeStyle consists of two U.S. teams, a Japanese team, a European team and a Latin American team (new) with 24 men and 24 women ‘basic characters’ as well as 13 ‘special characters’ with different individuality. FreeStyle plans to add ‘special characters’ and teams representing more regions in the future.

Moreover, it will introduce ‘limited edition gift box items’ during the period of second anniversary events. These gift box items consists of new special costumes, which are not available in the current store of FreeStyle game, will be sold only during the period of this event. It will give a good chance for users who want to set their characters in their own unique style.

PM Roman Lee of GameKiss said, “FreeStyle is an online game that evolves steadily like a real-world basketball game. Ever diversifying demands of users are driving force that takes the game to the next level. So we are making our best effort to meet demands of users as fast as possible while monitoring their needs at the same time. We expect the second anniversary update will fully satisfy needs of users.”

Call of Juarez: The Cartel

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Ubisoft announced product details for Call of Juarez: The Cartel, set to launch Summer 2011.

As the third game in the award-winning Call of Juarez series, Call of Juarez: The Cartel is being developed by Techland for the Xbox 360, the Sony PlayStation 3  and Windows PC.

Call of Juarez: The Cartel keeps the unique themes of the Wild West intact while taking gamers on an action-packed adventure set in present day. As with past Call of Juarez games, Call of Juarez: The Cartel is from inception to execution, a Western shooter. Call of Juarez: The Cartel has a deep and gritty storyline that begins with a fictional drug cartel bombing a U.S. law enforcement agency, devastating the building and killing hundreds of people. The attack is a surprise, leading the U.S. to believe that cartel members had somehow infiltrated federal agencies. In a last-ditch effort, the U.S. puts together a special task force to hunt down and stop the drug cartel.

The task force consists of:
– Kim Evans, a gang-affiliated street kid-turned-FBI agent
– Eddie Guerra, a DEA agent with a chronic gambling habit
– Ben McCall, a brutal LAPD detective and descendant of Ray McCall from the original Call of Juarez

As the task force trio searches for the head of the cartel, they’re confronted with a variety of challenges that take them on a journey from Los Angeles, California, through Arizona and New Mexico to Juarez, Mexico. To complicate things further, Kim, Eddie and Ben each have their own personal challenges and demons to face, which makes for a complex and high-adrenaline gaming experience driven by a rich storyline evident throughout the Call of Juarez franchise.

Key features include:
– Three player online co-op with Kim Evans, Eddie Guerra and Ben McCall
– Gamers can play the entire campaign with each of the three characters; each character has his/her own unique story and ending
– Huge selection of weapons including pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, anti-air weapons and more
– Wide variety of maps and missions including punitive raids, witness protection, undercover missions, and car chases

Free-to-play MMORTS Picaroon now available on PC worldwide

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Blitz 1UP announces the release of Nice Technology’s free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy game Picaroon – now available worldwide on PC

Blitz 1UP announced the launch of MMORTS Picaroon, developed by Nice Technology, for worldwide PC release.

“We’ve been hooked on playing Picaroon since it first landed in our inbox,” says Neil Holmes, Blitz 1UP Producer. “This game kicks all sorts of crazy ass and we’re incredibly excited to be helping the guys at Nice Technology unleash their game on new players the world over.”

Adds Paul Baker, Nice Technology’s General Manager: “We are a small independent team and are really pleased to be working with Blitz and benefiting from their experience, which would take us years to accumulate. On a personal level, the Blitz 1UP team have really been a great support to me. Moreover, given that GDC is upon us now, it’s really valuable to have Blitz represent Nice Technology in San Francisco while we can carry on with the tasks that we need to finish here in Cambridge to make Picaroon the best game it can be!”

Supporting up to 500 players at once Picaroon is a free-to-play persistent Real Time Strategy game set in a watery world of the future where empires hold on to the little land remaining by fighting vast sea battles.

Starting with one island, players gather resources to construct fleets and find new territories. Some islands are deserted, while others are occupied by pirates, allies or enemies. Choose tactically and expand the empire through diplomacy or all out war!

One game, three great ways to play: Skirmish games last hours, Classics weeks and Persistent games never end. Experience the finale of the End Game where the warlords provide super weapons for one final wave of intense battle.

Picaroon is presented in full 3D and runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Also available is a Starter Pack bundle that includes a high value set of in-game booster cards.

Black Prophecy: European open beta cleared for launch

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Calling all European pilots – please report to High Command now to register for open beta testing of Black Prophecy. This is an important milestone in the development of the space action MMOG published by gamigo and developed by Reakktor Media.

In order to ensure the best service, open beta testing will start first for players from Europe. Players from North America need not despair, though, as servers for closed beta testing there will available in March.

The new open beta client will include many new and updated features that were not available before: controls have been made more intuitive and allow the direction one is shooting in to be determined independently from the direction of the ship. Weapons have been examined carefully and their damage output has been rebalanced. The level cap has been raised to level 40 and new content has been added. A change log of all the new features can be found in the official forum.

All planned features, such as modular ship-building, the skill system, exciting single-player, group, clan and PvP missions as well as the innovative clan stations have been fully implemented. A special highlight is the voiced dialogue spoken by professional voice actors and accompanied by an orchestral soundtrack.

Black Prophecy offers breath-taking real-time battles in a variety of space settings, all set in a world with a rich background story penned by the science fiction author Michael Marrak. Enthralling PvP battles that can be fought alone or with a group as well as countless options for customizing spaceships, including by crafting, guarantee fun for a long time to come.

Black Prophecy is available to be played in English and German; other languages are also planned.

More information about Black Prophecy as well as an opportunity to register to play can be found on the official website.

New images for the start of open beta are now available at http://www.clevercomm.com/blackprophecy