Three Kingdoms Brawler: Free-to-play action MMOG coming to PCs this spring

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The Three Kingdoms Brawler, will be released this Spring as a free-to-play action MMO for Windows PC.

Three Kingdoms Brawler takes the classic side-scrolling arcade beat-em-up and updates it for a new generation of online gamers. Inspired by the events and battles of the Three Kingdoms era in China, players take control of legendary warriors fighting to determine the future of the country. By choosing their guiding spirit and hero class, players can customize their fighting experience to their own personal skills. As they progress they will upgrade their combo moves, armor, and weapons, becoming even more powerful and able to face the challenges ahead. The fight cannot be won alone, however. By joining and fighting together, the heroes will be able to face ever increasing odds and emerge victorious.

Joining together in factions and guilds, players have a vast world to explore and conquer. A robust crafting system allows players to create unique weapons and armor that enhance their personalized combat skills. The online marketplace and auction house allows players to buy and sell their creations with thousands of players. With thousands of different weapon, skill, and armor combinations, each player will have their own unique experience tailored to their personal choices.

Player vs. player combat adds a new twist to the action, with players competing for victory against each other in arena combat. Players can prove they are the mightiest warrior by defeating all their opponents or teaming up in tag-team matches. Leaderboards and in-game honorary titles will show the world who has the most skill.

FreeStyle Releases New Hip Hop Beats in Game

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Marking the second anniversary of its launch, MMO basketball game FreeStyle, a popular game provided by a global game portal, GameKiss, unveiled 8 new background music on February 23.

These new BGM numbers include 2 vocals and 6 instrument music numbers produced with participation of District 78 ( and Flowsik who are enjoying popularity in the authentic U.S. hip hop underground music group.

Additional new 8 BGM numbers with lilting hiphop rhythms are highly appreciated by users who want American authentic hiphop rhythms. A game user living in Los Angeles with the character name of ‘zelgano’ praised the new music saying, “It is true that existing BGMs are somewhat stifling as they are Korean hiphop rhythms, but now game has become more amusing as new BGMs feature more lilting and dynamic beats.”

The following BGMS are listed below, and users can listen to them by accessing FreeStyle’s game site (

1. Winner by Flowsik (feat. Decipher)
2. Hustle n Grind by District 78 (feat. Young Pops, Heavy & Nicole Kehl)
3. U Know How We Do It by Artisan Beats
4. Lead Away by Gonzo
5. Fired Up by Marco
6. The Front Line by Mild Beats

Casual Video Games Demonstrate Significant Ability to Reduce Depression and Anxiety

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First-of-Its-Kind Clinical Study by East Carolina University Establishes Efficacy of Bejeweled(R) and Other Games in Reducing Clinical Depression and Anxiety

East Carolina University’s Psychophysiology Lab and Biofeedback Clinic revealed the results of a year-long randomized, controlled clinical study that measured the efficacy of so-called “casual” video games (CVGs) in reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety as a co-morbid condition. Nearly 60 subjects, half of whom served as controls, all meeting the criteria of clinical depression, participated in the study, which involved three family-friendly, non-violent puzzle games: Bejeweled 2(R), Peggle(R) and Bookworm(R) Adventures. (All of the games are made by PopCap Games, underwriter of the study.) The hypothesis was tested using state-of-the-art technologies including psychophysiology, biochemical and psychological measurements, and found an average reduction in depression symptoms of 57% in the experimental (“video game”) group. The study, the first such research ever to measure the efficacy of video games in reducing depression and anxiety, also found significant reduction in anxiety, as well as improvements in all aspects of mood, among study subjects who played the casual video games.

“The results of this study clearly demonstrate the intrinsic value of certain casual games in terms of significant, positive effects on the moods and anxiety levels of people suffering from any level of depression,” stated Dr. Carmen Russoniello, Director of the Psychophysiology Lab and Biofeedback Clinic at ECU and the professor who oversaw the study (as well as previous studies involving the same games’ effects on stress levels). “In my opinion the findings support the possibility of using prescribed casual video games for treating depression and anxiety as an adjunct to, or perhaps even a replacement for, standard therapies including medication. Remarkably, these games had both short term (after 30 minutes of game play) and long term (after one month) effects when compared to the control group. Equally important, the data supports the hypothesis that casual video games contain intrinsic qualities that, when played, provoke physiological and biochemical changes consistent with positive changes in mood and anxiety.” Read more

LEGO Universe Takes Players Back in Time for a New Futuristic Adventure

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LEGO Universe is treating players to an all-new time travel challenge this month, inviting teams of four to band together to battle and save Nimbus Station… in the past.

Beginning February 23rd, players will travel back in time to defeat the chaotic Maelstrom, in an epic clash happening many years in the storyline’s past.

LEGO Universe invites players to step up and make history, because without saving the Nimbus Station of the past, the Nimbus Station of the present may never be rebuilt!

Players must seek out the bold Venture League time traveler, Wenn Wuzzit, in Nimbus Station and use his time-twister device to travel back in time. Daring Minifigures can join forces in a new four-player battle instance, and face off against thirty menacing waves of new enemies and bosses. Gain the upper hand against the Four Riders of the Maelstrom in the fiercest showdown of LEGO Universe history.

In addition to the Nimbus Station battle, LEGO Universe is also releasing new building missions and achievements for players who love getting creative in their Property Worlds. Four new Daily Missions and twelve new Achievements will treat players to rewards like Faction Tokens, Mega Brick Booster Packs, and the brand new Doom Star and Behavior Model Sets – all for building and programming whatever they dream up with virtual LEGO bricks.

Major League Gaming: Strategic partnership formed with IMD Worldwide

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IMG Worldwide (IMG) and Major League Gaming (MLG) announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership agreement to further the awareness and popularity of competitive gaming internationally.

Under the terms of the agreement, IMG, utilizing the expertise of its IMG Media Group, will help build international brand awareness of MLG through distribution, programming and marketing agreements with select broadcast and broadband partners. IMG will work to increase traffic, convert users and drive media consumption across all MLG platforms especially in the gameplay area. The partners will work together to host regional championship events around the globe, identify new talent and expand the brand partnership platform to establish competitive gaming as a preeminent sport worldwide.

“Video gaming is the #1 activity amongst the 18-24 male demographic and global video game sales exceeded $50 billion in 2009,” said Michel Masquelier, President of IMG Media.  “Gaming is truly a global phenomenon and we are very proud to partner with the market leader in the competitive gaming industry to elevate the sport to a new level.”

“Since our inception, our mission at MLG has been to bring competitive gaming to the legions of fans and gamers around the globe,” said Sundance DiGiovanni, co-founder and CEO, Major League Gaming.  “We have now become the dominant competitive-videogame property and with IMG as our partner, we can further position MLG and gaming as a commanding sport worldwide.” Read more

Travian 4 launch this week in twenty countries around the globe

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Munich-based browser games specialist publishes its all-new classic game with many new features

How can one turn a popular classic into a better, more accessible game? Starting 16 February 2011, Travian 4 shows that with meticulous attention to detail even a masterpiece can be improved. True fans can already pre-register on 14 February in order to be among the first to join the new servers.

Travian is a phenomenon. Initially published in 2004, it today entertains millions of players worldwide. Now the timelessly popular game has been completely reworked: The graphics are all-new and more contemporary, there are several completely new features that add even more fun to one of the most-played browser games in the world.

The principle of the game remains popular and proven: Use skill and strategy to turn a sleepy Roman, Gallic, or Teutonic hamlet into a mighty empire. Over the course of a game the true challenge awaits: Being a diplomat, trading resources, and supplying your villages with food takes a lot of skill. The goal is to become stronger than the competitors, or even to build a world wonder. Read more

Zu Online: Enjoy a Week of Valentine’s Event Rewards

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The Zu Online team is holding a special Valentine’s Day holiday event. “Quiet the Crying Babies This Valentine’s Day” gives players the chance to have some fun together while earning generous rewards. Team up with your favorite valentine to find out what this year’s festival of love has in store. Whether you’re in the mood for a date with your sweetheart or a friendly get-together, Zu Online is the place for you.

From February 14th to February 21st EST (GMT-5), all Level 61+ players can participate in the event from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM or from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM each day. After starting the event, players must finish the mission within 30 minutes to earn their rewards.

Once the event is open, players can visit the NPC Layne to claim event items such as Walnut Sugar Stick*1 and Childhood Sweethearts Model*1, or a Wood Bead Rattle 1. Lanye can be found in the Truth Palace at Holy City, the Purple Fire Hall in Desert City, or the Telepath Palace in the Hexad Region. With the items in hand, invite your friend or sweetheart and complete the event together. Activate the Childhood Sweethearts Model according to the instructions to earn tons of EXP. You may even receive some Mystic Stone Chips.

Share the love and have a Happy Valentine’s Day for a whole week in Zu Online!

Visit for the latest on Zu Online events or the Blood Demon’s Assault expansion.

Norm Koger’s The Operational Art of War III Gets A Massive Landmark Update

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New rules, improved graphics, sharper AI and plenty more coming in this massive update

Matrix Games and the TOAD Team announced that a new mega-update for The Operational Art of War III is now available. The comprehensive update comes with pages upon pages of improvements, new features, and fixes. Here is just a small overview of the many improvements found in the update:

  • New turn order rules to equalize the sequence of events and phases for both players. The original turn structure is still available as well.
  • A brand new and improved supply system that is much more detailed and realistic than the old system. The original supply system is still available as well. Read more

Dragon Soul is Unleashed

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Neonga  announces the launch of the pre-beta registration of its newest Free to Play title “Dragon Soul”  a fantasy-themed Massively Mulitplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that blends distinctive 3D graphics and classical role-playing elements with an immersive story into a unique gaming experience.

With “Dragon Soul” the cross-platform publisher Neonga is announcing its second high quality Online Game for 2011.

The mythical world of “Dragon Soul” is inhabited by eight different kingdoms who are trying to overthrow the former ruling alliance. The player can decide which side he wants to fight for and form a guild in order to claim their power in the shattered land. The game offers classical MMORPG gameplay with 5 different classes, 160 unique skills and more than 800 quests. A wide variety of different Pets can be raised to fight side-by-side with the player. Those pets can learn their own skills and sell the players’ spare equipment automatically in the next town to aid their master to level up their character up to the current maximum level (100). Read more

Take a Walk on the Wild Side with City of Heroes Animal Pack

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Players Get Ready to Embrace Their Animal Instincts

NCsoft, the world’s premier publisher and developer of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games, and Paragon Studios, home of the world’s most popular super-powered MMO, City of Heroes, are excited to announce the wildly anticipated City of Heroes Animal Pack. Building on the most comprehensive character customisation tools in the market, players will now be able to create their characters with the traits of the world’s most powerful beasts.

As players get in touch with their inner animal the City of Heroes Animal Pack brings a slew of new feral features to help bring their animalistic personas to life. In addition to physical upgrades including new heads, body patterns, tails and customisable manes and teeth, players can also enjoy moving with the elegance of a deadly predator using the new Beast Run travel power.

A complete list of features includes: Read more

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