King of Kings 3, the ultimate guild warfare MMORPG, to start in closed beta testing

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Declare your own kingdom in the one-of-a-kind free-to-play MMORPG King of Kings 3. With the start of the game’s closed beta testing phase this coming Monday, gamigo will be opening up the world of King of Kings 3 to players from North America and Europe, who can discover the incredible depth of the game and the many types of warfare available against other players and guilds. Players can register via the official website.

King of Kings 3 redefines the idea of guilds in an online RPG, expanding upon it greatly. Players first join together to form a guild, later they can band together with other guilds to form a legion and complete an epic quest to create their own kingdom. Every guild, legion, and kingdom is leveled up by the players, earning it more access to features of the game.

At the start of their adventuring career, players can choose from three basic classes. More specializations become available during the course of the game, with a total of 27 classes available to choose from. The hunters and gatherers among the players will be especially excited about the wealth of equipment available for their characters. An added appeal is the ability to build cities with a wealth of buildings and other objects available. Houses can also be built and decorated to suit each player’s taste.

The features of King of Kings 3 at a glance:

  • Brilliantly designed fantasy world full of variety
  • Comprehensive PvE content with loads of quests and minigames
  • Epic RvR warfare between kingdoms and intense PvP combat
  • Multi-leveled guild system with guilds, legions, and kingdoms
  • Unique housing and town building system

SAGA Online: Manage, Trade, Fight

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The free-to-play real-time strategy game SAGA Online from Silverlode Interactive is set in a continuous online world with a traditional fantasy setting populated by characters such as elves, orcs, dragons, dwarfs, and giants. Players get to create their own realms and do battle or trade with one another. Two main aspects dominate gameplay in SAGA Online.

The first is the management of one or several nations. When managing nations, players can examine the situation of their people, determine activities for peasants and workers, and trade resources, troops, and spells at the market. Players of SAGA Online also get to organize in guilds in order to support each other and take part in guild wars that yield many new resources for the victors.

The second great aspect of SAGA Online is found on the battlefield. Here, players send their units to take part in massive online combat, as seen in LAN games or the online battles of most RTS games.

Every SAGA Online user can create up to five nations with his or her account. However, collector’s cards, which hold troops or spells, are assigned to the player’s nations individually. Thus, a card assigned to nation A is not available for any of the player’s other nations. This means commanders have to disband an active army before they can use this particular card for any of their other nations. As the game progresses, troops gain experience. Battles make them stronger, improve their skills and lead to new armor and weapons. Players can purchase booster packs in order to add to their forces. These packs remain the user’s property, but can be exchanged with other SAGA Online players for troops or resources. Moreover, armies can be adjusted to suit a particular nation type, which is determined individually at the start of the game. Players choose from among various available troops and spells compatible with their nations to find the ideal combination.

For more information on SAGA Online, or to sign up for the current Open Beta, visit the official website

50 product keys to win for FALLEN EARTH

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High Demand Community Site Hosts Closed Product Key Giveaway

Alltern8 announced that they have an exciting competition closing, June 30th, gamers have the opportunity to win one of fifty 30-day Product Keys for Fallen Earth, one of the most eagerly played MMORPG titles out there.

Fallen Earth is a post-apocalyptic MMO set near the Grand Canyon in 2156. Hybridizing the accuracy of first person shooter with the character advancement of role-playing games, Fallen Earth features six factions, a classless advancement system and a powerful crafting system in which players can make 95 percent of in game items. With 1000 square kilometers of explorable territory, Fallen Earth has more than 5,500 missions and conquerable towns.
Running until the 30th June 2010, the competition is now on the dedicated MMO area of the site. Get in your entry now for this Fallen Earth product key.

To enter, register with and head straight to the competition at: for your chance to be one of the lucky winners

Darkest Hour update free for Red Orchestra

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The Darkest Hour team and Tripwire Interactive are happy to bring you the latest installment for their mod for Red Orchestra. The latest release of Darkest Hour: Europe 44-45 brings new features, 2 new vehicles and 6 new maps, to update the most popular Red Orchestra mod.

The most exciting new feature is one that the Red Orchestra fans have been asking for, for quite a while: mantling. The Darkest Hour team is proud to bring you a full implementation of mantling, working in all the DH maps. For all those RO fans who have yet to try Darkest Hour – this could be the time!

The new vehicles are the American M36 Jackson “Slugger” and the German Panzer III Ausf. N. For these to roam around on, there are also 6 new maps from Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge:

  • Dog Green Beech on D-Day (a condensed re-release of the old Beta map)
  • Freyneux and LaMormenil
  • Hurtgenwald (back by popular demand)
  • La Chapelle
  • La Monderie
  • Noville

On top of that, there is a HUGE change-list, with pages of other new and updated features and bug-fixes. As always, this Darkest Hour update is completely free to anyone who owns a copy of Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45. DH will auto-update via Steam if you already have it installed – or you can install it for free from Steam –

Shogun 2: Total War

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Platform: Windows PC
Genre: Strategy
Release date: 2011
Rating: PEGI: 16/ OFLC: PG/ USK: 12/ ESRB: Teen

Shogun 2: Total War Features:
9 Playable clans ranging from the large and powerful to the tiny and weak.
Take charge of any of the nine major factions of Japanese feudal history, from the mighty Oda to the more delicate but well positioned Tokugawa clan. All of these clans could rise to take the position of Shogun under your leadership.

Pre-Battle speeches with Generals inspiring their men before engaging.
Made famous in Rome Total War and much requested since, the generals pre-battle speeches have returned! Daimyos and Generals alike will seek to inspire their men on the battlefield (With variable results) there are over 100,000 possible speeches that could be delivered based on the character, their location, their relationship to the enemy etc.

Brand new siege mechanics vastly improved over Napoleon and Empire.
Japanese siege warfare is markedly different form its European equivalent. Castles are now elaborate death traps, with the enemy being invited in to attempt to destroy the defender. Defenders and attackers now have multiple options, paths and objectives within a siege and a larger number of castle types make this all the more elaborate and strategic.

Much improved terrain and environments, mountains in battle and new environments.
Shogun 2s terrain system is brand new to deal with the Japanese landscape and the radically different topography it presents the player. From savage mountain ranges to gentle landscapes and cherry blossom trees, the new battlefield terrain system generates battlefields that play utterly differently to previous TW titles and feel totally unique.

The four seasons on the battlefield. Autumn leaves to summer sun.
The four seasons are fully represented on the battlefield for the first time. Beyond simple snow and rain, the season system now affects the battlefield conditions as a whole and has an impact on the troops within it. This adds the staggering beauty of Japanese landscapes, and the tactical depth of seasonal warfare.

Total War Encyclopaedia, an archive of all the units and history in the game accessible from the menu.
A full knowledge base of the in game units and technologies, along with historical facts and information relevant to the players experience.

Five stage castle sieges, breaking the outer walls of the toughest castle is only the start.
Multiple types of castles, across a variety of terrain that can be upgraded across five different levels of fortification allow for truly diverse siege mechanics and siege play.
Storming the outer walls and entering a courtyard is simply the beginning of what is a true challenge of both the defender and the attacker’s skill.

Morale boosting buildings, capturing temples on the battlefield offers reward.
For the first time, battlefields will feature structures that will influence the men as they fight. Protect or capture shrines or temples, or indeed burn those of your enemy, to dictate the morale of troops on the battlefield.

All new historical land battles, drawn from the period.
Famous battles such as Sekigahara will be included for the player to test their mettle against history’s greatest tactical challenges and feudal Japans greatest adversaries.

Coastal battles; fight naval engagements of the coast of Japan navigating islands and land.
For the first time ever Shogun 2 Total War combines land and sea battles. Navigate the island coast of Japan, using the coast, mist and the elements against your enemy. Use ships to create choke points and to engage as the land dictates.

Unique ‘Hero’ units. Single men on the battlefield able to carve through the enemy.
At the height of martial prowess and technology are the hero units. Available to the player as ‘legendary’ units of a certain discipline these troops make a distinct difference on the battlefield. A single hero surrounded by a handful of their disciples can take on large numbers of enemy troops and will seek to find enemy heroes and duel them to the death for the honour of their lord and their clan.

FIFA Online: Free online footy available to play now

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FIFA Online Available to all Football Fans World Wide

Electronic Arts announced  that EA SPORTS FIFA Online , the first downloadable FIFA football game designed for PC ^, is available to football fans everywhere around the world to play for free*.

Register at and compete in the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa tournament mode and score the goal that lifts your nation to FIFA World Cup glory. Compete by yourself or online with friends in an authentic re-creation or a fantasy version of the 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament.

“Football fans have helped drive the game’s evolution and development through our testing period and now we are ready to share the game with a much larger audience,” said Kaz Makita, Executive Producer of the EA SPORTS FIFA franchise. “The FIFA World Cup attracts casual football fans all over the world and we are inviting them to try a free football game they can play at work or home and win the FIFA World Cup virtually.”

EA SPORTS has also partnered with to give their Club members exclusive content. Any gamers and football fans who register at will receive an exclusive unlimited match pass to the 2010 FIFA World Cup South AfricaTM mode. Register now on

Since February 3, more than 20,000 football fans across Europe have participated in the Closed Beta development and testing of FIFA Online and that number is expected to grow to hundreds of thousands of fans. Additional content will be designed for the game based on feedback by fans.

FIFA Online features 28 licensed leagues, 500 clubs and more than 15,000 players in a League Mode that enables fans to manage and compete as their favorite football club, and the ability to play online in challenge or cooperative matches. FIFA Online will enable football fans to build their favorite club into their fantasy team by developing or acquiring players, upgrading skills, and getting unique apparel by earning in-game currency to acquire items or through micro-transactions.

EA SPORTS FIFA Online will be released around the world in stages. The UK English language Beta version is available now with plans over the next 12 to 24 months for FIFA Online to launch in other languages across Europe and then in North America.

EA SPORTS FIFA Online is developed by EA Canada and EA Singapore. The game is rated PEGI 3.

  • Internet connection required. See website for details

^ A broadband internet connection and an average spec laptop computer or desk-top personal computer required

Lords Online: Assaulting a Kingstown

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Recently IGG has released the featured Kingstown Battlefields in version 1.5 of their Lords Online browser-based fantasy game. At present the Battlefield function is only available at World_1, and will be released at other servers soon. With rich resources and Legendary Equipment hanging in the balance, conquering a Kingstown provides economic and military benefits to an alliance.

There are a few basics alliances should know before setting their sights on a Kingstown. A total of 49 majestic Kingstowns are scattered throughout the land. These are separated according to race, and alliances can only attack Kingstowns that match their race. An alliance may conquer as many Kingstowns as it can handle. Lords who don’t belong to an alliance cannot attack a Kingstown. Alliances can increase their Combat Bond during Kingstown Wars to improve their alliance technologies.

Benefits of Holding a Kingstown

Upon conquering a Kingstown, the victorious alliance begins to receive all the tax income generated by the castles within the Kingstown’s territory. Each race’s Kingstowns also hold a different piece of Legendary Equipment, which the conquering alliance’s leader can assign to one member of the alliance. The leader can also retract Legendary Equipment assigned to any member. Players can use Legendary Equipment to greatly increase a hero’s abilities.

Reinforcing a Kingstown
Alliance members can send troops and resources to any Kingstown they occupy. However, those troops and resources then become permanently attached to the Kingstown and cannot be recalled. A Kingstown cannot reinforce other castles and will not contribute any resources to any player.

Attacking with a Kingstown

A Kingstown can only be used to attack another Kingstown. An alliance leader can send the troops of a Kingstown on an expedition to assault another Kingstown. However, during the war, players will not have any control over these troops.

Kingstowns are both key status symbols and valuable strongholds. Rally your alliance and get ready to claim your own Kingstowns for fun, profit and power.