Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Overwatch downloadable content available announced

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New ‘Overwatch’ video shows off killer new downloadable content, available to view at www.flashpointgame.com

The second Operation Flashpoint®: Dragon Rising™ downloadable content – the ‘Overwatch’ pack – will be available for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft® today and will follow shortly for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and PC, Codemasters® has announced. The ‘Overwatch’ DLC delivers two game-changing multiplayer modes and new Fire Team Engagement (FTE) missions.

Showcasing the new content and modes featuring in the DLC, a new ‘Overwatch’ gameplay video is now available from www.flashpointgame.com. Players are shown engaged in electrifying combat, deploying a range of military assets from short and long range weaponry to armour and helicopters in tense battles for superiority in the new game modes and FTEs.

The ‘Overwatch’ DLC extends the unique Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising experience in solo, co-operative and adversarial play. In new multiplayer mode Blindside the PLA must complete objectives in the shortest time possible while the USMC defends in tense, tactical engagements. An additional new mode, Supremacy, tasks opposing forces to occupy strategically vital positions featuring force multipliers like gun emplacements and air strikes.

These new multiplayer modes are complimented by two exhilarating new FTEs. In Friendly Skies, PLA anti-aircraft artillery prevents US airborne reinforcements inserting into the combat zone. Players must remove that threat and then defend the position from a PLA counter attack. In Hostile Takeover, intel reveals enemy movement in the village of Armudan, a perfect base for launching attacks deep into enemy territory. Gamers must flush out the PLA, establish a perimeter and hold their ground against a new enemy assault.

Head to www.flashpointgame.com for the new video and further information on the ‘Overwatch’ pack. The ‘Overwatch’ pack will be available from Xbox Live Marketplace (400 Microsoft Points) today and will be available on the PlayStation Network (£3.19 / $4.99 / €3.99) and PC (free to download) soon.

Dungeon Fighter Online Threshold of Power update

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Dungeon Fighter Online continues to offer players new, exciting methods to defeat foes in the exciting action-adventure online title with 18 new skills added in the “Threshold of Power” update which is now live and available for players to download for free. Nexon has released a video highlighting the new skills added to the game.

There are four new skills for the Fighter, Gunner, Slayer and Mage classes and a pair of new skills for the Priest class. Each of these skills are for specific character subclasses.

Here are the new skills for the Fighter class:
Illusion Sword Dance: Blade Masters can learn this skill, which quickly slashes enemies directly in front of the Blade Master multiple times and then, on the last slash, shoots an ethereal spirit sword at the area in front of the player.
Outrage Break: Berserkers will apply this skill by hammering the ground with a bloody spirit sword that launches enemies into the air and hits them with the debris created by the strike.
Summon Kalla of Dark Flame: Soul Benders will summon Kalla of Dark Flame, who will attack enemies with its dopplegangers. When hit by Kalla’s doubles, enemies burn with dark flames that deal magical damage at regular intervals.
Agni Pentacle: This skill creates a Weave Pentacle that lifts enemies into the sky and then inflicts damage with Agni’s fire for the Asura subclass.
These are the new Gunner class skills:
X-1 Extruder: This Launcher skill harnesses a large amount of energy into an orb and releases it to inflict heavy damage.
Death Hawk: This will throw the Ranger’s gun, which whirls like a boomerang around the screen, inflicting shooting damage on an enemy before returning to the Ranger.
Sparrow Factory: Mechanics use this skill, which constructs a temporary factory that spits out damage-inflicting sparrows that attack enemies within range.
Neil the Sniper: The Spitfire subclass can use this skill to request a backup sniper to pick off enemies. Select a target by using the arrow keys and snipe by pressing the skill key.
The Mage class has these new skills:
Zealous Creature: Summoners utilize this skill, which increases the strength, intelligence, attack and movement speed of summoned creatures while also reducing their skill cooldown.
Gold Dragon Spear: Battle Mages summon a Gold Dragon Spear, which stabs enemies directly in front of the Battle Mage, which herds them to a corner, detonates Dragon Chasers around them and finishes them off with a huge explosion that inflicts a lot of damage. Be wary because not all enemies can be herded.
Florae Collider: The Witch subclass plants a Florae Collider into the ground and it generates a powerful electric field. This skill inflicts Neutral magic damage and immobilizes enemies.
Mega Drill: The Witch who uses this skill will form a Mega Drill in the air and drops it onto the ground, creating a shockwave that inflicts Neutral damage on enemies. The Witch rides the drill, which is controlled with the arrow keys, to do more damage.
Priests add two new skills:
Healing Wind: This skill allows Crusaders to raise the HP and MP of allies within range and establishes a protective barrier.
Hurricane’N’Roll: This skill pulls surrounding enemies toward the Monk, who then delivers consecutive right and left hooks before blowing enemies away with powerful uppercuts. This skill is only available when Will Driver is active.

European players can experience Mabinogi with the open beta launch today

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Exclusive open beta launch for Mabinogi Europe plus exclusive events

NEXON Europe, the publisher behind popular online games MapleStory and Combat Arms, announces the launch of their latest release for a brand new MMORPG, Mabinogi.

Following its successful debut in North America, European players can now look forward to experiencing a brand new fantasy life for themselves. This free-to-play game based on Celtic and Welsh mythology embraces key MMO features and offers a robust, universe where people can experience all facets of fantasy life from fighting to farming. Along with content updates and exclusive events, this enchanting game lets you experience another world as you embark on your journey through a magical land.

After completion of the recent closed beta test, fans and newbies alike can now enjoy the latest storyline edition to the game. The Generation 2: Paladin update brings new episodes, quests and unique Paladin skills. By becoming a Paladin, players can boost their character attributes once a day for a certain time period. Hard-core Mabinogi fans and new players should keep an eye out for this content, as this is an update not to be missed!

To celebrate the open beta launch and content updates, Mabinogi Europe is also announcing a number of exciting in-game events, allowing players to immerse themselves in this new found land. Starting from today, users can look out for the Pet Adoption event, where exclusive virtual pets will be offered as rewards to players that complete a request from the NPC Duncan at Tirchonail. Following this an Attendance Reward event and screen shot contest will be launched and users can expect to receive prizes for their participation on both.

If that wasn’t enough to tempt you in then perhaps this is, as In February Mabinogi will also be setting the mood for love with a celebration of Valentine’s Day. Romance is definitely on the cards this month as players will be able to receive chocolates from NPCs and also share these with one another. As well as this heartfelt gesture, players will also be invited to join the Boss-mob video competition where users can get involved by uploading videos of their character in a bid to win a prize.

And finally, players can transfer their character without reset or wipeout right through the open beta and continuing through the official launch – coming soon.

Mabinogi just got busy, so come and try out the fun along with your European friends!

To find out more about the game and to take part in the events visit http://mabinogi.nexoneu.com

Pole Position 2010

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Kalypso Media revealed details for the new racing management simulation title Pole Position 2010. Scheduled for release in April 2010 for PC Pole Position 2010 boasts extensive management simulation gameplay to satisfy racing fans worldwide.

Pole Position 2010 will test your tactical mind and managerial skills to the limit as you head up your very own racing team. Whether you choose to take over an existing crew or establish a brand new team, you will be tasked with negotiating with drivers, suppliers and sponsors as well as participating in research and development of cutting-edge technology. Build your team from a pool of more than 200 drivers and 1000 crew members before constructing, testing and fine tuning your race car and heading to one of the 17 race tracks to put all your hard work to the test.

As the manager you must decide the team’s race strategy and communicate tactics throughout the race, watching them play out in real time. Races are won by a matter of seconds so one wrong decision could cost you a podium place. Once you have your team established why not challenge a friend via the multiplayer mode to decide not only who has the best team but who has the best tactical mind.

Do you have what it takes to take your team to Pole Position?

• Extensive management simulation for racing fans
• 17 race tracks all recreated in stunning detail
• Take over an existing crew or establish your very own racing team from more than 200 drivers and 1000 other team members
• Construct, test and race your own team cars using 17 different components
• Powerful race driver and team editing tool
• Give instructions to the team during the race and see your plans unfold in real time
• Multiplayer mode for 2 players via LAN or internet

Pole Position 2010 is scheduled for an April 2010 release on PC DVD (RRP £19.99).

Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict goes gold

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It’s not only Global, it’s “Gold”! Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict, the latest and biggest game in the acclaimed Strategic Command series of World War Two grand strategy games, has just gone “gold”, and is available for pre-orders immediately. “Gone gold” means that Hubert and his team have entered the “release candidate” stage where the code is prepared for release, and the printed materials such as the box and the game manual are going to print.

The game is expected to be released for download within 4-6 weeks. Mail delivieries usually take 1-2 weeks longer. However, you can place your pre-order already now, and you’ll not only be one of the first to get the game once it’s released, you will also get the limited edition* printed manual AND you will save $10 in the process!

When you pre-order, you will be able to download the game immediately when it’s released (in fact, a little before the official release announcement is made, giving you a head start on the crowd) AND you will receive the box, CD and limited edition* printed manual in the mail a little later.

This “download & mail delivery” offer will cost \$55 after the release, and you can pre-order it now for \$45, a \$10 savings!

Click here to pre-order Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict: http://www.battlefront.com/sc_global

Arabic language service for fantasy MMORPG Silkroad Online

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Community Event Celebrating the Arrival of Arabic Language Support to Run from Jan 19 to Feb 2

Joymax, an independent developer and publisher of interactive entertainment for the global market, announced that Arabic language service for fantasy MMORPG Silkroad Online will launch on February 2. The addition of Arabic language service is the second of four planned multilingual expansions, and will be followed by additional updates for Spanish speakers in April and German-speaking players in May.

To encourage players to share the news about the new language support, Joymax is holding a worldwide Silkroad Online community event from January 19 to February 2. A lucky few of the best global ambassadors will be rewarded with valuable prizes like a 10th Seal of Moon Necklace, 10th Seal of Moon Earrings, or even 10,000 skill points.

To enter the contest, players who want to help spread the word simply need to upload the provided Silkroad Online banner to their homepage, forum, or online community, informing everyone that the start of Arabic language service is just around the corner!

To learn more about Silkroad Online and the upcoming Arabic language support, visit the official website at www.joymax.com/silkroad.

Silkroad Online
Silkroad Online is a massively multiplayer online RPG that puts the player deep into historical fantasy, joining the Chinese and European civilizations along the Silk Road trade route. Traveling across Jangan, from China to Constantinople, players can make their fortunes as merchants, prey on the rich as thieves, or be protection-for-hire as hunters. The most recent expansion, Legend IV Plus: Hotan Fortress, provides players with a revamped Fortress War system and adds the imposing Hotan Fortress to the game. This grand structure at the heart of the Oasis Kingdom has never been captured, and only the greatest of warriors will be able to wrest control from its current inhabitants!

More information about Silkroad Online and the Legend IV Plus: Hotan Fortress update is available at www.joymax.com/silkroad.

Battle of the Immortals

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Battle of the Immortals is a 2.5D multiplayer game that incorporates eastern and western cultures ranging from Norse Mythology to the Qin Dynasty.

Taking up the mantle of relic hunters, players can expect to travel throughout the world from the ancient tombs of past emperors in the East to the mythical Mount Olympus in the West. They will also be able to explore the Great Pyramids, uncover the mystery behind the Lost City of Atlantis and delve into lost temples deep within the Mayan jungle. Players will engage in epic battles against other players for the right to battle monsters, control cities & rule supreme.


  • 5 Unique Classes – Each with their own distinct skill set and equipment
  • Zodiac System – Empower your character according to their Zodiac symbol
  • Auto-Navigation Quest System – Progress through quests easily with auto-navigation
  • Soul Gear System – Unique sets of armor and gear specifically tailored toward each class that grows and changes as players use them
  • Hardcore PvP – Battle other players to be the best within an in-depth ranking system
  • Hardcore PvE – Compete against other players for the right to take down epic bosses
  • PvE Time Trials – Race against other players to gain access to even greater challenges
  • Pet System – Collect a wide variety of pets ranging from cute to devastating monsters
  • Mount System – Ride upon giant beasts to shorten your travels and engage in combat
  • Territory War System – Battle other guilds for rare relics, resources and other treasures

PUBLISHER: Perfect World Entertainment
DEVELOPER: Perfect World Beijing
RELEASE: Closed Beta: February 10, 2010 | Open Beta: March 10, 2010

Prepare for the Goblin Invasion in Majesty 2: Kingmaker

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Starting off the Paradox Interactive Convention 2010, Paradox Interactive is proud to unveil Majesty 2: Kingmaker, the first expansion to the heralded fantasy strategy title, Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim. Featuring a brand new “Return of Grum-Gog” campaign, players will be called upon to challenge Lord Blackviper and his army of goblins as they wreak havoc and bring turmoil to the lands of Ardania.

Coming soon for download on all major digital distribution portals, Majesty 2: Kingmaker will offer players the opportunity to create new magic in the land of Ardania with eight additional story missions. To restore peace to Ardania, the bravest of warriors must rise up and protect the kingdom from the terrifying green menaces of the night.

Majesty 2: Kingmaker will be available in Q1 2010 on all major digital distribution portals for the retail price of $19.99 and €19.99.

Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim is available in retail and for digital download on all leading digital distribution platforms. For more information about Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim, please visit http://www.majesty2.com and follow @pdxinteractive on Twitter.

Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim
Recruit the finest group of Heroes to rise up and take on the treacherous Villains of Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim. In the highly-anticipated sequel to the original Majesty, humor and charm merges with a fantasy landscape to offer a gameplay experience like never before. But beware! Grabbing control of your Heroes is not the easiest task, for they are just as likely to stop in for a beer at the local tavern as they are to fight monsters and undertake heroic quests. Return to the throne in Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim.

STAR TREK ONLINE pre-release promotions and subscription pricing

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Pre-Launch Promotions Provide Exclusive Opportunities for Fans and Gamers to Explore Star Trek’s Vast Universe through Lifetime and 12-month Purchases

Atari, Inc. and Cryptic Studios™, announced today pre-launch promotions and subscription pricing for the highly anticipated PC MMORPG, Star Trek Online. Beginning today, and for a limited time only, fans and gamers can purchase special Lifetime and 12-month memberships of Star Trek Online. This limited time promotional offer expires on February 2, 2010, when Star Trek Online launches in Europe.

The Lifetime membership promotion, available for £153.99, €174.99, 1299.99 DKK, provides unlimited access to Star Trek Online for the life of the product, offers players two extra character slots, and gives gamers a playable Starfleet captain who’s been reclaimed from the Borg. The 12-month membership, available for £73.70, €83.99, 625.73 DKK, grants users unlimited access to Star Trek Online for 12 full months and also includes two extra character slots. This limited time promotions pricing includes subscription time and added value items, separate game purchase is required. This offer expires on February 2, 2010, reverting to standard lifetime pricing.

The standard monthly subscription rate for Star Trek Online is £8.99 / €12.99 / 82.45 DKK per month. A variety of billing options can be found on the official Star Trek Online website and 60-day Game Time Cards can be found at select retailers nationwide. 30-day free trials are offered with every retail purchase.

For more details about Star Trek Online’s launch promotions, recurring subscription plans and billing options, please visit the official website at: http://www.startrekonline.com/subscribe

“This subscription pricing and launch promotion announcement is one of the last steps we take before officially releasing Star Trek Online,” said Craig Zinkievich, Executive Producer on Star Trek Online. “We are absolutely thrilled to reveal these final details and we are incredibly excited about launching Star Trek Online this February. For us, this marks the beginning of our game’s life – a life of new adventures, discoveries, and dangers. Truly, ours is a universe that will never stop expanding and we simply cannot wait for people to experience it with us.”

Taking place in the year 2409, Star Trek Online boasts extraordinary features and lets fans both new and old experience unparalleled adventures. Players have the opportunity to become a high ranking Starfleet officer and participate in missions that take them into the depths of space, across exotic planets and even inside other starships. Star Trek Online offers total customization, from a player’s avatar to the ship he captains.

Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943

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New Strategy War Title Set During 1943 Kharkov Defense Operation signals impending start of Paradox Interactive Convention 2010

Signaling the start of a week laden with announcements, Paradox Interactive is proud to announce – Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943, a new war strategy title that places players in the heart of the Kharkov Defense Operation during World War II. With the ability to play as either German or Russian forces, Achtung Panzer puts the destiny of the USSR and Wehrmacht armies in one’s hands.

Featuring a masterful reconstruction of the battlefront setting of Kharkov, players will engage in unique combat that offers the highest level of authenticity. With the incorporation of highly flexible AI, players will have the opportunity to choose new strategies based on opponent behavior with every new round of gameplay. The inclusion of realistic missile trajectories and destructible environments is set to keep all army commanders hanging on the balance of the historic struggle. Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943 delivers a thorough recreation of the battle with precisely detailed soldier units, weapons, artillery units and vehicles based on actual military archive materials and WWII chronicles.

Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943 Features:
• 6 scenarios taking place in 1943 during Kharkov Defense Operation
• 2 playable opposing forces: USSR army and Wehrmacht
• Play as up to 250 soldiers and officers and up to 40 vehicles in each tactical battle
• Detailed, destructible environments
• 87 unit types: infantry, artillery, support vehicles, battletanks and aviation units
• More than 40 carefully reconstructed weapons and vehicles of WWII armies
• 2 control modes: turn-based strategic mode and real-time tactic mode

Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943 will be available Q1 at major digital retailers.

View the announcement trailer for Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1Ka9zYGEzY

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