September Madness

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128 teams to compete in Counter-Strike: Source and Call of Duty 4

Heaven Media are pleased to announce a new cooperation between competitive gaming website Esports Heaven and OCZ Technology, the Californian company famous for their high quality range of hardware.

Gamers from around Europe will have until the end of August to register to take part in one of these two high-profile events, which will see over 250 keenly fought battles between some of the best teams around.

The first event in Esports Heaven’s September Madness will be the OCZ Technology Call of Duty 4 competition, which will kick off on Tuesday 1st September, with the final matches coming to a close five days later on the 6th.

The next week will see the OCZ Technology Counter-Strike: Source competition, also lasting from Tuesday to Sunday, with another 64 teams competing for pride and

Each tournament offers the winning team a prize well befitting their achievement: five Fatal1ty Edition 4GB Memory Kits from OCZ Technology. These high-performance memory kits were co-developed with the expertise of the world’s 12-time champion to meet the needs of fellow gamers, and are designed to help deliver exceptional gaming visuals and overclocking potential to ensure your high-powered gaming PC maintains unsurpassed stability.

“September is going to be a really exciting month at Esports Heaven, with so much going on all the time,” said Adam Godfrey, Business Development for Heaven Media. “OCZ are enormously respected throughout the gaming community for the quality of their products, and it’s really great to have them on-board for these events.”

“We have always been keen to show our support for esports, and this is another way of giving back to the community, helping drive cups and tournaments” said OCZ Technology’s Director of PR & Marketing EMEA, Tobias Brinkmann. “We have been really impressed by Esports Heaven since its launch, and couldn’t wait to get involved!”

These OCZ Technology tournaments will be covered by and, two of Europe’s most influential esports coverage sites.

Karos Online: Fletta system detailed

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NHN revealed more details about the Fletta game mechanics in its upcoming MMORPG Karos Online.

The first phase of Karos Online’s closed beta took place last weekend, generating a lot of interest and participation from the community. Pleased with the game’s initial reception and feedback, NHN have confirmed that they intend to adapt the game in line with player requests as much as possible. The dates of additional Closed Beta Weekend events will be announced shortly, and players possessing an access code for any Closed Beta Weekend may continue to play in future phases. Karos Online is scheduled to be released in English during Q4 2009, with versions in German and Turkish to follow later.

Gameplay in Karos Online is centered around the concept of Fletta, the magical energy which underpins the world of Asmara. To prevent Malyx, the Lord of Darkness, from hoarding all the Fletta for himself and casting a curse of darkness over the world, the five races on Asmara have banded together against him, constantly battling his forces for domination of the Fletta supply. Fletta has many uses in the game, and is available in two main forms:

  • Fletta Points, representing a character’s personal store of Fletta energy, accumulates when killing monsters in Karos Online, and can be used in several ways. They can be
    • Spent to raise helpful character attributes; this allows additional development of characters alongside the game’s traditional levelling
    • Kept (up to the level limit) to provide a boost to Experience Points
    • Used to cast very powerful skills at higher levels
    • Donated to designated NPCs in each region for access to local items and bonuses
  • Fletta Gem items are special weapons and armours that adapt in stats, appearance and level based on the wearer’s level and class. These are very valuable pieces that effectively level up with your character! These items can be crafted by specific NPCs from Fletta Gem Shards that players can find during gathering activities such as mining and fishing. Fletta Gem items come in six different quality grades, and can be upgraded through enchanting. Player guilds can battle for control over the Mines where Fletta Gem Shards can be found, and these Mines may change hands every 4-7 days.

Karos Online – Stunning 3D Action Fantasy MMORPG

Karos Online ( is a brand new free-to-play fantasy MMORPG developed by Galaxy Gate (lead developers of Laghaim and Last Chaos), to be published by NHN. An English release is scheduled for Q4 2009, with German and Turkish versions to follow.

In Karos Online, players take the role of a hero determined to defeat the curse of darkness falling over the world of Asmara and ascend to ultimate glory by becoming the mythical Karos warrior. Through questing, guild clashes and mass PvP, they enter the fight for domination over the world’s vital energy source, Fletta. Fletta provides the basis for the game’s unique and complex alternate progression system; alongside traditional leveling within the game, Fletta energy can be used to increase stats, give buffs, buy resources and enchant items.

With a strong RPG component, wide range of class skills and fantastic visual combat effects, Karos Online offers a rich player experience and an exciting end-game for guilds, including castle sieges and resource control points. There are a variety of dynamic dungeons to explore, with shifting paths and surprises to challenge players as they progress in level. The economy is well-developed, with mining, fishing and crafting elements, a consignment system for storage and an auction house.

Karos Online offers rare graphical quality for its small client size, and will be accessible to a vast range of computers with minimal requirements. Videos demonstrating graphics and gameplay are now available on the official website at, and more features will be revealed in future phases of the closed beta test.

Karos Online features

  • Breathtaking 3D graphics and combat action effects
  • 5 different races and 9 original classes, evolving into 36 different specialized classes
  • Dynamic, evolving dungeons with shifting paths and surprises
  • Guild wars, territory control and large-scale castle siege battles
  • Alternate Fletta level progression system
  • Elaborate mining, fishing and crafting system
  • Small client size (760MB) and low minimum PC requirements
  • Keyboard and mouse control both available

Dates announced for Aion’s Open Beta, pre-select and headstart programs

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Players are now one step closer to the release of the year’s biggest massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, Aion.

Within the next four weeks, NCsoft will treat North American and European gamers to two opportunities to jump into the world of Aion and explore Atreia as Asmodian or Elyos characters ahead of its release in North America on September 22 and Europe September 25. Aion’s Open Beta Test featuring version 1.5 will take place September 6 – 13 and will include numerous Western enhancements, including improvements to Aion’s innovative character customization with a host of Western styles, as well as new zones, instances, skills, quests and continued game balancing and improvements. Open Beta will retain a level cap for both Elyos and Asmodians characters at 30 allowing players to focus on getting to the same level so they can explore the lands of Atreia together, as well as the Abyss.

Players who have preordered Aion will be treated to a Pre-Select and a two-day Headstart period giving them the opportunity to explore, organize and progress through the game prior to the official launch. Pre-Select will take place on September 18, while Aion’s Headstart will begin September 20. Players can still participate in the Aion’s Pre-Select and Headstart programs by preordering the game through several participating online and brick-and-mortar retailers, including, Amazon, Best Buy, EB Games Canada, Fry’s Electronics, GameStop, Steam and Target.

Unlike any MMO before it, Aion is a uniquely crafted online experience where flight offers much more than just a way to explore the landscape – it is a strategic and integral part of combat, quests, and exploration. Players will dive into battle and plunge through thousands of unique, story-driven quests, all while trying to save a world literally shattered in half from centuries of brutal conflict. Using one of the most flexible and in-depth character customization systems ever featured in an MMO, players will be able to create genuinely distinct characters and explore a visually stunning world of ethereal beauty brimming with otherworldly inhabitants, mysterious enemies, and ancient secrets.

For more information about Aion go to

Planet Calypso – See the world’s first MMO powered by CryENGINE 2

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First Planet Company, developer and publisher of the largest real cash economy MMORPG, announced that the completely new Planet Calypso – The Colonist MMO has been launched today on PC’s worldwide.

This new release sees the complete transformation from Project Entropia as it becomes Planet Calypso with beautiful new vistas, a compelling new story and dangerous monsters all rendered in Crytek’s stunning CryENGINE 2.

As an exclusive benefit to players who sign on now, Planet Calypso’s ‘Second Golden Age’ has been declared.

As the new version is brought fully online, and new and improved features are added, players are being given a chance to find elite items that will never be made public again.

Additionally, as a thank you for helping to make sure the planet is ready, veteran and former colonists are all being given a very special gift.

A brand new pair of Gullaldr sunglasses, now more important than ever since the introduction of day and night cycles, will be waiting. Colonists will have the ability to directly impact the new world as they can interface directly with the development team should they have any problems.

This will help Planet Calypso smoothly implement its new and improved features.

“As always a player’s real life business skills can still translate to real money in their bank account,” said Marco Behrmann, CEO of First Planet Company.

“With Planet Calypso we are focusing our efforts on game play, storyline, events and an overall engrossing experience for the user.

Explorers can still seek their real life fortune on Planet Calypso, but they can also just play a fantastic and entertaining MMORPG”

Planet Calypso will continue the tradition of using real currency in the game and allowing players an opportunity to use their business skills to make real money. Six years after the initial launch as Project Entropia, the game is now called “Planet Calypso” and uses state-of-the-art technology.

Its real cash economy, using a fixed exchange rate of 10:1 between its PED currency and the USD, is still the mainstay of this MMORPG.

Players will have the ability to play for free and participate in a unique virtual economy with real prospects.

Planet Calypso is a free download available today.

For more information please feel free to simply go to our new website at

Lords Online details unveiling

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As IGG prepares to unveil their latest title, Lords Online, they’re giving players a first time peek at the brand new game logo and some never-before-seen screenshots.

Breaking the typical MMO mold, the new game incorporates an SLG style. Set amidst an elaborate medieval-style land in constant conflict, Lords Online features high a degree of freedom in gameplay choices, encouraging creative battle tactics and kingdom management. Players are tasked with guiding the development of their kingdom toward a prosperous future, either as a feared military power or an influential trade empire.

The game provides two map modes for players to choose from: Lord mode and Hero mode. Those who love the detached SLG style can use Lord mode and focus their attention on city development and arms coordination, while those who prefer RPGs can choose Hero mode and experience epic adventures. Lords Online encompasses a variety of types of heroes and battles, providing far more choices for players. Whether the heroes are excellent at managing city or leading armies, each can directly influence the development of the kingdom.

IGG is now working hard to ensure the Alpha Test is ready soon, so stay tuned to the official Lords Online forum at for the latest news and sneak peeks.

Indie Hit of the Summer comes to Steam

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Zombie Cow Studios’ ‘Time Gentlemen, Please!’ bundled with ‘Ben There, Dan That!’ and released through Steam.

‘Time Gentlemen, Please!’, Zombie Cow Studios’ outrageous sequel to the award-winning ‘Ben There, Dan That!’, has seen unprecedented positive reviews from the media, and is now set to find a new audience through Steam.

Following a glowing 9/10 review from Eurogamer, and a 90% Classic Award from PCZone, ‘Time Gentlemen, Please!’ has gone on to receive enough praise to garner a hugely impressive score of 87 on Metacritic.

With its outlandish humour, skittish good looks, superb design and laugh-out-loud script, ‘Time Gentlemen, Please!’ is a love letter to the classic point-and-click genre we all remember so fondly, brought bang up-to-date with cuttingly-sophisticated satire and a veritable plethora of naughty swearwords.

‘Time Gentlemen, Please!’ is the successor to ‘Ben There, Dan That!’ which was voted Best Freeware Adventure Game of 2008 by both the critics and readers of The plot follows haphazard geeks Dan and Ben as they saunter through time trying to put a stop to an alternate-universe Hitler and his band of heavily-armed cloned Nazi dinosaurs.

Both games have now been bundled together and released through Steam, bringing you two classic full-length adventures for just $4.99.

“It’s been an amazing summer for us.” said Dan Marshall, owner of Zombie Cow Studios. “Getting the games up on Steam now feels like a huge badge of honour. For such a tiny studio, it’s massively exciting to be bringing the games to a whole new audience.”

“…excellent scripting, consistent, cartoony design and delight in overtly, overly referential absurdity…even the Telltale titles are clunky and formulaic compared to the anarchistic invention of games like this…


“It’s one of the most outrageous games I’ve ever played and for that alone I love it. 90%, Classic Award” PCZone

“Funnier than any game in years, and delightfully rude. Point-and-click adventuring done right for a change.
” PCGamer

“… this is the point-and-click re-imagined for the faintly jaded generation. By all means, check out Ben There, Dan That for a taster of what to expect but – especially given its miniscule asking price – this should be right at the top of your list.”–’s ‘
Best of 2009 So Far’.

‘Time Gentlemen, Please!’ is available for purchase at the preposterously low price of £2.99/ $4.99ish through Steam. It comes bundled with its predecessor ‘Ben There, Dan That!’.

Zodiac Online Alpha Test announced

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Ingle Games Ltd has announced that the long-awaited MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) Zodiac Online is entering into its Alpha testing phase on Sep. 1st, 2009.

Zodiac Online is a colorful, free to play MMO based on the Chinese Zodiac. Its 12 characters are set in a fantasy land borne of an amazing legend of allegiance, valiance, and guardianship. In the game, players will act as Zodiac Envoys on a mandate from heaven, which creates an unforeseen and mysterious set of circumstances.

Some of the game’s unique features are listed as follows:
1. There are no class limits! In Zodiac, nothing but aptitude counts, therefore all skills are available to all players!
2. Innovative way of aptitude growth. The way characters’ aptitudes increase depends on which Zodiac Envoy you choose, not on your class. This creates endless possibilities for each character’s growth.
3. Zodiac sign system. Underpinned by the history of Chinese horoscopes, it is especially designed in-line with the Zodiac signs, granting unexpected surprises, windfalls or posing some challenges.
4. Taming wild monsters. Unlike other MMO’s limited choices of pets, the game provides a wide range of choice, with all monsters available for capture!
5. Find Mr. Right. Similar to constellation horoscopes, this system works with the Chinese traditional horoscope. It reads your future, and helps you recognize the right person from the crowd from the very first moment.
6. Growing weapon. It grows as you level up. Reinforced by Spiritual Stones possessing disparate powers, it is always the strongest backing for your fight.

As a whole, Zodiac will be digitally distributed on Sep. 1st, 2009 by Ingle Games Ltd. By that time, more features and details will be unveiled.

How to join in the Alpha Test?
Forum activity. As the testing day approaches, some official events will be held on its forum
There will be a chance to get activation codes by taking part in these activities.

bitComposer Games set to unleash Jekyll & Hyde PC adventure

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Jekyll & Hyde is based on the world-famous novel and takes players into 19th century London

bitComposer Games announced Jekyll & Hyde, a new PC adventure based on the famous novel, ‘The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,’ by Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson. Jekyll & Hyde is currently being developed by Weimar-based Pixelcage, a co-production with bitComposer Games and public media subsidy firm Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung. The release of Jekyll & Hyde is planned for the third quarter of 2010.

Set in London during the 19th century, the game features a young Dr. Jekyll, who seeks a cure for the plague but instead unwittingly creates a potion that awakens his dark alter ego, Mr. Hyde. Alternating between the roles of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, players will search for an antidote to the epidemic while slowly uncovering a conspiracy involving an occult sect. The investigation will lead players deeper and deeper into London’s mysterious underworld.

In addition to classic adventure gameplay, Jekyll & Hyde will also have action- and skill-based elements. Alternating between the two protagonists, players will have to utilize each character’s attributes to solve the thrilling riddles, puzzles, and action-oriented challenges. An adaptive camera adjusts to the players’ situation, changing to allow for easier control during platforming portions. Players will also have access to a mobile chemistry lab to create the transformation potion at any time. The lab will prove to be vital to solving puzzles.

“The current prototype of Jekyll & Hyde already promises an atmospheric and thrilling experience,” said Wolfgang Duhr, executive of bitComposer Games. “The Pixelcage team is extremely committed to a great product, and we are convinced that the engrossing story will captivate fans of all genres, not just fans of traditional adventure titles. We would like to thank the Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung for their support. This collaboration allows us to continue developing products of the highest quality in Germany.”

“We are convinced that with Jekyll & Hyde, we are creating a complex and extraordinary adventure,” said Jens Egerer, executive at Pixelcage. “It is thanks to the support of the Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, and the experience and involvement of bitComposer Games, that we are able to realize such a promising project.”

NCsoft and ArenaNet surprise gamescom attendees with Guild Wars 2 teaser trailer premiere

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NCsoft and ArenaNet thrilled fans today with the premiere of the first Guild Wars 2 teaser trailer at gamescom in Cologne, Germany. Show attendees were treated to a glimpse of what’s to come in the much anticipated sequel, set 250 years after the original Guild Wars®.

The teaser trailer reveals some of the world-shaking events that set up the story of Guild Wars 2 and also showcases the game’s fantastic graphics and environments.

Guild Wars 2 is a visually stunning MMO that will offer players the epic grandeur of a massive role playing environment combined with the challenge of world-class player vs. player competition. Building on the success and lessons of Guild Wars, ArenaNet is creating an MMO that lets gamers play the way they want, while at the same time retaining the no-subscription-fee business model that has made the original Guild Wars so popular.

For more information about Guild Wars 2, including a streaming version of the teaser trailer, visit

Project Stealth: Spy vs Mercenary

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Today the Project Stealth team announced the beta release date of “Project Stealth: Spy vs Mercenary.” Project Stealth’s public beta will be downloadable for free at the end of August.

Project Stealth is our first game based on Unreal Engine 3™ technology using Unreal Tournament 3™, created by Epic Games™, as a basis.

Project Stealth is a Stealth-Action-Multiplayer game aimed at the hardcore PC-player who likes intense teamwork, strategy and on-the-fly tactical planning. A cat-and-mouse-game in which two non-lethal, fast Spies are up against two lethal but slow Mercenaries. On top of that, a difference between third-person and first-person cameras makes Project Stealth a guarantee for an exciting game experience. Both sides are aided by various high-tech gadgets and special vision modes to help them accomplish their goals: infiltrating and hacking an objective for Spies, or preventing that for Mercenaries.

Project Stealth at a glance
• The next-gen multiplayer stealth-action game using Unreal Engine 3™ technology
• 2 Spies vs 2 Mercenaries
• Original gadgets and special vision modes like thermal vision and motion tracking
• Free (requires Unreal Tournament 3)
• Created by gamers, for hardcore PC-gamers
• Spy character model won third place in MakeSomethingUnreal Contest Phase 1
• Competing in MakeSomethingUnreal Contest Phase 4

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