505 GAMES Armed For ARMA II

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505 Games and Bohemia Interactive today confirmed 26th June as the long anticipated European release date for ArmA II. The sequel to Bohemia Interactive’s celebrated military shooter promises to deliver more of the authentic battlefield experience the series is famed for, while developing each area of game play with expansive new features.

Featuring the most realistic warfare ever, ArmA II promises to build on the excellent features that have made Bohemia Interactive a respected name among gamers. Players can expect in-depth team-based combat, a comprehensive playbook of military tactics and an enormous battlefield to push strategy to the limit.

ArmA II benefits from a 3rd generation game engine that has been in constant development for 10 years; no other developer can offer such a great heritage in creating open-world military shooters. The Bohemia engine has been recognised as a benchmark in producing realistic warfare simulations to such an extent that the developer has used its Real Virtuality engine as the basis for training simulators used by armies across the globe, including the United States Marine Corps, UK Ministry of Defence and Australian Defence Force.

This experience is also helping Bohemia Interactive to craft an incredibly detailed storyline, full of political intrigue and plot twists, which blurs the boundaries between fact and fiction. Set in the near future in a fictional post-Soviet country called Chernarus, players take on the role of a United States Marine Corps Force Recon squad, who are called to the country as a peacekeeping force to prevent further civilian casualties and ensure ongoing stability.

“It has been a pleasure building on the success of the first ArmA title,” commented Alex Price, Senior Global Brand Manager, 505 Games. “ArmA has such a vociferous community behind it that we new we had to get this one absolutely right. We are confident that the dedicated fans won’t be disappointed as will as any newcomers to the series.”

ArmA II will be released for 26th June exclusively for PC. For all the latest information please visit www.arma2.com

NASA Launches James Webb Space Telescope Educational On-Line Game

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NASA has developed a flash on-line game about telescopes, featuring NASA’s next-generation spacecraft, the James Webb Space Telescope! The game, called “Scope it Out!” includes an introduction to telescopes and four matching games where you can compare simple telescopes to both Webb and the Hubble Space Telescope.

“This is a great way to teach children and adults on how simple and complex space telescopes work,” said Anita Krishnamurthi, the Education and Public Outreach Lead for Webb at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. The level of the game is for middle school students and above.

The James Webb Space Telescope is a large, infrared space telescope, scheduled for launch in 2013. JWST will find the first galaxies that formed in the early Universe, connecting the Big Bang to our own Milky Way Galaxy. It will peer through dusty clouds to see stars forming planetary systems, connecting the Milky Way to our own Solar System.

The Webb Telescope may be unusual in appearance but it has a lot in common with simple tube-shaped telescopes. It may have a sunshield the size of a tennis court and an 18-segment mirror that looks like a honeycomb, but Webb is still a reflecting telescope. As such, it has many of the same components as the telescopes used by astronomy enthusiasts here on Earth. The Webb telescope’s orbit, however, will be far from Earth, about one million miles away.

There are five levels of gaming in “Scope it Out!” game from Level Zero to Level Four. Most levels present an image of a young woman looking through a telescope, side-by-side with a space telescope. Level Zero gives a basic lesson in telescope optics through animated graphics. Level One is where the matching game starts, by asking the player to find the seven components in the simple telescope that match with those in the Webb telescope. The game culminates in Level Four where players have to find the components of the Hubble Telescope that match up with the James Webb Space Telescope.

This game requires FLASH 8 or higher, and there are two versions. One version is for large monitors (1024×768) the other is for smaller (800×600) monitors. Once a monitor size is chosen, the game will pop up in a separate window. For convenience, there’s also a small toggle button in the lower left corner of the game to allow a player to change the quality of the graphics.

The web page also provides a downloadable wallpaper of a cool image from the game, of the Webb Space Telescope in space.

The game was created at NASA Goddard by Maggie Masetti with Dr. Anita Krishnamurthi providing oversight on the project. Programmer Kent deVillafranca and artist Susan Lin, both of Science Systems and Applications, Greenbelt, Md. did the programming and graphics for this project.

To access the Webb Telescope on-line game, visit: http://www.jwst.nasa.gov/scope.html

For related information and images to this story, visit: http://www.nasa.gov/topics/technology/features/jwst_game.html

For more information about the James Webb Space Telescope, visit: http://www.jwst.nasa.gov/

Source: NASA

NCAA Football 10: TeamBuilder

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Create-a-School was first introduced in NCAA Football 2000 on the PlayStation. The PS2 version made its debut in NCAA Football 2003. For three years, fans have anxiously awaited the next generation of this feature. The wait is now over, as EA SPORTS proudly announces the arrival of TeamBuilder.

TeamBuilder is a web-based create-a-school feature that allows anyone with Internet access to log on to teambuilder.easports.com to create and share schools with the rest of the NCAA Football 10 community. These created schools can be downloaded in the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of NCAA Football 10 and can be used in Play Now, Dynasty, and Online Dynasty modes. TeamBuilder will go live approximately one month before the July 14th launch of NCAA Football 10.


General Info
Creating a team is as simple as filling out the 10 fields on the General Info page, then choosing your team colors. With this information, you can save and publish your team. Of course, there is a myriad of other customization options for those who want a more in-depth experience.

Choose any existing logo from our library, which also includes Football Championship Subdivision (1-AA) schools and generic logos, or import a logo from your computer. You can even pull your school colors out of your primary logo to ensure your customized uniform is an exact match to your logo!

Choose from any of the existing stadiums including high school stadiums and generics. Name the stadium to fit your team. Crowd colors will automatically customize based on the team colors you choose.

Choose from any existing field in NCAA Football 10 or create your own. When building a custom field, you can choose surface type, the colors and text that will appear in the end zone and the size and placement of your logo on the field.

Choose from existing uniforms or completely customize your own including helmets, jerseys, pants, socks and shoes.

  • 2 Helmets – Primary and secondary. Choose existing or create your own:

o Choose base color plus facemask, chinstrap, and all stripe colors
o 25+ different styles or stripe patterns
o Choose which logos you want to see on each side
o You can also flip the logos per side
o Option to display numbers instead of logos if you want (Alabama)

  • 4 Jerseys—Home, Alternate Home, Away and Alternate Away. Choose existing or create your own:

o Choose base style and color plus collar, cuff, number, and name styles and colors
o 70+ different base styles, or stripe patterns
o 11 different logo placements
o Defaults are all based off your school colors and logos

  • 2 Pants—Home and Alternate. Choose existing or create your own:

o Choose base style and color
o Several different base styles or stripe patterns
o 4 different logo placement options
o Defaults are all based off your school colors and logos

  • Shoes and Socks

o Choose your colors for shoes and socks.

The program page allows you to fill out your playbook info, playing style, and recruiting pitches, which is useful when using your created team in the Dynasty and Online Dynasty modes.
Edit your custom team roster including, name, number, height, weight, year, skin tone and face. All player ratings can be created and adjusted on this roster page.

TeamBuilder’s intuitively designed online database is searchable across several fields, allowing users to share content with ease.
Web Search

  • Search Fields

o School Name/Nickname
o City
o State
o School Type
o Author

  • Wildcards—School Name/Nickname wildcard searches will work, so if you enter “Flor”, it would return Florida, Florida A&M, Florida State 93, etc.
  • Sort Search Results By:

o Most Downloaded
o Most Recent
o School Name
o Nickname
o Author

Console: Search & Download

  • The console search allows you to refine several fields for a generic search or a very specific search, depending on what you are looking for
  • The default search will search for schools you’ve created
  • Once you’ve found the school or schools you want, download them and save them to your hard drive
  • NOTE: Schools that are marked as Private by the author will not show up in any search results.

Web Preview

  • Quickly preview a team by clicking on the team card at the home page or search results grid
  • The default preview will display Program Info and Uniform
  • You can also preview the full roster with one mouse click

When you purchase NCAA Football 10, you will receive a code in the original packaging that will unlock 12 slots. This will allow you to save up to 12 created teams to your console hard drive. If you pre-order NCAA Football 10 you will receive a code for an additional 13 slots, allowing you to save 25 created teams directly to your console hard drive.

To keep up with the latest information about TeamBuilder and other exciting NCAA Football 10 news, please visit www.ncaafootball10.com regularly, as the site is updated often.

Play Guild Wars Subscription-Free

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Play Guild Wars Subscription-Free

Voyage Century: Maltese Instance Coming Soon

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Voyage Century’s first sea battle instance, Malta, will be released soon. This instance is based on the famous Malta Sea War that took place 400 years ago. In this instance players will experience the great sea war again. Today the folks at Voyage Century are going to give you a brief introduction to this instance.

The Malta Instance is situated to the south of Sicily Adventure Island. It is made up of 3 parts; Skirmish, Defense Battle and Defense Battle (Elite) with each one increasing the difficulty a bit. Players with ability certificates (players make exchanges for these certificates) are qualified to enter into the last 2 phases. Players are tasked with protecting Malta from being destroyed. Throughout each phase, players will receive prompts alerting them of what they need to do.

The enemies in the instance are divided into 2 factions, Siege and Normal. Siege enemies can only attack the Fortifications in Malta, and normal enemies can only attack players. Players can use the flags enemies drop to trade for Maltese badges which can be further exchanged for useful items.

After completing the daily quest, you will obtain the Imperial Navy’s Supporting Boxes and abundant profession Exp. In addition, rewards for the primary instance are the Captured Flag, and the Rudder of Hasan’s Ship. Rewards for the medium and senior instances are the Ottoman Empire Army FlagCthe Figurehead of Basha’s Ship, and the Imperial Navy’s Supporting Box.

Extra Rewards
If you perform very well during the fortress battles, you will obtain the Low-level Maltese Medal of Honor and the High-level Maltese Medal of Honor which can be exchanged for Dictator Cannons, Neptune Cannons, Quick-fire C Canister Shot, various sea battle gear, and the battle license for the next level instance.

The special sea battle instance will be released soon. Stay tuned to the official website for the latest info: http://vc.igg.com/news/1698/Voyage_Century__Maltese_Instance_Coming_Soon.ht

2029 Online: War Breaking Out

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The relentless pursuit of money as a means of power and domination has sparked conflicts over resource ownership among the major forces here. A future filled with bloodshed has been realized.

It is the time for the bravest and toughest dwelling or crawling on this continent to pick up their weapons and take on the evil. 2029 Online Team ( http://.2029.igg.com ) is now hosting a series of events and giving away invitations as prizes and going to select guilds to join thousands of Alpha testers to help us put together the best Alpha experience we can in this futuristic new world.

Selected guilds will enjoy many benefits from participating, including being the first to share all the updates we release. As guild populations go up and hit the 100 mark, we will start new threads to recommend the certain guild with posting the threads at the top of page in our forum. Furthermore, each member in the selected guilds will receive one CD-Key and be granted limited access to the Alpha test.

Official Terms:
Reply to the guild invitation thread to sign up for the Alpha test with the required information. Guilds or individual applicants, after being verified by the forum mods, must add the official guild MSN to their MSN contacts.

Information about guilds that have been given the invitation is reserved. These old guilds are also allowed to sign up for the Alpha test this time. Reply to the guild invitation thread with the links to their guild threads.

For more information, please stay tuned to the official site http://.2029.igg.com.

The Chronicles of Spellborn – Scroll of Keys and Courage

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Patch 1.0.4 — Scroll of Keys and Courage

Greetings, citizens of the Enclave, welcome to the Scroll of Keys and Courage.

It’s time to start putting your abilities to the test, whether you prefer hunting Menaces, dueling other players or ‘resolving issues’ with members of another High House!

House Maul has opened the Arena for organized matches. Players will be able to sign up in Hawksmouth or the Quarterstone Arena District. Skirmish matches are open to anyone at any time; House Maul will make sure the fairest setup of gladiators will be placed opposite of each other*.

For the gladiators seeking to prove themselves, they’ll be able to register a team. The team can enter the 2v2-League, 4v4-League or both! Points will be awarded on a weekly basis, based on the teams’ position, which can be used to purchase unique Arena rewards.

The Arena statistics and team window can be invoked via a new button in the Menu bar.

Also, unusual activity has been uncovered in the basement of the Palace in the Quarterstone Palace District. Scouting adventurers have reported sightings of a Treasure Chest, but a rather unusual one. Due to its surroundings it’s been dubbed the Demon Chest, but why it’s there and what it contains is still a mystery. It is yet to be opened as it requires three unique keys nobody in the Enclave has yet found. The locks indicate relationships with aspects of the world, but adventurers will have to be sent out to retrieve the keys.

Be sure you know who your friends and who your enemies are. PvP lootable player items enter The Chronicles of Spellborn. Currently this is only used for the keys of Treasure Chests! All keys in a player inventory will be looted by the player who is responsible for the killing blow! Be careful where you bring your keys and try not to attract too much attention when you carry them around.

Accompanying these great big features is a slew of Skill fixes, Quest fixes, Quest additions and feature additions. The Tales From The Vale carry on while /me and /roll have been added to improve interaction and well-balanced decision making.

To close this news, we also gladly present you the new exclusive wallpaper to illustrate the patch 1.0.4 Scroll of Keys and Courage!


Enjoy and be prepared for the fights, the new patch will be released really soon! It is a matter of time, now!

*House Maul Administration does not guarantee placement of equal skilled gladiators in the Arena.

Spellborn N.V. Website
Spellborn N.V. Player Site
Spellborn N.V. Forums

MLB Dugout Heroes – Players Can Still Join in The Open Beta Now Through Launch-Accounts Will Transfer Over At Launch

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Check out the game now at www.mlbdugoutheroes.com to play the open beta, join in the pre-launch events and to get a sneak peek at launch details!

MLB Dugout Heroes is the first fully licensed and online-based PC baseball game in North America, featuring all Major League Baseball players and stadiums from the past and present. In addition to the MLB-licensed game features, MLB Dugout Heroes has many unique gameplay attractions including its unique and realistic leveling system which allows players to grow stronger and better as they continue through the game. In addition, special points are given to players as they complete baseball missions (quests) given daily or weekly, and these points can be used to purchase new players, uniforms, items, and more. For more information on features or to join in the open beta that is currently going on visit

As MLB Dugout Heroes delivers both the fun of an MMORPG, and the competitive gameplay of a sports game, it is sure to be a smash hit for all baseball fans young and old.


  • Draft and create your favorite players from any MLB year – Choose your favorite players from any MLB era and create the best team!
  • Play Online or practice by yourself – Play against your friends online to see who’s the best!
  • Level up your team and players – By playing against people online, your players level up and become stronger and trained!
  • Unique items – Users will be able to purchase new player draft cards, uniforms, bats, pitches, and much more!
  • Features animated versions of real MLB players – See your favourite players as cartoon versions of themselves!
  • Easy learning curve – Fun for both beginner and expert gamers alike!

Game Facts
Platform: PC
Website address: http://mlbdugoutheroes.com/
Genre: Baseball, Sports
Publisher: GamesCampus
Developer: Wisecat
Commercial launch date: April 27, 2009

Fallen Earth to Exhibit at First Annual Triangle Game Conference

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Attendees, Peers and Students to Demo Title

The developers of the self-titled post-apocalyptic MMO Fallen Earth have announced that they will exhibit at the first annual Triangle Game Conference (TGC). Taking place at the Marriot City Center and Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, N.C. on April 29 and 30, the conference will host representatives from gaming companies across the United States.

The TGC is the East Coast forum for networking, career building and sharing of the area’s gaming industry expertise. The conference presents a program of lectures by industry experts, a Career Lounge and Game Development University. Members of the Fallen Earth development team will be on hand at the conference to demo the game and meet with fellow game developers and development students to talk about the soon-to-be released title.

Participation in this event is a continuation of the commitment that the Fallen Earth development team has made to fans and students through their national grassroots tour and IGDA sponsorships. In addition to making ongoing improvements to environments and interface elements, the team is dedicated to building relationships with fans and educating future game professionals on their experiences with developing a groundbreaking MMO.

“We are excited to be a part of this inaugural event and we hope that gaming in North Carolina continues to grow,” said Jessica Orr, product manager for Fallen Earth. “The Triangle has become one of the largest concentrations of video game companies in the nation, and having such a showing of area companies is the next step to securing this area as an official gaming hub.”

Fallen Earth is a massively multiplayer online game that strategically combines first-person shooter and traditional role-playing game designs. Set in the Grand Canyon after a lethal disease destroyed most of mankind, Fallen Earth features 70 towns, six competing factions, a classless advancement system and a crafting system in which players can make 95 percent of game items.

For more information about the contest or to participate in closed beta testing, visit www.fallenearth.com.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Teams Up With Members of Blue Oyster Cult on Original Rock Song

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‘Kiss My Axe (While I Drink My Beer)’ Celebrates the Oath (and Axe) of the Dwarf Slayer

Mythic Entertainment™, an Electronic Arts Inc. Studio, announced that members of the Warhammer® Online: Age of Reckoning® (WAR) development team recently collaborated with Eric Bloom and Richie Castellano of the hard rock band Blue Öyster Cult to produce an original rock song. Entitled ‘Kiss My Axe (While I Drink My Beer),’ the track celebrates the recent launch of the new Dwarf Slayer career.

Bloom, a long-time gamer and avid fan of WAR, and Castellano teamed up with Mythic Entertainment’s Lead Sound Artist Brad Derrick, Associate Producer Josh Drescher and Senior Creative Director Paul Barnett. The results of their studio session can be heard here: http://www.warhammeronline.com/music/.

“We thought long and hard about how to properly tell gamers what the Dwarf Slayer is all about,” said Paul Barnett, Senior Creative Director for WAR and the song’s lyricist. “After going around in circles, we came to the obvious solution – we needed to write and record a hard rockin’ song, and we needed to do it with members of Blue Öyster Cult. If this song doesn’t get you fired up to shave your hair into a mohawk, dye it red, and play a Slayer, then you’re probably dead!”

“I’d heard a previous song written and performed by members of the WAR team, and thought they were quite good for a ‘garage band’ of game developers,” said Eric Bloom, lead vocalist for Blue Oyster Cult. “I was very glad to hear from Mythic who invited me down to work on the song. I was impressed by the dedication of the developers to make WAR both a success and fun to play, something that, in my opinion, is missing from many other MMO’s.”

Based on the popular tabletop war game from Games Workshop, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning features revolutionary Realm vs. Realm™ conflict that will provide players with an engaging battleground for years to come. Available now for PC, WAR is rated “T” for Teen by the ESRB. For more information about the game and to download the free 10-day trial, visit www.warhammeronline.com.

Warhammer® Online: Age of Reckoning®
Experience the glory of Realm vs. Realm™! Declare your allegiance and join hundreds of thousands of mighty heroes on the battlefields of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, the new MMORPG from Mythic Entertainment, the creators of Dark Age of Camelot™. Enter a grim fantasy world of perpetual conflict to fight for the Realms of Order (Dwarfs, High Elves, and Empire) or Destruction (Greenskins, Dark Elves, and Chaos). Invade enemy lands, besiege imposing fortresses, and sack sprawling capital cities for the glory of your Realm. Wield devastating magic and deadly weapons, battle monstrous creatures, and join your brothers-in-arms in epic Public Quests™. Climb the Bastion Stair, carry your Guild Banner into battle, and unlock the infinite secrets of the Tome of Knowledge as you travel the world. Sharpen your blade and unleash your inner mutation; the Age of Reckoning has begun and WAR IS EVERYWHERE!

Launched in September 2008, WAR has been recognized by numerous critics, receiving “MMO of the Year” awards from G4 TV, Game Focus, and GameSpy, as well as recognition from IGN, Massively, MSNBC, MMORPG.com and others as a “Best of 2008.”

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