Lineage II walkthrough

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In the Beginning

In the beginning, there was no Aden, no Elmore, and there were no Humans, Elves, Dwarves or Orcs. All that exists, existed together in a globe that is everything and nothing at the same time.

Slowly, awareness came to a pair of entities that called themselves Einhasad and Gran Kain. They become aware of who they are, and the boundaries that bounded them. For unfathomable reasons, Einhasad and Gran Kain decided to break free from the oneness that bound all existence.

Together, Einhasad and Gran Kain broke free of the globe, and in the process, reshaped Creation. The pieces of globe that fell become the Ground; the pieces which flew up became the Sky, and the spirits contained within the globe became the animals and plants which we see nowadays.

Of these spirits, or Ether, the greatest and most intelligent were the Giants. Formed by Einhasad and Gran Kain’s actions, they are surrogate children of these beings, and the Giants looked up to Einhasad and Gran Kain as parents, swearing to keep faith with the two beings for eternity. Einhasad and Gran Kain were well pleased with the Giants, and thus appointed them to be the Lords of all living creatures.

The Giants were surrogate children of Einhasad and Gran Kain, but they were not the only children of Einhasad and Gran Kain. The two gave birth to many god-children, who were empowered by Einhasad and Gran Kain.

The first five children of Einhasad and Gran Kain were Shilen, Goddess of Water; Paagrio, God of Fire; Maphr, Goddess of Earth, Sayha, God of Wind, and Eva, whose songs and poems serenaded the other Gods as they worked.

And for a time, life was good.

The Creation of the Races

Einhasad is the goddess of creation, and she used her own spirit to create forms to populate the Earth. Her children took after Einhasad, and also created great races from themselves, giving them the characteristics of their element.

Shilen, Goddess of Water, created a race that is closely bound to water, and which possess wisdom and ability to manipulate magic. These beings were called Elves, and they came to serve the Giants in politics and magic.

Paagrio, God of Fire, breathed fire into his creation, giving them inexhaustible strength and will power. These became the Orcs, warriors of the Giants.

Maphr, Goddess of Earth, instilled within her creations the ability to create and calculate. These became the Dwarves, and they served the Giants in industry and economy.

Sayha, God of Wind, instilled within his creation a wanderlust and curiosity. These became the Arteias, who roamed the world freely to bring back news to the Giants.

But what of the Humans?

Humans were not created by the Children of Einhasad. They were created because of pride and jealously; created of stagnant water, of dying fire, of barren earth, and of wild and violent wind. Gran Kain (God of Destruction, Father of the Children of Einhasad) convinced his children the four elemental gods to give him the iscarded remnants of the Children of Einhasad. He used this to piece together the first humans,

Created from the detritus of the other Gods, Humans were sly, weak, stupid and cowardly. Ashamed of his creation, Gran Kain turned his back on Humans and hid from them. The Children of Einhasad despised the Humans, and gave them to the Giants to serve as menial slaves, no better than animals, and lorded over by the other races.

Lineage II has a very strict Player Character (PC) class system. Humans, Elves, Darkelves and Orcs can choose between Fighter and Mystic in the beginning, while dwarves can only start as Fighter. When the character levels up, they can specialize further at level 20 and level 40. These so called Profession Changes at level 20 and level 40 include a Class Change Quest, which in fact is three different (and very long and time consuming) quests at level 40.

Each of the nine starting classes has their own stats, and no race has a class which is exactly like a class of another race, even if some are very much like each other, at least between humans, elves and darkelves.

For leveling up, one needs xp (experience points). For gaining new abilities and improving existing abilities, one needs sp (skill points). Both kind of points are gained through killing mobs (which is the gamer term for monsters in the game). If a player kills mobs which are below his own level, he gains below average sp (relative to xp), but if he kills mobs which is above, he gains above average sp (again relative to the xp gained from killing that mob).

Each class are defined through a set of skills which have to be bought with skill points. If someone has not enough skillpoints, he will not be able to “outskill” his character, that is, he will lack skills. After some levels, each class can raise their skills even further. A character can not raise skills which are not of his class or which he is of too low level to raise them yet.

Lineage II has been created by a Korean company, and the gameplay reflects the Asian way of thinking. Not only are the characters looking very anime, but the game is strongly intended for group play (that is, the individual matters little, the group is important). That is why all classes are highly specialized and many are very weak on their own, and everybody is much better if in a well composed group.

Mob Information


  • Attack
    • Dark Attack
    • Critical Chance
    • Hammer Crush ( Stun Attack)
    • Cancel
  • Race
    • Beast
    • Dragon
    • Humanoid
    • Undead
    • Construct
    • Bug
    • Demon
  • Raid Boss

These mobs deal a lot of damage on each hit and have insane hp values. If existent, kill the raid warriors first before killing the boss itself. Still raids have very good drops with high chances and are worth the effort.

At least 2 parties of mostly mages is recommended to kill a raid boss. A tank is also very important to take the hits from the boss.

  • Resistance
    • Archery
    • Dark Attack
    • Wind
    • Fire
    • Water
    • Physic (Melee Attacks)
    • Sleep
    • Root
    • Matk (resist against All Spells and reduce damage from nuke Spells)
  • Strong Type(Double HP or More)
  • Weak Point
    • Archery Attack
    • Sacred Attack
    • Wind Attack koukos
  • Feeble Type(1/2 HP)