World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade: Blood Elf 1-10 Leveling Guide

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World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade: Blood Elf 1-10 Leveling Guide in Eversong Woods
Well it has been time consuming but I think everyone needs help getting their new Blood Elf character up fast in order to get him/her into the Outlands and play with the rest. Do bear with me as I mention this takes time to compile. Click on the Quest name to view the quest detail and more importantly the map to guide you along.


Escape the bomb – walkthrough

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Escape the bomb – very hard game! Here is an brilliant walkthrough:

1. Take the note on the floor and read it.

2. Get the red screwdriver hidden under the yellow dresser.

3. Get the grey key hidden behind the yellow dresser (left side, on the floor, between the dresser and the wall.

4. Get the yellow key hidden behind the clock on the wall. Use the yellow key to open the locked drawer of the dresser. Get the paper puzzle (the code is C369 on the first line, 65 on the second line and QT on the third line).

5. Check the calendar on the wall. Click the bottom right corner of each page until you reach the December page. It seems that the guy who usually works in this room is born the 25th of December… 1225. Click the December page to reveal a panel. Unscrew the four screws with the red screwdriver. Use the grey key to open the panel and get the Zippo lighter.

6. Open the top drawer of the computer desk with the date code (1225) and get the scissors!

7. Get the second paper puzzle in the trash bin (the new code is 2 on the first line, 10 on the second line, 4420 on the third line). The two paper puzzles give you the password for the computer: C36926510QT4420.

8. Select the Note option and read the different notes. Get back to the Main Menu. Select now the Safe Mode Setting and then Safe Mode 2. Select Yes. Now use the scissors to cut the yellow wire over the trash bin.

9. Use the Zippo lighter on the smoke alarm, and… wait, and listen! Three minutes later, the firemen are here, and you’re out!