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Guild Wars (

Free MMORPG that can be bought in stores, but does not have any monthly fees.

Runescape (

Fantasy MMORPG that caters to gamers with low-end PCs and small budget for gaming.

Minions of Mirth (

Can be played as a single player game or as a MMORPG. You can either download the free edition or pay for the premium edition. Either way, there are no monthly fees.

Rubies of Eventide (

Former pay-to-play MMORPG that now operates on donations.

Silkroad Online (

Interesting setting that blends the ancient Chinese, European, and Islam civilizations with fantasy.

ShadowBane (

Fantasy MMORPG that is based on a mythic sword. Players can actively shape the playing world. One of the better PvP systems of any MMO.

Space Cowboy Online (

Free MMOFPS with PvP and PvE elements where you choose to join one of two opposing nations. Your choice of nation has a direct impact on your missions and quests.

Supreme Destiny (

Free 3D MMORPG with 12 classes, 84 skills, 83 weapons, and 34 armor sets. In addition, you can raise such exotic pets as unicorns and dragons.

Hero Online (

Based on Asian myths and written by martial arts novelists. Uses a combination of movement skills and attack skills in an attempt to allow players to experience the type of martial arts seen in movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Albatross 18 (

Combines Golf with an anime style RPG to make one of the more original MMOs available for free.

Rappelz (

3D Fantasy MMO from the same company as FlyFF. There are three playable races and each one has its on theme and home city.

Monster and Me (

Freebie that allows you to do many things such as raise pets, make your own equipment and build your own house.

Deicide (

Built with the hardcore MMOer in mind. Offers various means of transportation, large scale warfare, and a detailed class system.

Rakion (

Fantasy MMO built around a strong story and great graphics.

Dransik (

The classic version of the game that became Ashen Empires is now being offered for free.

Eudemons Online (

You can raise many different looking eudemons with various attributes that fight by your side. Up to 3 eudemons can be summoned at one time.

The Legend of Ares (

3D medieval fantasy MMO about the Greek god of war. PvP is a major feature with guild vs. guild wars and nation vs. nation wars. You gain more attack and defensive power as you kill other players.

Puzzle Pirates (

Rather inventive MMORPG where you make your mark in the game by solving different puzzles. If you really want to become a pirate in style with extra gear, a subscription model is available.

Pirate King Online (

Offers a humorous take on pirates like Puzzle Pirates, but plays more like a regular MMO than Puzzle Pirates does with all of its puzzles.

Furcadia (

Free MMORPG that can be played by anyone since there is no combat involved, only people’s imaginations in a close-knit community. Everybody stays in the same world to maintain the great community feel of the game.

RAN Online (

3D Action MMO with a Japanese urban theme.

Thang Online (

Fully 3D adventure MMO that allows players to adjust various aspects of the game such as Ki (each player’s power source), equipment, and special killing moves.

Second Life (

3D virtual world that is owned by its players. Although land is sold for real money, the game does offer a free basic membership.

KAL Online (

Full 3D oriental fantasy MMORPG based on a war where a king takes on a leader of demons.


Magical flying MMO that stands for “Fly For Fun”.

Ashen Empires (

Allows you to play for free on Valinor Island.

Maple Story (

Cartoony MMORPG where you can trade items in the forum of the game’s site.

Ogre Island (

Fantasy MMO where you can play for free, but will get the most out of the game by buying the Ogre Island’s special currency, OI Platinum.

Knight Online (

Fantasy MMORPG with impressive graphics. This is the U.S. version and requires a large download.

Gate To Heavens (

Asian-style MMORPG that portrays hermits as oriental mystics.

Gunz The Duel (

Live out your fantasy of being an action hero in this unique online multiplayer game.

NavyField (

Massively multiplayer online tactics game or MMOTG for short that you can play for free.

Seal Online (

Fantasy-based massively multiplayer RPG with anime-style graphics.

BattlePosition (

Korean Action MMO with real-time PvP combat in an old arcade game setting.

Myth War Online (

Fantasy MMO based on a magical time period with 2D graphics and over 200 skill sets for characters.

Survival Project (

English version of Korean game with cartoony graphics.

Project Entropia (

Large MMO with a unique economy. There is no monthly fee and no charge for the download.

MU Online (

Korean MMORPG that plays similar to Diablo and can now only be played for free up to level 60.

Fung Wan Online (

MMORPG based on a Chinese comic book series.

Tibia (

Free MMO that uses an interesting tutor system to help newer players get in the flow of the game.

Five Masters (

Online war game where you choose between 5 different masters based on the special abilities of each.

Conquer Online (

MMOG with a Chinese Kung Fu and magic theme.

PlaneShift (

Free 3D MMORPG that allows you to decide whether you want to adventure or engage in finance and politics. Take note that this game is playable, but is also constantly under development.

El Kardian (

MMORPG that offers free game play until level 50.

Dark Eden (

Korean MMO with a vampire theme.

Martial Heroes (

Free MMORPG with 3D graphics where martial arts are the key focus of the entire game.

FaitH (

Browser-based MMORPG with a religious theme that offers a free edition.

Xiah (

A martial arts themed MMO that draws inspiration from console games.

Endless Online (

Free MMORPG with 2D cartoon-style graphics. The download is only around 7 to 9 MB.

Archmage: Reincarnation From Hell (

Free browser-based MMORPG that pits you as a reincarnated mage who has the ability to research spells and assemble armies in a quest for domination.

Eternal Lands (

Free fantasy MMORPG in which there are no fixed classes or professions. Player killers are given special maps in order to fight each other.

Elysarian Kingdoms (

Browser-based MMORPG set in a fantasy world filled with a plethora of different races. Note that some features like marriages have not been implemented yet.

OZ (

Social game that features housing, personal ads, and fishing.

Anarchy Online (

Major MMO that offers a free version with in-game advertising.


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This ranking of the top Free MMORPGs is based on several factors and some are entirely objective. The deciding factors include popularity, playability, expansions, value for the monthly subscription, and community support.

1) Guild Wars
Excellent MMORPG that can be bought in stores, but does not have any monthly fees. Will likely be a leader of the Free MMORPG (no subscription fees) genre for years to come.

2) Rappelz
The best looking freebie with an extensive pet system.

3) RuneScape
The EverQuest of Free MMORPGs. Continues to gain popularity with MMORPGers on a budget despite having its share of critics.

4) Maple Story
One of the few MMOs that looks like a console game. This game has no races but each of MS’s 4 classes has their own specially-themed city.

5) Supreme Destiny
If you want a free MMO with amazing 3D graphics, this is the game to try.

6) Albatross 18
Simply the best free MMO with a sports theme.

7) Conquer Online
Currently the best Kung-Fu themed MMO.

8) Shadowbane
Former pay-to-play MMORPG that is now free to play. Offers one of the best PvP system of any MMO. Would rank higher, but suffers from uncertainty over its future.

9) FlyFF
Fun cartoonish game with a theme that revolves around characters flying.

10) Space Cowboy Online
The top free MMOFPS with large scale battles and voice communication.

TOP 10 Pay-To-Play MMORPGs

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This ranking of the top Pay-to-play MMORPGs is based on several factors and some are entirely objective. The deciding factors include popularity, playability, expansions, value for the monthly subscription, and community support.

1) World of Warcraft
The best MMORPG yet because WoW mixes the right amount of depth and simplicity better than any other game in the history of the genre.

2) Eve Online
The best sci-fi MMORPG with player-run corporations and a thriving economy.

3) Final Fantasy XI
The second best fantasy MMORPG after WoW with a quality story, great game play, and large subscriber numbers.

4) City of Heroes/City of Villains
Combined, City of Heroes and City of Villains are easily the second best MMORPG for casual gamers. With the addition of the well-balanced villain types and the use of bases, City of Villains completes the potential that fans have been craving for ever since City of Heroes launched. To top it off, hardcore gamers now also have a reason to like CoH/CoV with its ultra-quick PvP.

5) Dark Age of Camelot
One of the best major MMORPG for PvP combat due to its 3 realm system. Also, DAOC has remained one of the steadiest MMORPGs over the years in terms of quality.

6) EverQuest 2
Although it was expected to be a top MMORPG along with WoW, EQ2 has not had anywhere near the impact on the industry as the original EQ much less WoW. In fact, most EQ players have decided to stick with the original rather than change to the flashier version.

7) Dungeons & Dragons Online
Instead of offering all the usual MMO features such as PvP and crafting, this MMORPG instead provides a high quality gaming experience through well-written quests. Improved a little recently by catering more to solo players.

8) ROSE Online
Former free MMO that is now pay-to-play. Unlike most MMORPGs, players can actually affect the outcome of the game.

9) Saga of Ryzom
Lesser-known MMO with a great story and considerable freedom on how you develop your character.

10) Auto Assault
Action-themed MMO aimed squarely at casual gamers who enjoy loads of action. Could help to broaden the MMO industry beyond the dominant themes of space or swords.